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The "Violabuntur Terra,” aka Mud Maidens



(By aeryael, at Deviantart.com)




On the form: Tuj

A bifcuration of the unnatural body and once-wholesome mind,


The “Maidens of the Swamp” are beasts taking the shape of women; their forms consist of a thick and oozing black petroleum akin to “mud,” from which their derivative and well-reputed nickname of “mud maidens” stems from.


Further, with regards to their makeup, the petroleum was elastic but rather weak; a decent downwards jab is able to easily able to puncture or a pair of hands may press its weight down to simply compress the odd material, through the flesh would simply reseal around any puncture wounds briefly after the fact. It had an odd and nigh on “slimelike texture,” with special adhesive properties - it clings to bare flesh it touches, though it remains malleable.


These unwholesome creatures shapes are by all means familiar and feminine, with supple curves that shone in the sunlight - it held a great resemblance to that of a Descendants flesh if it were not for their unnatural composition - in fact, the only definitive difference in their anatomy is a translucent and stilled heart located near to the center of their chest, beneath the bosom and mere inches beneath the surface of their gel-like skin.


With all due regards, the stilled heart seems to function as the source of their lifeforce and bodily control; it is a vestige of a past life, a heart stilled by death and brought to life by the power of vestigial emotions in the same manner as a “ghost” or spectre, though it’s body is entirely physical. Damage sustained to the last truly Human part of its body will cause it to reduce to a puddle of formless jello, dispersed once more to the Seven Skies.


On behaviorisms:

In the past, these aberrants may’ve been seen as “harmless,” or “a good catch” to the depraved individuals interested in seizing and carting away these noble creatures but such appears to no longer be the case. These beasts are fiercely territorial due to collective trauma, and prone to preying on lone or travelling males.


As for the state of their mind, it could be stated (with some truth, notable sources add) that these a-gendered beasts have some form of sentience, if not sapience; whilst they appear to be rendered entirely speechless, unable to give voice to whatever tragic experiences that surely made up it’s lifespan and drove it to cavorting in the unpleasant habitats they once took to advanced emotional expressions such as stick figure art.


The sudden reprisal of their once-passive nature is fascinating. Educated scholars have only been able to formulate scant hypothesis as to why or how they experienced such a paradigm shift - as described by “Samiru Haidaku,” “one can simply not trust females in this form; they are liars, cheaters, whores, and will suck you dry with greater swiftness than a lich.” On the other hand, many believe it due to their rampant abuse at the hands of Easterner slave markets.


In modern times, they lurk in damp areas and swamps till prey crosses above them. The “Mud Maidens” methods of attacks almost always involve surprise, attempting to seize men by the leg or boots and pull them down. Due to their lack of raw strength or natural weapons, they’ll attempt to enwrap and drown the man after pulling them into a near body of water (though they may do this from simple puddles of mud, or full-on confrontation though such almost always ends poorly).

On the birth, and death, of the “Mud Maidens”:

The flowers of the Violabuntur Terra are sprouted and nurtured from instances of death and great trauma in humid and swampy biomes. On most occasions, they are composed of one soul - but there have been instances of a singular mud maiden being composed of many individuals after a tragedy of note. After death, the corpse(s) desiccates and a shriveled heart unbeset by rot remains, possessed by a soul that could not bring itself to the Cloud Temple and stewed only in its own hatred.


After the bodies and bones find themselves turned to sludge, and the waterlogged terrain they’d found their final resting place replaces it’s need for limbs; and from all experiences with pre-matured Mud Maidens, all they do is weep and lament their loss till the day their sorrow finds itself cemented as a burning hatred.


Once the stilled heart is destroyed, their soul is released to return to the Seven Skies (contemporary and non-Human scholars claim that the ‘Sevents Skies’ is a misnomer propagated by Man-supremacists.) The body falls back to nothing but sledge and rot, and that particular mud maiden is never to be seen again.



Can I play a mud maiden?:

No, this is an Event Creature only.

Can a mud maiden have items on her?

They can retain objects inside of them.

Can I bathe in a mud maiden?

You’ll drown.


(Inspiration taken from Jistuma's old mud-maiden lore, also a huge thanks to Ambduscias for proof reading!)




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10 hours ago, boy said:

They can retain objects inside of them.


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Thank you for submitting your piece! Expect a verdict in about 2 weeks.

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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.

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