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Festival of Friendship (2/16-2/24)

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"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship."

- Thomas Aquinas








As the ice and snow from the colder years begin to thaw across the land, the denizens of Atlas begin to awake from their deep hibernation and look to the rising sun on the horizon. Each day presents new challenges and obstacles to face, and often times such things are difficult, if not impossible, to face alone.


And thus, we turn to our companions, our comrades, and our friends.


Join us in celebrating such bonds between people with the Festival of Friendship!





The Festival of Friendship has been brought to Atlas in an effort to bring thanks and fun to those we consider close to us. Whether it be comrades that fight with one another at their backs or a pair that could not go a day without the other in their life, all ties and bonds are to be celebrated during this week!





Throughout the week (2/16 - 2/24), the Cloud Temple Monks will be hosting numerous games and contests for the people of Atlas to partake in.




Our first event, the Hedge Maze, is already live and located just south of Cloud Temple. Traverse the maze and you may find various knick knacks for sale within! Feel free to take a rest throughout the maze at one of the numerous rest stops, such as the tree swing or the picnic grounds!


More to Come:


As stated, events and contests will be held throughout the week for both in-game and out of game prizes. Keep your eyes posted on the forums and in-game for more information! Today is only the beginning!




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