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remove freebuild protection (on pvp forts)

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22 hours ago, simp said:

a major problem with the current rules is that dickhead pvp forts are oocly protected. this is bad.


my suggestion is that we remove ooc protections (can't break blocks, place ladders, etc.) from freebuild settlements that are being lawfully raided or counter-raided.




Uhh, no.. Just no. Players will never have the right to destroy blocks without RP or create 2x1 holes into walls to get in. Get that out of your head, it's not going to happen, not ever.


If someone builds a PVP fort outside of your nation you should have a right to come over with catapults, rune cannons and whatever and blow it up but if it's a settlement outside of a nation's free build areas such as a ghoul cave (even if it was within range), you have no right to come and grief your way in during PVP simply because they attacked you on the roads or attacked your settlement directly for valid RP reasons. That's salty and I already have enough salt intake. 


To put it simply, use siege engines to smash PVP forts in freebuild areas with the proper RP and moderation but don't attack bandit camps, caves, etc that are outside of a nation and act independently of said nations in a malicious manner. Usually, these groups do so because every nation on the server would gas them if they walked into their cities. For example, a necromancer can't establish some hidden base in the "Empire of man" because the "Empire of Man" won't allow it, they'd white knight them as soon as they entered one of their cities.


Be smart.

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On 2/7/2018 at 4:39 PM, DPM said:

Ladders? Sure but breaking blocks? No thanks. Let people do a warclaim-pvp fort styled attack (3 days notice, unlimited ppl etc) to destroy it but don't allow the griefiing of a build


This man is logical.

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