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The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

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6 minutes ago, _pok_ said:

Venice - “A quest for gold”

Venice gains 1 additional trade partner.

2 / 7 / 9 / 3

Nation: The Republic of Venice

Ruler: Doge Agostino Barbarigo

Army:  10,000 Infantry, 20 Cannons

Navy:  20 Caravels/Galleys, 10 Carracks, 9 Galleons

Desired technology from investment:
"Venetian Naval Innovations" [Investment of 2]
- Improved speed and range on all ships of the Venetian Fleet. Recognizing the need for Venice to continue expansion in order to move out of the shrinking Mediterranean Market, ships are being designed to go faster, farther, and take more from the elements than ever before.
"Improved Navigation" [Investment of 1]
- Investing into improving maps, hiring explorers, and significantly bolstering research into increasing the capabilities of Stargazers and navigators, complimenting the innovations being made to the physical capabilities of the Venetian fleet.

Short background on the nation (more details for North American tribes): 
Doge Agostino Barbarigo grew more and more concerned with his legacy with each passing year. As time beat ceaselessly onwards, the Doge could not help but wonder what the discovery of the New World meant for his Republic. The opportunities for trade and wealth there were vast, but would pursuing new interests there hinder the already fragile state of Venetian trade in the Mediterranean? The critical question of the Doge's reign was whether or not he could balance both of these interests, or if he would abandon one in favor of the other. In 1492 though, all Doge Barbarigo was concerned with was growth. Having acquired Cyprus in 1489, Barbarigo recognized the need for a relationship of some kind with the Turks or otherwise he may find his interests in the Eastern Mediterranean in jeopardy. The Byzantines intrigued the Doge, but he had no interest in disrupting the Greek territories he already held.




You begin with ships that are generally faster than most, beyond the Castillian Galleons, who would outpace the Venitian ones by a slight margin. They can also last longer than most in the open seas, against rough waves and terrible thunderstorms.


You begin with the capability to navigate the waters a bit better than most navies, as you have a better idea of the location of the stars and how to work with them to guide you to safe berth. Only the Danes outshine you here.

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