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[Electrical Evocation][ST] Lelien Lazul

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As per Fitermon’s request, I am making this Self-teaching application to reinstate my previous Magic Applications from back in the day. I have reread the guides, rules and various other changes that have happened to the system.


MC Name: Mistr3ss (formerly known as Eenhoornheid)


Character's Name: Lelien Lazul


Character's Age: 344


Character's Race: High Elf


What magic(s) will you be learning?:

Electrical Evocation


Link a MA of a magic your character already uses that is in the same archetype as the magic you are self teaching:


How did you learn this magic(s)?:
Back in the day, from Lucion Sullas, the one and only


MC name of OOC overseer (Note: they must either have a TA in this magic on any character or be a member of the MT):



Offer an explanation of the magic(s) you are learning:

Lelien had already learned it a long while ago.


Provide evidence you've a proper means of learning this magic(s):
Seeing that Lelien learned it from the grandfather of Electrical Evocation, I think I’ll be fine. I’ve also been performing the magic for more than 2 years.


Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it:



Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?:


Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app:


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