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General Forum Rules


If you ever find yourself in question of what is and is not in line with our content policies, please contact a Forum Moderator before posting the content.

1- We are an English speaking community and, as such, your posts must be in English so that we keep it easy for everyone to read and understand. Appropriate IC languages may be used in the roleplay section, however “txt l1k3 dis” is not acceptable and neither is WRITING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

2- Criticism must be made in a constructive manner. Make an effort to remain mature and uphold the good nature of each discussion; we do not tolerate toxic or deceitful behavior.


3- Do not double post; use the edit button; spamming is prohibited.

4- Post things in the right section and with the right format if possible. When unsure, look for pinned topics in that sub-forum.

5- Some sub-forums, namely in the roleplay section, have additional rules. Check for any pinned topics before posting.

6- Plagiarism, or the act of passing off someone else’s work as your own is strictly prohibited. This rule applies not just to works created by other members of the community, but any work of Art or Literature that is not your original idea.

  • Note: Using someone else’s work is fine, and while crediting them is always encouraged it is not required. This rule also applies to attempting to pass off someone else's creation as your own.

Plagiarizers are subject to a 1 month ban. Based on severity, this duration may be prolonged by both the Administration and the  Forum Team management.


7- Graphic content (images, videos, ext), or anything that may be considered in violation of our content policy is not permitted on our forums. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gore, referring to overly graphic and “bloody” images or artwork. Exceptions to this are allowed within roleplay related posts, within reason.
  • Pornography, or content that may be considered overtly sexual in nature
  • Excessively gross content and excessively loud videos or sound bites.screamers.

8- Behavior found to be abusive, or “targeted” will not be tolerated. This goes in line with our criticism statement above, users are expected to uphold the good nature of the forums, and in that stray away from such behavior. 

  • Any "Swearing" should be kept tasteful, and not targeted at any member of our community.


9- Memes in all forms are allowed, unless the section they are posted in says otherwise. However, they as well are not acceptable if done with malice or the intent to degrade others.

10- Do not advertise other roleplaying forums or servers, or other communities that would otherwise be in competition with Lord of the Craft. Posting information about your hypixel or mineplex games is allowed, however advising your friends to join another roleplaying community is not.

11- Keep your signature a reasonable size. Use spoilers if necessary.

12- No “Backseat Moderating”. The duty of moderation is left to our Forum Moderators, if you have a suggestion or problem with content on the forums, bring it up to one of our FM’s before taking action on it.

There are also individual rules for specific sub-forums, you can find them as pinned topics at the top of their section; they are also linked below:


Forum Roleplay

Trading Subforum


Support and Assistance


Player Reports


War Subforum

Debates Subforum

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