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1000 A.D.

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Welcome to 1000 A.D. It's late, I'll work on this more tomorrow, but I know you want the post up so here it is. I know it's **** now, but it's the best you're getting for tonight.


@Beamon4 @Angel~ You currently have troops down in Italy supporting Otto III's campaign there.


Whoever is playing as the Umayyads and the Spanish Kingdoms... yeah you guys are at war too.

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 Duchy of Normandy 
Richard the Second, Duke of Normandy sat in his throne, all his court gathered around to watch. For today was the day when his uncles regency ended, and Richard began his own rule.
His father, Richard the First had faced many issues in his early reign, invasions from neighboroughing duchies and meddling from Paris itself. Although these were quickly put down. Later in his reign he focused on building up Normandy and turned it into the formidable and most cohesive duchy in France it is today. 
Richard II mostly envisioned to do the same, already his regent had forged a strong dynasty marriage with Duke Geoffrey of Brittany. Where each married each others sisters. Yet he wished to expand even more, he had two sisters still unmarried and there were many suitors in France and beyond. The King of England himself was unmarried, yet if he was to find a match between one of his sisters and the King, relations must be improved. A diplomat was therefore sent to England.
He also needed to gain more loyalty from his vassals, who were not bound so tightly to the ducal authority as the rest of his subjects were. And therefore a counsel must be convened, with all lords owning land in Normandy called to. There the Duke would hear oaths of loyalty to himself and the King in Paris. He also conducted a census on the size of his navy, how much gold there was in the treasury and how many swords served him.
His mind turned from his thoughts as his uncle entered the room, the former regent. After a brief sermon, where his uncle stepped down from his position Richard was proclaimed Duke of Normandy to cheers from his subjects. Nodding solemnly to his court, Richard the II began to speak.
“People of Normandy, and of France. Today is the day I become my own man, no longer is the Kingdom in need of a regent. For today I take up the reigns of ducalship. And, as my first act as Duke I hereby call for a census of our navy, treasury and military. I shall also be summoning my lords here in Rouen to receive their oaths of fealty once more.  A diplomat shall also be sent to England to improve relations. GOD save his majesty Robert de Capet!” He announced to his people, whom repeated his last words.
-Diplomat sent to England 
-Vassalship council convened (MOD)
-Number of ships, gold in treasury and soldiers are to be counted (MOD)
Treasury: Unknown
Navy: Unknown
Army: Estimated at 3,000 Regulars and 7,000 Levies to be called upon in war.
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Byzantine Empire




Deus Vult




Emperor Basil II stood on the balcony of the Sacred Palace he looked out over the palace grounds that were full of legionnaires all cheering as he stepped forward, raising his arm to the crowd it soon quieted as he began to speak. “Soldiers of Byzantium! The Saracens claw at our borders! They rape our women, they pillage our towns! The Saracens have taken our past lands and now they look to Byzantium! They will not take a single shred of our fair land, for GOD smiles upon us! GOD has given us the strength to endure and he will give us the strength to overcome! If they pass this great land it is not doubt they will move to conquer the rest of the world! And bathe the shining land of Europe in darkness! All of Christendom depends on the fall of the ungodly Saracens and the retaking of the Holy Land!” Cheers erupted as Emperor Basil paused, as he surveyed the crowd once more continuing. “We shall call on all Europe to retake the Holy land in the name of His Holiness Sylvestre II and all of christendom!” Cheers once more erupted upon the name of the pope.


“The numbers of the Saracens do not matter nor do their strengths, with GOD on our side he will give us the grace required to take the Holy lands and see it safely into papal hands! We will succeed brothers! Because GOD WILLS IT!”

Chants erupted from the assembled soldiers “Go forth men of God and do your duty!” With that the soldiers turned and began to march units at a time down the Imperial road and towards the Bosphorus.


Emperor Basil stepped inside as he looked to his assembled ministers around the table behind him. “Call upon the nations of Europe, ask them to send all who they may send to aid in the retaking of the Holy Land...”




Couriers ride hard from Constantinople stopping only when necessary to deliver letters all over Europe to the following recipients.


















March of Ostarrîchi


Duchy of Saxony







“Dearest leader, no doubt by now news has reached your court of the incursions of the Muslim heretics into the lands of Byzantium and sea raids of coastal Christian nations, it is evident that their attacks will not cease and will continue until their heretical leaders rule over Europe. This is unfathomable for any nation yet it is what will happen if we do not stand together against the Muslim threat. In the coming years, the armies of Byzantium will forge into the east and resecure for all our sake the HOLY LANDS, by the grace of GOD the almighty and the blessing of CHRIST we will succeed in our goal and disroot the Saracens from the holy city of Jerusalem. It is why I send these letters to all good Christian nations in the hopes of together retaking the Holy lands.”

Yours faithfully

-Basil II



A special diplomat is dispatched to the Papal States to deliver a missive to Pope Sylvester II



Your Holiness, GOD has made it ever clear to me and other good Christians that the Holy Land must be retaken from the Muslim threat if we ever wish to secure a stable and bright future for Europe, if we do not stop these heretics they will overrun us and we will be forced to combat them within Europe where they will slaughter good Christians at will. That is why I ask of you your Holiness, to declare a great CRUSADE to retake Jerusalem and secure the Holy Lands for Christendom, with your blessing and the grace of GOD we will succeed.


A special diplomat is dispatched to the Holy Roman Empire to deliver a missive to Emperor Otto III



Your Imperial Majesty, the time has come where we must take up arms against the Muslim threat to the known world and protect all we hold dear, if we do not act the Saracens will flood into Europe and slaughter good Christians, as you no doubt see, the Muslims will stop at nothing to press their pagan gods onto us, that is why we must band together and retake the Holy Lands for GOD and the church, and secure a future for our children.


The Legions of Byzantium ready, Levies are raised throughout the Empire and called to gather in the eastern empire to combat the Saracen threat. 5,000 cavalry, 20,000 footmen

(MOD for recruitment)


Drill….drill….drill…. All day and for most of the night, units of the Byzantine Empire legions train in formation and combat throughout the year. (MOD)


Diplomats depart for the loyal vassal of Amida, they set into motions to raise the armies of Amida to join the Empire.



Throughout the empire stores of supplies are gathered and collected to support a full military campaign, from grain to arrows, spare weapons and greek fire. 


15 Ships are dispatched to the march of Spain to assist in defense against muslim slave traders.






Population: 12 Million


Army: 50,000




300 Warships



Treasury: 200,000 pounds of gold (14,400,000 Nomismata)

Gold Surplus per year: 81,944 pounds of gold (5,900,000 Nomismata)

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The Kingdom of Poland



Somewhat accurate map




King Boleslaw I Chrobry of the Piast dynasty knew his kingdom was on the rise. As he sat upon his throne in Gniezno, with the Archbishop Radzim Gaudenty at his side, his mind turned to the future, and the lands that lay about him, ripe for conquest and christianization. The word of god had yet to spread to many regions in the North, and with the Kievan Rus to the east, a menacing blob of unruly lords and unreliable armies, he would need to consolidate power and lands fast.


“You are certain a pilgrimage would be the wisest move, your grace?” said Boleslaw, glancing up at Radzim. A few courtiers milled about the throne room, but there were no pressing issues to address beyond his own concerns.


“To be sure, my liege. The pope will be most honored at your willingness to present yourself to him in person. I believe you will gain much favor with him. Especially with a considerable donation, and the promise of new churches and cathedrals…”


Boleslaw sighed deeply and nodded once, sharply, tapping a ringed finger against his simple wooden throne. “Very well, it shall be done. Signal whoever you must signal that I will be departing in three weeks time. There is business to conclude here.”


And thus, it was decided. The spring of 1000 proved to be most movemented within the Polish Kingdom, as new edicts were passed, new orders drawn and new plans crafted craftily.


The Edict of Wroclaw, proclaims in the name of King Boleslaw I Chrobry that every owner of a horse in Poland must, during breeding season, present their horse at the nearest regional gathering point. Here, a council of the best horse breeders and horsemen of the region will spend a week selecting and breeding the best horses together. The goal will be to create a new breed of purely Polish horses that surpass anything seen in Europe before. Powerful, fast, intelligent, resilient and with great stamina. Any mare that has been bred will be recorded, along with the name of its owner. The owner will receive a stipend and compensation, and upon the birth of the foal, will deliver it to their local lord.


This Edict will be active for an indefinite amount of time, with every worthy foal being slowly disseminated throughout the nation to eventually spread the continually improving breed throughout Poland.


The Edict of Gaudenty, proclaims in the name of King Boleslaw I Chrobry that CHRISTIANITY is the ONLY religion in Poland. That pagans will be converted, or killed, and that Muslims will be converted or killed. While the people of Poland are by and large faithful to the one true god, those who do not follow his word shall face his wrath.


The Edict of the Spear, proclaims in the name of King Boleslaw I Chrobry that any man above the lowest tier of income must own a spear and a shield. Once a week, they shall gather in the green of their villages and drill with said spear and shield, under the tutelage of a drill sergeant appointed by their local lord. Pagans still threaten the borders of the Kingdom, and every man must be ready to be levied, should their time come. Those of the lowest income must own either a bow, or a singular spear, and drill all the same with their fellow christian and polish brothers.




-The three edicts of the spring of 1000 are spread throughout the nation by letters to lords, and town criers to the people. Those who do not follow these edicts face varying levels of punishment, depending on their offense. [Mod]


-For a month and a half during spring, Boleslaw I Chrobry leaves the rule of the Kingdom to his closest advisors, and Archbishop Gaudenty as he executes a pilgrimage to Rome. While there, he offers a generous donation to the Church, and requests Papal approval of future crusades into Pomerania and Prussia, to conquer the land under the Kingdom of Poland, and convert the pagan people to christianity. He promises to build a second Cathedral in the Pope’s own name, should these lands be conquered, and spread christianity throughout the newly conquered regions. [Mod]


-The Vršovci of Bohemia are contacted by discreet means, to discuss the state of their nation. The SECRET plans are detailed below. [Mod]



-Contact the Vršovci family, the second most powerful family in Bohemia, and discuss a replacement of the Duke of Bohemia, Boleslaw III.


-Talk to Otto III, a great friend of Boleslaw I at this point in time. Come bearing gifts, and a Non-Aggression Pact offer. Boleslaw I would discuss his wish to bring Bohemia under the Polish flag. Remind him of your right to rule and the current unstable nature of the state. If he proves reticent, offer a portion of the territory to the HRE, if they support the claim.


-Offer to have your heir marry one of the daughters of the lord of the Vršovci family, should they accept.


-Promise to place a Bishopric in Prague under the control of the Archdiocese of Gniezno.


-Give the Vršovci control of Bohemia as your vassal, with the nobles who support them receiving their own lands beneath them.


-To convince all parties involved -Including Otto III- of your right to rule, bring to their attention that you are the NEPHEW of Boleslaw II of Bohemia and a powerful ruler.


-Agree to support the Vršovci with 500 mounted knights and 1500 footmen in their uprising.


-Publically claim that Boleslaw III is a weak ruler, with little authority of power over his people. A belief that is already widespread amongst the nobility.


-A census is drawn of all the knights and footmen in the nation, with the possible levies. It seems that Poland has 4.000 armored knights and 13.000 trained footmen ready to take up the call of their King. With an additional 120.000 able-bodied men capable of being levied in times of great need.


-The Bulgarian Empire is contacted with an offer of marriage. Boleslaw’s first daughter, to marry into the Bulgarian royal dynasty. Quite an offer indeed.


-1.500 knights and 7.000 footmen are pre-emptively moved towards the northern borders of Poland, namely towards Pomerania. However, they are stationed in Gniezno, far enough away so as not to alert the tribes of Boleslaw’s intentions.

-Another 500 knights and 1.500 footmen are sent to Glogow, to wait upon word from the Vršovci.


-In anticipation of the coming conflicts, Boleslaw I decides to raise 5000 levies, evenly throughout the lands, so as to keep the economy stable and functional for now. 500 heavy cavalry are also ordered to be raised from the nobility. [Mod]


-The Trade port of Gdansk on the blatic sea sees significant expansion. Work begins on improving its capacity to manage trade with other baltic, or extra-baltic nations. 1500 footmen are stationed near and in Gdansk as a permanent garrison. [Mod]


-Boleslaw I Chrobry travels towards the end of the year to meet Otto III, with whom he has most excellent relations. He brings gifts and offers a Non-Aggression pact. [Mod]


-Trade offers are sent to FranceLeonOstarrichi, BavariaSaxonythe Byzantine Empire, Burgundy, the Kievan Rus, Denmark, Sweden & England.



Population: 1.250 million

Armies: 4000 Knights / 13.000  Footmen / 120.000 possible levies

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A messenger is sent out, the Bantu and it’s peoples each receiving one.
One was sent to the
Feng, one to the Teke and the Lintala and the Mongo Nkundu, others to Kongo, Chowke, Luba, Luganda, Rwanda, Rundi, Sukuma, Kukyu, Swahili, Makyuwa, Nyanja, Bemba, Tsonga, Shona, To the Northern and Southern Sotho, Zulu, Khoisan, Tswana, Ndonga,



Displaying scroll_bs2a.png

ACTIONS: -Attempt at Bantu unification. Ultimatum.
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Emirate of Aleppo


Leader: Auda Aladeen

Population: 1.5 million

(Major/little) city in control: Aleppo, Hom, Deiz, Palmyra, maraat(more coming soon through research and examination)



Trade with Nations


Nation Relations

Abbasid Caliphate-Good Friends

Byzantine Empire- Cautious-HOSTILE

Fatimid Caliphate- Cautious

Everyone Else- Neutral




Auda Aladeen stands in his council room with his advisors and ministers surrounding the table “Alright let's start this in the name of Allah, My brothers our borders and country has suffer greatly due to lack of patrols and bandits we will secure our borders with the men we have.” Auda says pointing to a few spots on the map “Understood I shall send the army into movement.” Umar replied nodding “As for our country! It stands in bad shape but will always shine through, we will set up madrassa to teach our children and their children, and I want to construct Musjids all over this country so we may go and pray to Allah at our appointed time and Inshallah Influence the area and further areas of Islam. Now we have plenty rich soils for farmlands such as in the Deiz I want to have another build there and for our farms here in Aleppo and south of us there in bad shape i want to these farm flourishing inshallah.” Auda would finish as the circle the area with his finger, Abu baker would smile “Na’am i'll send funds out to complete theses works.” he gives Auda a firm nod “Now as for relation, we will send letters to neighboring countries and to repair such damage relation, can we agree this is the plan of our nation?” he looks at all the men standing before him all of which giving a firm nod

“Now as for the byzantine army that ammassing…” Auda would frown leaning in to discuss plans



Building madrassa, musjids, and better prepare farms and build new ones in Deiz and other areas as mention in rp all of which is to be large (nots some crappy houses is what i'm getting at.)


Some parts of the army will begin securing its border within and at the border line to stricken the safety of the region and protect it against any invading bandits, and will send reports of if any courier that arrives or if any invasion force that would be heading on its way.


Letters are dispatch to: Abbasid Caliphate, Mosul, Amida, Fatimid Caliphate, Roman Empire.




As-salamu alaykum great leaders, long years have made bad blood between ourselves and you. I request we set all this aside and begin trading with one another, helping one another in times of need. I also request non-Aggression pact to be sign so we may have one more step into eternal peace Inshallah, May Allah guide you all and keep you safe.

-Sign Auda Aladeen Sultan of Aleppo



-Any volunteers to join the army will be enlisted in the army and begin training for possible byzantine invasion-

-Additional letters are sent to Abbasid Caliphate and Fatimid Caliphate [MOD]-

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Change will come bruddahs! I have dream, dream that all people of great rock will come together in single tribe! Cries out Yap’aluu as he speaks to his people. Delegates from all tribes stand among them, listening to this great chieftain's call for all tribes to unite.

This call for tribe to unite is not unexpected! I have thought of this for many moons bruddahs. Yap’aluu says solemnly as he falls quiet, looking from face to face of each aboriginal there. I have had dream. Dream of dreams that show me purpose. The soulless men scourge a land, a land that I do not know of but these PALE, long faced men are not with land. They do not live in dreamtime and their rocks are soulless same as themselves. The chieftain says with charisma as he waves his arms around as to express his distress. These pale soulless men WILL come to burn land of our ancestors, to drive and separate us from land!

WE MUST FIGHT! Yap’aluu says with a final cheer as he breaks out into dance, kicking dust around as he performs his ritualistic dance in front of the congregation. All gathered cheer, even the representatives of the numerous clans, and break out in dance!


  • Yap’aluu calls out to all the tribes, beckoning them to unite under a single banner and ready themselves to war against the soulless men.
  • Peace talks with the Kroqathunkooloong tribe and their chieftain.



  • Population: 35,000 (but this many rise significantly in the future)
  • Military: 10,000 foot soldiers who are all equipped with heavy hunting boomerangs, shields and spears.
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Abbasid Caliphate


Current Leader

Caliph Ibraheem Ibn Al-Qadir



(Major/little) city in control




Umm Qasr(little)

(A lot other villages and such)

Total Population


Total Military Personnel

Unknown(to avoid meta)



Trade with Nations


Nation Relations

Aleppo-Good Friends

Byzantine Empire- HOSTILE(they plan to invade)

Everyone Else- Neutral



Caliph Ibraheem Ibn Al-Qadir stand looking at the map on his border, “Khalid, You will begin training our troops Heavily, I want them ready to fight strong men. Train them day and night, do not spare a single moment, if The faith of ALLAH will survive it will be through us! I want you to set up large patrols throughout our borders...Here...and Here…” He would state placing his hand onto the map and sliding it down to a few areas glancing up to Khalid with a stern look, then to the rest of his advisers “Send word to the entire Ummah, That To come to Baghdad to Join the army in defence of the Muslim world, Tell them Shia, Sunni, Does not matter! We are all Muslims! Men wish to come and destroy our faith, Remind them of the two great deeds, martyrdom or victory, The coming times will be hard but lets make this war our victory so the religion of ALLAH May live on!” He turns to look at one of his advisers “Send a Letter to The Fatimids, We will speak soon on our letter, Now! We must send letters to Mosul, Aleppo, Amida, All the Arabian Tribes, Yemen, Oman, And the Buyids, To Raise their Armies and Meet Here in Baghdad!”


Caliph Ibraheem Ibn Al-Qadir looks to Saeed Ibn Malek “Now, I wish you to Begin working on a Very important matter, Send for these men Ebn Meskavayh, Al-Maʿarri, Avicenna, Hamid al-Din al-Kirmani, and other great scholars and teachers, I wish them to come to Baghdad, and teach and also work together to fix this Sunni, and Shia problem, if they can not, I wish them to make baghdad a center place for knowledge in all matters, inshallah.”


Caliph Ibraheem Ibn Al-Qadir calls for his scribe and Begins having letters Prepared

To: Aleppo


“Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh, To Sultan Auda Aladeen, From Caliph Ibraheem Ibn Al-Qadir, I wish to Set Up trade Between our two Nations, I also wish for us to become Allies, I wish for us to have a Military alliance, A trade Alliance, And A declaration of friendship, And to Share all Information Between us. I Am rallying My Army And the Muslim Ummah, And we shall head to Aleppo For your nation would be the first to be attacked By the Infidel threat, I am sorry for the somewhat large escort of the messenger, but i dared not to risk this letter not arriving to you. Please remember these two great deeds Martyrdom or victory!"

To: Mosul


“Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh, To The leader of Mosul, From Caliph Ibraheem Ibn Al-Qadir, Soon, The infidel will Invade and attempt to Wipe out the religion of Allah, I call Upon you to raise your armys and meet in Baghdad, I wish to protect the People of Islam and the Muslim world, It is time to defend Islam, When a Enemy wishes to wipe the faith of Allah away! I wish to Also open a trade alliance with you, and inshallah we can make the muslim Ummah Stronger! I Pray that you will send men to come fight or allow and encourage men to come fight to defend islam and the Muslim world. Please remember these two great deeds Martyrdom or victory!"


To: Fatimids


“Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, To Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, From Caliph Ibraheem Ibn Al-Qadir, Soon, The infidel will Invade and attempt to Wipe out the religion of Allah, I know the Shia’ and Sunni’ have their differences BUT i believe with this war against ALL muslim, The Muslims can Unite to Defend Islam and the Holy land Against the Infidels who wish to destroy Islam, We are all Muslims, and must defend the lands of Islam, I pray we both can work together soon, i call upon you to raise your army and meet in Baghdad, we will defend the lands of Islam together, Shia, Sunni All of us to work together. I Pray we see you soon, If you can not, please Allow Men to come to help defend the holy land and the muslim world, You own the holy land, and as Muslims I am Here to defend islam and the Muslims. I wish also wish to Weaken the infidel, we to become allies, With a Military alliance. I Also wish If we can have a trade agreement. Inshallah you accept, And please remember these two great deeds Martyrdom or victory.”

To: All Arabian tribes


“Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh, To Leaders of Every Arabian Tribe, From Caliph Ibraheem Ibn Al-Qadir, The Infidels Are invading the Muslim world with one Goal...to Wipe the religion of Allah away from the world, they wish to take the holy land and Murder all muslims! Come and Join the Jihad and struggle to fight for Allah and his Religion! The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) Would indeed be in anger that the Brave Muslim Tribes of Arabia Would Refuse Jihad, Do you remember Khalid Ibn Walid? Who Fought Against the Romans outNumbered and Still Won the fight, And was Named sword of Allah?! Do you remember the great sahaba? Do you not Love Allah and his messengers? Oh you who fear death, Remember that Allah Has promised Paradise For those who fight for his Faith and fights in Jihad! The holy land and the muslim world is under a Large threat, Come and Help your Muslim brothers and fight for Allah! Head to Baghdad With the rest of the muslim world’s armies! Please remember these two great deeds Martyrdom or victory!"




The Letters will be sent out from riders accompanied by 30 guards Each, on the fastest horse that we own, they would ride Hard


Men would be dispatched throughout the entire muslim world to rally Men to fight to defend the muslim world!


The Army would train extremely hard for the Year, they would train on(in pms to avoid META)


Letters are sent to All major and any scholar including the ones listed above, to help teach in baghdad, and to help fix the shia sunni problem.


Recruitment into the army would take place and all recruits will be trained hard in the training that will be explained in pms


Work On creating more farms, and Places such as masjids, and places of knowledge all around the country


A grand Musjid will be built in Baghdad that will host clases and be a major place of knowledge


Patrols On the border of the country would be extremely heavy, and that scouts will report alllllll things about bandits, armies, and tracks


Scouts will Be sent to Several Areas with special orders

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First Bulgarian Empire




1.85 Million
Heavy Cavalry: 20,000

Light Cavalry: 7,500

Infantry: 32,500
Total: 60,000


Tsar Samuil I of Bulgaria had been one of the greatest leaders the Bulgarians had ever seen, perhaps second in recent memory only to Simeon the Great. His campaigns against the Eastern Roman Empire had brought land and glory to the Bulgarian people, and the Tsar's Army was one of the strongest and most widely respected in Europe, standing at 60,000 men, of which 20,000 were powerful heavy cavalry. And yet the position of the Bulgarian Empire was not entirely secure. Under Basil II, the Byzantines had gained considerable strength, enough to possibly turn the tide of the long-standing low-burning wars between the two Empires. Pagan Turkic tribes to the north-east presented another potential threat, although a much lesser one. And of course the Mohammeds were an eternal plague to all of Christendom, albeit one some distance away compared to the others. A great deal of work would need to be done to make Bulgaria as secure as it was great and glorious.


Luckily, one of his rightful vassal-emirs had revolted an proclaimed their independence from the Byzantines, which may turn the Eastern Roman Empire's attention from Bulgaria. As such, Samuil sends a diplomatic mission to Constantinople to attempt to attain a truce and pact of n0n-aggression with Basil II while he has matters other than the war with Bulgaria cropping up. Samuil also pledges to defend the Byzantines against attack by the Saracen states should Basil II accept, in the name of Christendom. [MOD]



[The Eastern Roman Emperor receives the Bulgarian delegation.]


The Pontic Crusade I: The Gathering Storm

The presence of the Pechenegs, White Croats, and Oghuz on the Pontic Steppe and in Wallachia had become intolerable to Samuil I. Not only did the Pechenegs hold land that was rightfully Bulgarian, but they had the audacity to raid into Bulgarian lands. These pagan barbarians could not be allowed to exist any longer, and so the Tsar began preparations for an expedition.


The majority of the Bulgarian Army moves to the parts of the Danube bordering the tribals [25,000 Infantry, 15,000 Heavy Cavalry, 7,500 Light Cavalary], and with the exception of the light cavalry contingent, guards this border. The light cavalry act as scouts, probing into Pecheneg territory to try and gauge a rough number of the possible troops fielded by the Wallachian Pechenegs, and where their population centres and fortifications are. [MOD]


Meanwhile, missives are dispatched to the Papal States and to the Kievan Rus. [MOD]
The message to the Pope Sylvester II reads as follows:


To His Holiness the Pope Sylvester II,

The Pagan Turkic Tribes in Wallachia have long plagued the righteous follows of Christ, raiding into Christian lands and killing innocent men, women, and children. Not only this, but their very souls are at stake, given their clinging to false gods and their continued rejection of the Word of GOD. Tsar Samuil I, Emperor and Autocrat of All Bulgarians and Romans, wishes to proselytise these wayward souls, but their aggressive and barbarous ways have precluded a peaceful mission among these hostile peoples. And so the Tsar has decided that they must be brought into the flock by force, for both their own good and the good of all Christendom.


He therefore humbly requests of His Holiness for a Papal Bull granting official legitimacy to the righteous armies of Tsar Samuil I in their conquest and conversion of the Pagan Turks. Furthermore, He asks for funds in this regard, and the presence of Papal missionaries post-conquest in order to aid the conversion of the Turkic people there. 

In return for this, Tsar Samuil I is willing to recognise the Primacy of the Bishop of Rome over all others, as well as the recognition of this Primacy by the Patriarch of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Church will also recognise the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed's tenet of the Filioque, in accordance with the Latin Rite. 


The Tsar Samuil I hopes that His Holiness finds His mission righteous, and his terms reasonable.


The message to Vladimir the Great of the Kievan Rus reads as follows:


To His Highness Vladimir I, Grand Prince of Kiev and Prince of Novgorod,

For far too long have the vile Pagan Pechenegs to His Highness' southern border been a blight to both the Rus and the Bulgarians, both through their existence as heathens and their incessant raiding and attacks. Tsar Samuil I, Emperor and Autocrat of All Bulgarians and Romans, seeks to pacify and proselytise the Turkic peoples of Wallachia and the Pontic Steppe once and for all, for the sake of our peoples' livelihoods and their peoples' souls. We wish to invite His Highness to co-ordinate with the Tsar in this expedition, and to split the land currently occupied by the pagans between Bulgaria and the Rus, with the Bulgarians taking Wallachia and the lands west of the Dniester River, and the Rus taking the Pontic Steppe east of the Dniester. 


Not only would the Grand Prince be doing his righteous duty as a Christian monarch by saving hundreds of thousands of souls from eternal damnation, but the lands taken if His Highness agrees would provide access to the Black Sea, and therefore to trade with all the peoples of the Mediterranean Sea, greatly enriching both Him and His people. This is, of course, in addition to the highly fertile plains of the Black Sea coast which would prove a boon to the already great economy of the Rus. 

The Tsar hopes His Highness finds His mission righteous, and His terms reasonable.

[MOD for both responses]


Seeing in the Polish King Boleslaus I a fellow crusader and potential ally, Samuil accepts the offer of royal marriage to one of Boleslaus' daughters, and trade agreements and an offer of alliance is returned. The same is offered to the Danish king, Svein Forkbeard, alongside a royal marriage to one of Samuil's daughter. Offers of trade agreements are sent to the monarchs of France, Leon, Ostarrichi, Bavaria, Saxony, the Byzantine Empire, Burgundy and the Kievan Rus. [MOD for Burgundy and Rus]


Domestic Affairs: Trade, Farms, and Horses

Elsewhere in the Bulgarian Empire, far more mundane plans are put into motion. The trade ports on the Adriatic Coast are invested into, hoping to increase the volume of trade goods that can flow in and out of Bulgaria - trade goods that can have tariffs, and will thereby bolster the Czar's treasury. Road quality between trade ports and large towns and cities is also invested into to the same end. [MOD]


Furthermore, animal husbandry efforts are undertaken to improve the size of domestic livestock, such as cows, for an economic boost and for greater security against famine by increasing the food supply. The efforts also target horse husbandry, in order to improve the speed and stamina of the already powerful Bulgarian cavalary. [MOD]


An attempt to recruit a further 5,000 Infantry, 4,000 Heavy Cavalry, and 2,500 Light Cavalry is made, conducted in tandem with glorifying propaganda campaigns of the crusades to come and the spiritual promise that joining these crusades will provide, led by the priests and bishops through the Bulgarian Empire. There is no greater guarantee of getting into Paradise than fighting and dying in the name of the Lord, after all. [MOD]

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Ummayad Caliphate (Caliphate of cordoba)



Caliph Hisham II looked down upon the great hall of his palace. It was decorated with a large amount of well-crafted carpets and the walls and pillars of it helped give the hall a sense of luxury and art. But as the Caliph looked down upon his servants he had no single thought focused on these trivialities. Below him were the main councillors and administrators of the Caliphate who had been called before him to discuss what would be the following course of action for this year and the coming season. Hisham II then stood up and spoke "Men of the Caliphate, today we are gathered here to discuss the actions we are going to take for this spring and what our focus for this year will be." He then briefly reads what was written on a note at his side before continuing "A meeting will be held with the infidel states north of our borders." Following this statement there was angry muttering and shouting before the caliph raised his hand and said in a firm tone and in a voice that cut through the hall but was not necceserily loud said "Silence." The muttering then stopped and all eyes turned towards the caliph "You might think me weak and unwise but I wish to emphasise this is not a peace offer to the infidels, only a temporary reprieve. A reprieve in which we will grow economically and more important get new military assets which will help us in the coming war to destroy the northern infidel states. This will also give us time to stabilise and convene on the state of the caliphate as I have heard rumors of possible dissidents. Finally this will be much more advantageous to us than the crusaders since we have more resources and citizens to aid us in improving ourselves." He then motions to a couple of servants to start distributing a copied set of instructions "These are the goals for the coming season, some of them might seems silly and not important but in the future war they will be a boon against the enemies that they will not see coming." 





Throughout the land a series of aquaducts will be build which will help transport water from areas to where it is barely used to farms on fertile land. To make the best use of this water and other sources of it as possible a project is done to improve irrigation accros the farms of the Caliphate.


The glass artisans of the Caliphate would be sponsored and subsidised in an attempt to increase the quantity and quality of glassware from the Caliphate. The hope is that the glassware could be exported en masse. Those artisans who don't use their government aided economic oppertunity and have no noticable increase of quality or quantity from their wares will lose said benefit.


Poor infidels who can barely make ends meet are exempted from the Jiyza (a.k.a. The tax on non-muslims)


The road network connecting the cities of the caliphate is improved. Making use of both local labor and if avaible local material of decent quality. The hope is this would increase the quantity of trade inside the borders of the Caliphate.


A congres is called in the city of cordoba at the university of Cordoba, the largest in Europe, calling all historians and philosphers who can afford to have a temporary reprieve with their work. This congres will be issued with the goal of analyzing how great empires and kingdoms fall, especially monarchies, and how to prevent this. The majority focus of this is of course the Caliphate itself and the hope is that this congres will find a solution to stopping an internal collapse of the calipahte.


A caravan is sent to the middle east with the goal of aquire 50-100 kettledrums. Furthermore the instrument crafters and muscisians of the Caliphate are given an order to design and invent an instrument, based of already existing drums, which can be used to both inspire the troops and demoralize their enemies. To add to this an extra bonus will be given if the instrument will be capable of being used to improve communication on the battlefield.


A naval arsenal is build in Malaca with the goal of being capable of building, repairing and maintaining the fleet of the Caliphate. This is accompanied with a census of the navy of the Caliphate. 


An army of 10k men under command of Allamanzor will be send to the borders of the conquistador states, especially Leon, to guard the borders of a caliphate. Accompanying this will be a number of letters to the christian states of Iberia calling for a meeting on an not yet determined location to discuss a temporary reprieve of the reconquista.








Trade = open to everyone


Population: 7 million (population Cordoba: 450k)


Army: A minimum of 17k soldiers (Specifics of troop types not given)
Navy: Unknown

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The Coptic Kingdom of Alodia




Population: 2.1 Million

Military: 7,000 Desert Riders, 10,000 Footmen(3,000 of which are archers), Levy upwards of 110,000





With close dynastic relations to the Kingdom of Makuria, an offer for a defensive pact is made.


Alodian diplomats and missionaries visit various neighboring Luo tribes, searching for those ready and willing to integrate into the Kingdom.


The border with the Kingdom of Zaghwe begins to be more extensively militarized, and it would seem the Alodians are readying for war.


Some slave raids are made upon weaker Tuareg tribes by five groups of 1,000 Alodian desert riders, first destroying any ability to fight back (usually by killing the ablest men) before taking women and children back to Soba, in the heart of the Kingdom.

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                              Duchy of Bavaria
                                                          Herzogtum Bayern
                                        Leader: Duke Heinrich IV of Bavaria

Heinrich IV, of Bavaria laid in his bed, it was just another day in Bayern for him and nothing had changed. His body was at rest but his mind wasn’t, he thought of his times in exile when he was younger, how it was all because of his father. His father's rebellion had been that of a devastation for Bayern its capital city had not repaired itself since the siege it endured years earlier, but now was the time to redeem his father whom he loved so much. He would turn over in his covers but his mind would still race. Next he thought of his own ambitions, he wanted to be Kaiser and he knew it would be hard to obtain his goal, many had not forgotten the rebellion which plagued Bayern under his father but he knew these obstacles would not stop him. for he, Heinrich Ottanian IV would be the next Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire.


A meeting of his privy council was called the next day; Heinrich would stand in front of them in full ducal ware; he would speak with a sense of prestige. “My fellow Bavarians, a Duchy has to secure itself within and without its borders. Our capital Regensburg needs to be renovated, it’s streets old and ill maintained. The streets are not the only problem, a Duke needs towering churches, castles, monuments, so that our subjects may know a city reflects a groups prestige.”

“But, you’re grace” the Grand Steward would say, but Heinrich would continue.


“The Duchy’s roads have not been refurbished in nearly 200 years. That is unacceptable. The nobility will need to cover the expenses of such.” Heinrich said, his voice echoing off the council room walls. The command was not well received, but the nobility knew their place in the Duchy. “An army fit for our grand Duchy will be needed. Our troops in Italy give their lives for the Kaiser. We must show our appreciation of such.” The bill would be costly, but it had to be done according to the Duke. Too many Dukes of ages past went through their reign without a thought towards the prosperity of the Duchy. That would end today.


    Heinrich sat down in his Throne ready to hear his servants grievances about his plan, but none would come up. It would come apparent that the privy understood what they needed to do. For all would know that the Duchy of Bayern would be the most grandiose of them all.




The Capital of the Duchy Regensburg will begin complete renovation adding in new market places, Wide open non-dirt streets for trade, Numerous Royal Administrative buildings, a Modest but good sized Palace, a beautiful church, and gardens. The nobles and commoners will be taxed to cover the expenses. A host of public works projects organized by the Duke and his government also start across the Duchy to appease the commoners. These include the chopping of wood for buildings, the construction of roads for far flung settlements to appease the lords so that resources can be transported faster and repairs for ill managed forts and castles. Another thing would be the construction of a large beautiful stone bridge across the Danube in Regensburg. This would be made to encourage international trade from Venice to Northern Europe hoping to make it a major trade city(tariffs would be placed on this road)(MOD)


Along with this new renovation comes reforms to the Duchy’s army. Strict training regimens are put into place and old weapons and gear would be replaced. Old commanders will be swapped out for new experienced ones. (MOD)


Furthermore, Heinrich would send a diplomat to England, France, Normandy, Saxony, Bulgaria, Venice, Poland, Bohemia, Britany, Papal States(reminding of his earlier years in exile with a Priest), March of Austria, to discuss trade agreements. This would bring with it the hope of further relations with those who would mutually benefit from such. Heinrich hopes that these trade agreements can help fund his reforms.


The walls of Regensburg shall be expanded and additional layers are to be set surrounding the city. These would hope to rival the walls of Constantinople. He would use his own soldier and commoners to do it. This project coincides with Heinrich’s other reforms as a strengthening of the Duchy. Guard towers are to be placed throughout the wall and there will be a crackdown on criminals in the city. (MOD)


Heinrich has ordered the first Bavarian Census in order to assess the capabilities of the Duchy. All commoners are to report to their nearest constable with information on family size, harvest, and men that are fit for service.(MOD)


To further appease the probable angered nobles and citizens, Heinrich would ride to as many keeps and villages himself dressed only as a common man letting them call him by his actual name of Heinrich. Heinrich would also promise that incase of plague a ducal storage will be made so the Peasants and nobles never go hungry. Finally he would for a few days work beside the peasants in the fields, while also offering to help the nobles administer the land and sending his workers to help repair ill-repaired noble keeps. (PR CAMPAIGN) (MOD)


Heinrich would try for a child with his wife, knowing he must secure his dynasty(MOD)



Population Size:



3,000 Regulars

5,000 in Levy arms(Only Raised In Wartime)

300 Mounted Knights

500 trained Bowmen

250 Veteran Soldiers

Treasury: Confidential



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Golden Wyvern of Wessex


Leader: Æthelred the Unready

Population:1.6 Million

Military: Around 8,000 professional Soldiers, 1,200 knights. Able to raise around 120,000 men in levies.


Trade: Open


     King Æthelred sits in his court, surrounded by his nobles. King Æthelred rose to the throne at the young age of 12, from the start challenges faced the young King. Constant raids by the Danes have left his Kingdom in poor condition. Just three years ago he faced a heavy loss to the Danish invaders. Now at the age of 22 King Æthelred has great plans for England.



 Æthelred's first sends a diplomat to the France, and Normandy with hopes of building relations. His scribes would get to work writing.

To the Duke of Normandy Richard the Second;


Your Grace, with hopes of building relations with Normandy I sent you this letter. In these dark times one must never stand alone, this is why I offer a military alliance to secure and support our realms. I would also like to propose to in order to secure this alliance a marriage between our two families. I would further wish to open trade Between our Realms



Signed His Majesty King Of the English Æthelred



To the King of France


Your Majesty, I write you this letter with hope of securing relations between our Kingdoms. I wish to propose a Military Alliance between our Realms, as well I wish to open trade.


Signed His Majesty King Of the English Æthelred



Æthelred orders a census of his fleet as well, he wishes all ships to dock at Hastings. (MOD)


 King Æthelred also knows the need for a strong Army, a lesson learned from the Danes. His sends orders across the lands calling for lords to train 10,000 professorial Man at Arms, as well 2,000 Calvary. (MOD FOR RECRUITMENT)


His Majesty orders his current Standing Army to start drilling, and preparing for coming conflict (MOD)


His Majesty orders a force of 1,000 soldiers, and 200 knights to march for the Eastern coast of Mercia In England in order to repeal any further Danish raids (MOD)


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“The men of the east who live by the sea.”




The fire writhed and danced upon its stage of rocks and ash. It danced the ancient dance of the dawn of time, its movement slick, its each and every flicker beautiful in a primordial way. Those of the Krowathunkooloong danced their own dance from what was perceived as the dawn of time: the dance that their ancestors danced.


The men clapped and stomped, their ashen faces catching the light of the writhing glower. Thatch headwear bobbed with each and every movement; and at their helm, clad in skins and pelts with a similar yet ultimately grander piece of headwear he lead the dance of times gone by.


Jillawar called the dance to a halt, and spoke to his kin with a booming voice:


“Brothers! The greater clan of Yapa. . .” The men of the clan SPAT on the floor at the mention of the name, “They call for peace. No further war, no fighting. . .an alliance!” They all booed, “But my brothers, we must together defend against a threat- for in the dreamtime I see the SOULLESS men. Great hulking men with white ash on their face, who suck the life of their enemies and eat babies. We cannot fall to this fate, we must reclaim the dreamtime! For our ancestors!” At the mention of ancestors the clansmen rose up and cheered. “Down with these soulless beasts!” As the cheering died down he continued, “But first, we must meet with our newfound brothers in the North for they wish to speak. . .”





  • Meet with Yap’uula with an envoy of woomera bearing men (100).

    • Speak of peace.

    • Speak of trade.



  • A population of 3,500:

    • 1,800 fighting males; 1700 females.

    • Hunter gatherer mentality with heavy influence on spear-fishing due to their area.

  • Military:

    • Equipped with woomeras and shields.

    • Warrior mentality: 1,500: 1,000 Warriors, 500 hardened veterans.



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The Khmer Empire



    King Jayavarman V knew that his death would come soon enough. At the age of 43, it was time that he began to prepare his throne for his heir, Crown Prince Jayavarman VI. Yet his son wasn't a charismatic heir to the great empire his lineage had created. Various noble houses sought the empire for themselves and peasants, as well as slaves, around the eastern border were at constant threat of being attacked by the Champa Kingdoms.


   With those recent threats accounted for, the King set his sights to the rough map which decorated a wall in his living space. The nearby Mon kingdoms of Thaton, Pegu and Hariphunchai proved to be useful for future expansion and should be captured soon as to curb the rapid expansion of the Pagan Kingdom.


   The Champa Kingdoms were another issue entirely. With their borders as close as they are to Angkor, the rival kingdoms posed a serious threat to the continued prosperity of his empire. Not only this, but the confederacy these kingdoms created could easily threaten the centralized power of Cambodia and plant nothing short of heretical thoughts into his court. If he intended for his empire to last for millennia, the Champans would have to be snuffed out.


   As far as he was concerned with allies, only three potential candidates remained. It had been the Dali Kingdom and the Srivijayan Empire who had first brought Mahayana Buddhism to Cambodia and already the religion flourished among the lower class. The Dali were an outsider, generally, who could truly only spell trouble with such a powerful enemy as the Song. The Srivijayans, however, were a powerful trade empire. Without their aid, he knew he would be unable to continue being as prosperous as his empire currently is.


   And lastly came the outlier of Đại Việt. Having only just appeared as a power some twenty years ago, Jayavarman V was suspicious to their motives but decided to mark them down as a potential ally. He knew that the Vietnamese were at odds with the Champa Kingdoms so he hardly hesitated to open up diplomatic relations with the fledgling nation.


   Within the Khmer nation, the divide between followers of the Hindu faith and those of Mahayana Buddhism was all too prevalent. Jayavarnam V knew that in order to remain in power, he would have to consolidate religious practice.



Emissaries are sent to the neighboring states of the Srivijayan Empire and the Dali Kingdom to possibly improve trade relations and to push for a possible non-aggression pact.

To the Srivijayan Empire:


"To His Majesty of Srivijaya, Sri Cudamani Warmadewa, Rightful Claimant to Java

May your ports remain full, great ruler! Throughout Khmer, your skills in trade are famed as being unparalleled throughout Asia. I, King Jayavarman V of the great Khmer Empire, would have visited Palembang myself if not for my health. I would hope it would be beneficial to the both of us if we were to continue our prosperous trade with one another. As I'm sure you know, the spices of Cambodia are in flourish this season and we would hope that our galleys could share some of our harvest. As to not waste any of more of your time, I have seen fit to humbly ask for a pact of non-aggression between us. With your ongoing war with the false Kingdom of Medang still a sure-fire issue, and the several issues Khmer currently faces, it would doubtlessly be a disaster beyond words for us to engage in warfare.

To the Kingdom of Dali:


"To His Gracious Excellence, Duan Suying, of Dali

Peace be upon you, wise one! To the people of Khmer, your customs are without a doubt mysterious. We have had little contact from your proud people, but through our shared love of the world, we hope we can remain friendly. We are aware of your current hostilities with the Song, but other than that we are left in the dark of the ongoing events of China. We send this message to you in an attempt to establish a route of trade between our two great capitals. On top of that we wish to peacefully establish a pact of non-aggression. It would truly be a tragic time if we were to clash in combat and it would undoubtedly give the Song an opportunity to attack.


Diplomats are sent to Đại Việt in an attempt to open up diplomatic relations with the fledgling nation. The diplomats will deliver a chest of various spices such as star anise, coriander, and turmeric. Should they not arrive back it will be considered as a formal act of war.


The construction of camps and small defensible forts is ordered along the Khmer-Champa border and an army of ten thousand is ordered to occupy the border. (One hundred war elephants, one thousand light archers, six hundred light infantry, and eight thousand peasant levies.)


King Jayavarman V officially announces that the Khmer Empire recognizes both the Hindu faith and the Buddhist faith as spiritual options for every citizen of the empire, and that the King will soon announce an official leader

to the Buddhist faith in Cambodia.

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