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OOC Freebuild Protection, Fix it.

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20 hours ago, WuHanXianShi14 said:

Yep if a freebuild is within a 2 min walk of a nation said nation should be able to handle it.

It's more than 2 minutes away though, its around, i think 500 blocks away? anyway, quite a bit away, i always have to stop to eat since sprint runs out on the way there.
i agree that nations should be able to remove buildings within their borders and suchlike, but i dont think they should be able destroy freebuild creations around 500 blocks away from their city.
Especially since these shrines are place at random locations on the map, there is one to haense if i remember, some human city, much closer to their walls than this one was to Caras Eldar.

I think at least some agreement should be made between the builder and the one wanting to manipulate it beforehand, and a more strict rule than
"this GM thought it was close enough"

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1 hour ago, firegirl7894523 said:

Wood Snelves most hate other Gods because of their own would throw a hissy fit. 


if I built a giant male genital statue I'd be banned instantly, so why are some builds given the exempt and some aren't?


The heck are wood snelves? 


Also a giant **** statue doesn't compare to a statue of an actual aengul that exists in lore. Even if you owned a nation plot building something like that would of course get the builder banned... 


Anyways, considering Wyvrun is an aengul of cold yeah a shrine to him in what I assume was a warm forest wouldn't make sense thus welves should be allowed to rply remove it. 

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I think if the nation takes proper roleplay to tear stuff down at their borders then they should be allowed to. Freebuild should NOT be given protection. You chose to go build out in the wild, you should suffer the consequences. 

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