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The Age of Mysteries [RP]

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The Duchy of Burgundy, or, the realms of John II of Burgundy




"Let us waltz, Archbishops, and see whom God truly favors." - John the Young


To John, there was no truer satisfaction than that of a duel. Life in the flourishing Burgundian court had taught him intrigue and wit, the newly arrived Michelangelo insight into the beauties of the world, and the trading houses of Anvers more money than any other state of the Empire. Each was meaningless, in his eyes, without might of his own. His father's ambitions had been crushed at his prime - he would not make the same mistake.


In just a year, the most formidable defensive web in the history of Europe had been established. A year later, an announcement made - with the backing of the Habsburg King and the Elector of Brandenburg, John of the House of Valois-Burgundy would be crowned King of the Romans, and thus, Holy Roman Emperor. Minutes after his coronation, he issued his first order as ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.


"There is no greater sin than that of avarice. It leads to all evils, and is the condemnation of the eternal for the temporal. The Archbishops of Cologne and Mainz, I must with great sorrow admit, have fallen in this regard. They discount the Empire, declare themselves no longer subordinate Princes of its Crown. This will not go unnoticed. Within my right as King of the Romans, I declare war on the errant states of Cologne and Mainz. My casus belli is that of sovereignty - just as a duchy cannot exit the service of its crown, the archbishoprics have overstepped their bounds. They will, upon their reclamation by the Empire, be split so that such a mistake does not happen again. Those most loyal among my vassals, the lords of Austria and Brandenburg, will be rewarded with their titles as vassals and unions until their houses return to dust, and those haughty Archbishops will be sent to their churches to pray for forgiveness for their sins.


This war will also serve as a warning - the Empire stands. Mistaking the lack of a ruler for the lack of a nation was an ill-conceived notion indeed. Take note, Milanese, Swiss, Bohemians. So long as you stay within your rights as Princes of the Empire, you will be rewarded with good fortune and long peace. Fail to do so and you will see those that you had once destroyed rise again as your successors.


Take note, French, Hungarians, Venetians. There will be no capitalization of opportunity while I rule in the Empire. Leave my lands be, and I shall leave yours be. Do otherwise, and you will quickly learn that we are not a state so easily beaten.


I invite the Archbishops to repent and bend the knee - they will not escape being tied as vassals of my loyal subordinates, but may yet escape true destruction of their achievements, and the needless bloodshed of countles Christians."


The declaration is swiftly followed upon - the entire Burgundian army soon crosses into southern Cologne, a force of 40,000 infantry, 10,000 cavalry, and 40 cannons. The mistakes of his father are built upon - A full thousand of the cavalry are used as scouts for the army in all directions, preventing the same encirclements and flanking maneuvers that destroyed the well-trained army at Nancy.


Furthermore, money in the form of 5,000 Ducats is sent to hire Swiss Mercenary bands, to be paid in annuity (each year) for the duration of the war. The Swiss are to join the main invasion force.


Not just that is done - the 5,000 most elite infantry of Burgundy are picked out and trained in the methods of the Swiss Pike Square, most equipped with steel armor, sword and signature steel-tipped pikes, while approximately 1,000 are equipped with the heavy arquebus, armor, and a sword. This somewhat more mixed formation is dubbed the Burgundian Landsknecht army, and is trained to be more inclined to the combined arms tactics of the Burgundian Compagnie d'ordonnance. With a cost of a ducat per person in just upgrades alone, the result is expected to be worthwhile.






[5,000 Ducats, Paid per year starting now] - Hiring Swiss Mercenaries to join the Burgundian army's main invasion force.


[5,000 Ducats] - A vast sum is paid for the equipment and training upgrades of 5,000 infantry into a formidable fighting force, dubbed the Burgundian Landsknechts. A better explanation is above.


[500 Ducats] - The Papal State, with the gold that I would assume wasn't spent given there was no Holy Roman Emperor to send the bribe to, is offered a "donation" for the crowning of John the Young, King of the Romans, as Holy Roman Emperor as is custom.


[Invasion of Cologne] - The Burgundian army crosses into the duchy of Baden, marching towards the southern capital of Stuttgart. It is led by Lord Engelbert II, Count of Nassau.

-CASUS BELLI - Enforcement of the Holy Roman Empire.

-WAR GOALS - Vassalization of Mainz under the Kingdom of Austria, Splitting of Cologne into the states of the Palatinate and the Duchy of Koln, to be vassalized by the Duchy of Burgundy and Elector of Brandenburg respectively. 

-LEGAL COMBATANTS - The forces of John of Burgundy, Leopoldo of Austria, and Edward of Brandenburg VERSUS the forces of the Archbishops of Cologne and Mainz.




Affairs of the Realm


Affairs of Coin


Economy Points [6] - Annual Income of 6,000 Ducats

Trade Partners [4] - Annual Income of 4,000 Ducats

Gold Mine [1] - Annual Income of 350 Ducats

Iron Mine [1] - Annual Income of 200 Ducats

Coal Mine [1] - Annual Income of 150 Ducats

Other Ores [2] - Annual Income of 200 Ducats

Gross Annual Income - 10,900 Ducats


Patronage of Michelangelo - Annual Expense of 250 Ducats

Gross Annual Expenses - 250 Ducats

Net Annual Income - 10,650 Ducats

Mercenaries - 5,000 Ducats

Landsknecht Training - 5,000 Ducats

Coronation Donation - 500 Ducats

Net Income - 150 Ducats

Pending Actions from Previous Years

5 Mines in construction, yet to complete

As no Holy Roman Emperor existed last year, it is assumed the 500 ducats will be returned to the treasury.

Ending Treasury - 650 Ducats


Affairs of the State

Ruler: John the Young, Duke of Burgundy and the Lorraines, King of the Romans

Allies: Poland, Brandenburg, Austria, Sweden, Castille, Aragon, England, Denmark

Trade Partners: Sweden, Brandenburg, England, Poland


Affairs of the Military


40,000 Infantry [5,000 Upgraded]

10,000 Cavalry

40 Cannons

Standard Formations:

Compagnie d'ordonnance

Swiss Pike Square

Burgundian Landsknecht Square


3 Galleons

10 Carracks


Researched Technology:

The Musket - 3 Tech Points + 9600 Ducats

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Kingdom of Denmark-Norway


Things were changing at an increasingly fast pace in court. King Hans of the Danes had held royal sessions with ambassadors from the new Sweden. After deliberation, the King had ruled in favor of the swedes leaving peacefully. Being offered two thousand ducats, and a direct apology. Hans, a man of fearful cunning, had shown a streak of mercy. Though they may have been in a lower position, he still could of easily went for war. But the Swedish words rang true, and he heard their moral plea. It would be peace and coalition, not war.


Following the exit of Sweden, the Kalmar Union lacks full unity. In an act to secure what is left, Hans sends a decree to Norway. Following the entrance of a new Swedish State, things were now shaky. Though at peace, it was still a neighbor instead of a province now. For so long the Danish and Norwegian royal house had been one. Danish kings had ruled, always with Norway in the back of their mind. And now, Denmark and Norway would officially bind. Fully supported by the Swedish, it was seen as a move to solidify. Denmark would absorb all Norwegian colonies, alongside their government and army. They of course would still have members in the royal house. And the famed Norwegian parliament would not be touched, they could remain as always. Ruling over their own people. But Denmark had to assume the mantle of power. For the greater good of the two nations.


Following this was Denmark's true plans for expansion. Not through killing their brothers. But through trade and discovery. Already Hans had signed the decree. Select adventurers and attendant crafts were to set out from Norwegian held Greenland this year. Their focus was to explore further east. Danish ships would lead the way. They had always been more proficient in uncharted waters. Their aim would be to find a habitable plot of coast and harbor on the fabled New World. If they were to meet anyone, they would offer gifts. Some gold, alongside European trinkets and commodities are brought with them. Alongside an attendant force of the King's own Royal Unit. Dismounted knights and hobbies, they would ensure the safety of the trip. A Dane known as Captain Mountain leads the expedition. A massive Greenlander by birth, he's rumored to have already seen this so called new world. In fact stories go back already in Danish lore of this grand place. Now they would know for sure.







Forming the Denmark-Norway Kingdom


Sending an expedition to the new world (1 Galleon, 3 Carracks, 5 Galleys. Roughly 1-2k explorers.) To look, scout for good place for colony.


Treasury: 28k


Building two mines -5k







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Tribe of The Four Lakes


Army: 42,000 Infantry

Mages: 50

Navy: 20 Galleys

Gold: 21,000

Gold per Turn: 5,000 (3k Base, 2k Trading Partners)

The Chieftain was making his rounds around the village when a grizzled shaman made his way to him. His face was covered in ash and he approached Peshkno with purpose. He spoke with the grizzled, aged voice one would come to expect from the shamans, "High Chief, other shamans would rather rest and be slothful when presented with an opportunity to prove themselves. I would not. Would you hear my proposal?"


Peshkno waved his hand over the shaman's head in respect of his elder. "Indeed. Tell me your name and what you intend to accomplish. I will decide whether to fund you." He nods, signalling the elder to speak.


"Thank you so much, High Chief. I am Shaman Nektosha of the village, Wapun." He continues, "In my pursuit of knowledge, I have seen many things. But, the waves and shoals of Her Lakes are by far the most wondrous our world has to offer us. And as I walk across those grand fields of water, I know that there may be a day in which I could ask Macha for control of the waters which surround me. To command Her great waves!"


The chieftain simply nodded as he looked over upon Lake Michigami. Canoes slowly meandered across it's surface, awakening the still surface of the lake with a faint rippling trail behind them. The lake was named Michigami by their Proto-Algonquian ancestors, meaning 'Great Water'. Ever since it stuck, as it was the first of the many lakes to be discovered by the nomadic people.


He turned to Nektosha, a stoic visage shielding his gaze. "If your judgement is correct, wise elder, your tribe will be eternally grateful for your contributions."



  • The Chieftain continues to invest into magical research, deciding to invest gold into the shaman's idea of potentially being able to control the flow of water. A field which could prove useful for other potential research. 2,000 Gold [MOD]
  • Trade is established with Ottawa and, reluctantly, with Miami. Emissaries are sent to Huron and Lenape territory in a desperate attempt to establish trade with them. 1,000 Gold [MOD]
  • The Chieftain proposes a design for a new ship, larger and with the capacity to hold around twenty rowers and about fifty men in total. The ship would be composed of incredibly lightweight wood and, a concept recently new to the Potawatomi, sails. It became apparent to the chieftain that the current state of canoes would not be able to sustain the tribe for long. 5,000 Gold [MOD]


  • Work is done to establish mines near the two major settlements in the lower peninsula. 5,000 Gold [MOD]
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The Kingdom of Portugal

Treasury: 27,000 Ducats

Income: 11,000 Ducats

Trade Partners: Venice, Aragon, Castile, Ottomans        




As the reports each came in on the expeditions King John’s happiness grew, the two successes greatly outweighed the one failure. Yet he wouldn’t give up on that expedition. His advisors had suggested that he look for explorers to recruit and lead the expedition. He would give the New World crews a year break. While the African coast expedition, would be set to take off again this year.  (-3,000 Ducats)


Colonization. Not a new term to the Portuguese. However, they had never done it on this scale before. A mission would be held to colonize the Cape Verde islands. The colony would be accompanied by 4,000 Infantry and 1,000 Cavalry. (-5,000 Ducats)


Another colonization mission begins preparations. This one would be launched in a year or two. (-3,000 Ducats, Skype)  


One hundred brave men volunteer to stay with the Mayans to learn their culture and language while teaching them  portuguese. This would last for a year before they went and settled with the colony that would be established south of the Mayan border the following year.


Exploration continues down the African coast. (-5,000 Ducats)


King John sanctions a research to begin enhancing the Portuguese hulls to be more durable for long range expeditions and in combat. (-11,000 Ducats +20% Tech Investment = 13,200 Ducats) 


A Military Alliance with Venice is announced. The deal also comes with basing rights for Venice in Porto.  




Treasury: 0

Income: 10,850



50,000 Infantry

7,000 Cavalry



40 Caravels

9 Carracks

6 Galleons


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The Incan Empire





Tupac Inca Yupanqui, the Sapa Inca and the Emperor of the Inca Empire was sitting on his death bed. He was laying on several layers of alpaca skin and various furs, with his ornamental regalia still bestowed upon his body for all of his advisors, 90 wives, and various children to see. In the front of the crowd was Huayna Capac, his chosen successor after a very much prolonged period of deliberation. Under his reign, the Incan Empire spread much farther beyond its northern borders and conquered various tribes and petty kingdoms, most notably the Kingdom of Chimor and their magnificent capitol of Chan Chan, which was the center of an advanced culture of metal workers, something which the Incans absorbed into their culture. 


As the hour of the old inca came, his condition worsened. He had been overcome with a horrible disease, something which neither the priests of Inti, the sun god, or the finest healers of the empire could cure, despite the Incans having a particularly advanced medical system for the time.


When the Emperor knew that his time to pass into the afterlife was arriving, he himself ordered for his mummification room to be prepared, and he called in his son, whom had led many conquests and campaigns through the rough terrain of Andes, into his room.


"Sapa Inca" Huayna Capac said as he entered the room, greeting his weak and destroyed father. "I have ordered various skilled craftsmen and labourers to construct many llamas and works of art from the sweat of Inti for your huaca." The Kingly Inca smiled, "I request for it to be built on the top of the Wanakawri, away from any other huaca and the great trail aswell." Huayna Capac happily replied, "It wil be done as you wish." He would pause a moment, staring away from the sickly Emperor and at the simple brick wall adjacent to him. "What troubles you in your last hours, my son?" The emperor would say, his voice now raspy and difficult to bear. "N-nothing, it is just that-" he would be interrupted by an intense coughing fit coming from Tupac, blood spouting from his mouth and plastering the dark gray brick wall. Immediately various doctors and religious leaders would swarm the room, including the empress, who is the emperors wife and sister. As Huayna was getting surrounded by various screaming men shouting chants and releasing various incenses, he caught the eye of his father, and he stared at him for a minute, the dying Sapa Inca granting him a smile of approval, as the sun kings last breath escaped his body, and his soul departed into the afterlife to stand among Inti in Titicaca.




-With the death of the previous Sapa Inca, the coronation of the new Sapa Inca, Huayna Capac, occurs in the city of Cuzco, and is followed by a religious celebration and festival as per custom in the Inca Empire. Several lambs are sacrificed, followed by the intense and bloody mummification of the previous Emperor. This ceremony strongly contrasts the previous ones, where several children, soldiers, wives, and llamas are also sacirifced to accompany him into the world and into his Huaca in the Wanakawri mountains around Cuzco. The Huaca itself will be extremely large for a Huaca and will house enough space for a large prominent burial chamber for the Emperor and several smaller ones which will be filled with riches, and other mummies to accompany him. (1ooo gold.)


-Huayna Capac would also convene a council of mages to record and monitor the number of Fire mages in existence in the empire on quipus, and the Huayna also calls for the recruitment of 100 more mages, raising the number to 200. (1000 gold)


-Huayna Capac also begins the process of constructing several more forts, huacas, and an extension and remodeling of the Inca Road that traverses the entire empire. This is done to both further communication around the empire and bolster security in case of acts by foreign petty tribes or Kingdoms. This project will extend several years, and the best Incan stonemasons and architects are put behind this job. (10K gold)


-The Research of better weapons is also ordered, taking inspiration from various cultures around the Incas, especially the Chimor, the Incans strive to create a better weapon that can be used to cut through skin and bone easily, and will therefore give them an edge in battle. (1000 gold).



Treasury: 25k

Income: 15k

Population: 10 million


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The Republic of Venice

Treasury: 43,250
Income: 14,900
Navy: 20 Galleys, 10 Carracks, 9 Galleons
Army: 15,000 Infantrymen; 20 Cannons

The year of 1493 for Venice is a rather dull one with the Doge choosing a year of build up rather than activity. Plans were laid out for a more ambitious year, but alas, the Doge chose to hold off rather than risk potentially losing newly acquired territory.

In more exciting news though, the Venetian explorer Maximiliano Aquilero sets out to explore the New World beneath a Venetian Banner. He is instructed to establish a colony there upon arrival. His expedition starts in Venice, but takes a brief stop in Porto, Portugal for a few months to retool and relax before actually embarking on the transatlantic journey toward the West Indies.

Military Actions

The posturing along the Bosnian border ends. It was hoped that some gains might come out of

harassing them, but seeing as they did not back down, the Venetians instead back off after a year of empty threats.

Purchases and Investment

2000 - Venetian Bureaucrats are deployed en masse to the newly acquired Italian provinces. Much is made about the reunification of Italian peoples and by all means the Venetians are benevolent overlords. Several local families are recruited to help lead the new Venetian efforts.
3000 - Continued improvements are made in Navigation. This year, a focus is made on establishing a school in Venice proper. It will be the Barbarigo School of Navigation.
3000 - Continued investment is made into integrating a small group of infantry with the navy in the form of soldiers who specialize in fighting right off a naval landing. Practice battles are staged along the Croatian coast for the sake of these improvements.
5000 - Another pair of mines are prospected and established in the mountains of Friuli along the Austrian border.
5000 - 5,000 more infantrymen are recruited to the Venetian Army.
6000 - Maximilliano Aquilero is hired to follow the path of Columbus and to claim land for the Republic of Venice.
8500 - 5 Galleys are added to the Venetian Navy

Diplomatic Actions
Ties with the Roman Empire are strengthened with a full Venetian delegation setting out for Constantinople near the end of the year.
A similar action occurs in Portugal.

Custom Technologies
- Venetian Naval Innovations [2 Invested]
- Improved Navigation [1 Points; 2,000 Invested]

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The Eastern Roman Empire




The Turks had finally played their hand and realised they lacked the resources to invade Greece without the full wealth of the East, their invasion of the Mamluks had begun successfully, but difficult times make strange alliances. The majority of the Fleet of the East Roman Empire would depart unhindered due to the Turks new focus on the Mamluks, it was time for the Emperor to make his move to begin the reclamation of the Empire of his ancestors. An accord with the Mamluks was struck, the Romans and the Arabs would form an unlikely alliance to secure their independence and existence from the Turks.


Military Actions


An Army of 40,000 Infantry, 10,000 Cavalry and 90 Cannons would cross the Bosporus into Anatolia, a full invasion of the Ottoman Empire would be underway as the Turks had the majority of their army invading the Levant. They’d march to Capture the settlements on the way to Nicaea, seeking to enlist the aid of the still majority Hellenic population of West Anatolia. (Mod)


The Majority of the East Roman Fleet consisting of all the War Galleys and two Galleons would meet up with the Mamluk Fleet to combine forces to fight the Ottoman Navy (Mod)


Diplomatic Actions


The Venetians are well met in Constantinople when they arrive, given a warm welcome as the two nations begin to foster a new era of relations between each other. The Romans hoping to garner support from the Venetians in their new war against the Ottomans.


A shaky situational alliance and accord is struck with the Mamluk Sultanate, both Empires having to ally with one another simply out of convenience. However it would only be on the sea where both forces would truly cooperate. On the land it was every army for itself to crush the Turk.


Economic and Research Actions


More Money is funnelled into researching into improving and modernising the use of the ancient tool of the East Romans, Greek Fire. 2,000 Ducats


Money would be put into seeking to make the Hellenic Population within Anatolia rise up and join the East Romans as they marched, to increase their numbers with rebel levies that can bolster numbers even if they are less skilled. 3,000 Ducats


Another 2,000 Cavalry are trained to join the rest of the East Roman Army to bolster the home defence along with an additional 1,000 Infantry. 5,000 Ducats





50,000 Infantry, 12,000 Cavalry, 120 Cannon



40 War Galleys, 6 Galleons



England (Accepted), Hungary(Accepted), Venice (Accepted),Serbia (Accepted),



Greek Fire, Improved Artillery



5,000 (Base), 4,000 (Trade), 1,050 (Mines)



10,050 (Start), 50, (End)

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Year 1493





If you are executing multiple turn projects, such as tech, or training, please note your total investment next to this turns investment. Such as:

-New type of cannon. (5000 gold) (20.000 invested total)

-Training and drilling troops. (10.000 gold) (15.000 invested total)


I can’t keep track of everyone so I need that to make sure you get fair results.






A new coal mine and common ore mine are inaugurated.


And it appears that the minds working upon the Angsar Musket have indeed made a breakthrough. (skype)


As the Swedish army approaches the Novgorodian borders, a group of envoys approach the host under a flag of truce. They appear eager to avoid open conflict. (skype)


With good intentions as their only currency, the soldiers struggle to aid in any meaningful manner.




Great Success! With the sudden influx of gold, the workers magically rediscover their motivation and toil away at the great project. Soon, networks of roads spread throughout the nation, many nobles are even beginning to compare them to the roman roads of old that linger around the west. Inland traders do find this appealing. (+1000 gold per turn for excellent transport infrastructure.)


Covert things remain covert. (skype)




Both the Papal State, which already seems to approve of Austria, and Bohemia take these gifts and accept the envoys, welcoming them warmly. It seems that over the next year, the envoys do their job well. The Swiss however, are nothing if polite, but only that.


The first officer schools appear, and by the end of the year, a handful of officers have expanded their knowledge within their halls. A successful beginning.


All trade deals are accepted.


Some of the great minds in Austria begin cooperating to expand their knowledge of Metallurgy. To some success. (You need to be more specific about what you are researching.)


Armies march towards their fate. (skype)




Most of the population in Italy seems indifferent at this point. It doesn’t matter who wears the crown for the average peasant. However, some nobles are outraged by the sudden exchange of land, fearing for their own holdings and power and angered by a betrayal of their loyalty. Led by Alonso de Maquilo, 1.500 knights with 7000 levies rise up in protest in Calabria, demanding the return of rightful Napolitan lands to their ruler. (skype)


The Knights Hospitaller accept the offer, on the condition that they are not to be called to arms against Christian nations in wars of conquest. Their attention is clearly focused on the muslim threats in the Mediterranean.


One carrack and one galleon do cruise into the sea this year, to bolster the power of the Aragonese navy.


The Marsoldado training program yields promising results. The men who go through it see their skill as boarding parties significantly increased. A powerful tool of naval warfare indeed.


The red sailed ships prove to be exceptionally elusive, most slip away from capture or combat when faced with the Aragonese navy, striking again far away from the navy’s influence, burning villages and taking more people away. Only one is apprehended, a galley, but it is simply too damaged to serve a purpose once the battle is over. But the captain is captured. (skype)


Another series of successful training programs. Still poorly trained, and far less capable in classical combat, these levies and peasants do adapt easily to their new requirements.




Cannons roll out of their foundries.


The Castilian army’s discipline is strengthened, their formations tightened. Training bears fruit as the army begins to lose its identity as simple levies. These men are becoming more than that, true soldiers to say the least.


The Castilian navy, while terrifyingly powerful, proves ultimately ineffective for capturing the red sailed ships. The quick red sailed galleys prove to be no match for the galleons in open combat, preferring instead to flee from them, our outmaneuver the hulking beasts.


The Daughter of the House of Enriquez, whose recently deceased head had ruled the Castilian navy, presents their daughter to the King, a beautiful woman of 19 with dark hair and pale skin named Aldonza. Should the King be willing to wed her.


Infrastructure is indeed improved, as trade flows down the many roads, to and fro from ports and cities. A significant boon to this trading nation. (+1000 gold per turn.)


The research into an improved firing system does begin, but for the moment, it bears no fruit. Though the researchers are optimistic.




Hungary accepts the trade offer.


One iron mine, one gold mine, one common ore mine and three coal mines are successfully finished this year.


With better funding, the spies find better success. This time, they return to their king with more accurate estimates. Between 35.000 and 55.000 men, they say, with more than half of that being cavalry of one sort or another.


And more cavalry and infantry soon join the Lithuanian army.


The Alamnian Tribe


The mage academy does grow, and soon they begin to work upon stalling objects in the air. There is limited success, but success nonetheless. To stop fast moving objects will require more time and work. But for now, they have mastered the basics.


The scouts yield little results. It seems as if both have a solid military presence, with the Lenape fielding many men armed lightly, and the Iroquois preferring to deploy small groups backed by mages.


Tribe of Chud


The significant investment into medicinal research does bear fruit. It seems as if these bad spirits are more eager to jump from one person to another when a man comes into contact with a wound. This, plus additional discoveries does aid the Chud in the medicinal arts, something rarely found within these parts.


More adepts join the ranks of the earth mages.


Mayan Empire


The research into this new type of ship seems to be quite successful. Despite some mishaps and failed prototypes, by the end of the year, the Mayans have something resembling a functioning prototype. They predict one more year of work before being able to have a finished product.


The previous groundwork put into the magical aspects of illusion continue well. Some of their mages have begun to grasp the magic, tying it into their previous knowledge of mind manipulation, they are capable of minor deceptions upon single individuals. To make a man see a tree where this is open grass, for a short duration, by warping his mind. Such are the achievements of the mages this year. The additional research into lightning and thunder are inconclusive.


Additionally, the search for the recipe to the boomstick proves to be mostly fruitless. Some men gather small amounts of the required ingredients, but nothing comes of it.


More men join the ranks.


Some rough prototypes are made, and some men throw themselves off of the hills with these gliders attached to them. Unfortunately, they all end up breaking their bones or their bodies.




2.500 swiss mercenaries do join the ranks of the Burgundian army, agreeing upon the payment of 2 ducats per man until the termination of their contract. They would offer themselves up for service at the beginning of the year and await orders.


The training does yield excellent results. The best men in the army, already well trained, easily adapt to the new orders and soon become a powerful force in the Burgundian army. While untested under fire in these new formations, their status as veterans is promising.


And as is custom, with the majority of the King Electors voting for him, the Pope agrees to crown John the Young as Holy Roman Emperor.


Armies marching. (skype)


Two iron mines, two coal mines and a common ore mine are built.




Two coal mines are finished this year.


With the threats from the Swedish the previous year and their abrupt departure from the Union, the Norwegians seem mostly acceptant of the Danish integration, thanks to their concessions. And so, by the end of the year, the Norway officially becomes a part of Denmark. While some lords protest, they are mostly quelled before any rebellion can fester.

-20.000 infantry and 10 cannons join the Danish armies.

-30 caravels and 5 Galleons join the Danish navy.

-+2000 gold per turn.




Despite rumors of the New World popping up, the Danish navigators are navigating completely blind. However, thanks to their excellent navigational skills and a bit of luck they manage to ride out a storm and reset their course, arriving on an uncharted coast that seems to be abandoned.


The Tribe of the Four Lakes


The shamans do prove wise. Through work and mediation, they have begun to learn of the true properties of water, and with it, gain control over it. A few have been able to lift threads of water from the lake itself and wreath them into magnificent strings of pearly drops that flicker and glint in the sunlight. A great step forward for their people.


All trade offers are accepted.


The new ship is a worthy endeavor, and they manage to make something larger than has been seen before in the great lakes...Except for the sails. It seems as if the workers and researchers are struggling to adapt them and make them work in an efficient manner. That might take some more time. (Sail-less Galley invented)


The Four Lakes Tribe does successfully create to primitive mines, digging deep where they have found traces of a hard grey metal. However, this metal remains a mystery to them, hard to exploit and harder to make any use of. (Two iron mines, however you do not have the technological capabilities to make use of the ores.)




The African Coast is becoming familiar territory for the experienced Portuguese sailors. Soon, they are mapping and exploring the waters near what would one day be known as Gabon.


And so, a colony on Cape Verde is established. The locals put up minor resistance but are easily quelled by the Portuguese contingent accompanying the colonists. And rewarded for their efforts they are. Gems. Gems are truly outrageous. For they have been found on Cape Verde. (+1750 gold per turn for gems as your colony resource. -500 gold per turn for 5 turns as maintenance.)


Preparations are preparations.

The portuguese begin to understand the Mayan language, and vice versa. A good start.


And so, by the end of the year, the portuguese ships do gain the boon of better hulls. With better durability and resistance to storms, they will be able to weather the tropical storms that repulse their explorers last year, hopefully.


Incan Empire


The burial is a truly grandiose affair, with more splendor than most have seen in a lifetime being invested to escort the Emperor to the afterlife. As if the coronation that precedes it. A wondrous affair all around that inspires the awe of the people in their ruler.


More mages join the ranks.


The initial plans for a series of small forts are there, but it will take much more gold to build them. The road, however, already sees significant improvement and progress. While it will indeed take more than a year, the project is already in motion.


Some blacksmiths within the empire begin to conceptualize a weapon similar to their knives, but longer, sharper and made all of metal. For now, just an idea.




Most of the population in Italy seems indifferent at this point. It doesn’t matter who wears the crown for the average peasant. However, some nobles are outraged by the sudden exchange of land, fearing for their own holdings and power and angered by a betrayal of their loyalty. Led by Alonso de Maquilo, 1.500 knights with 7000 levies rise up in protest in Calabria, demanding the return of rightful Napolitan lands to their ruler. (skype)


Apart from that uprising, the Venecian bureaucrats do make good progress in the pacification and unification of the lands. A successful endeavour, bar the Calabria revolt.


The School of Navigation is successfully established, with prospective captains and young nobles being sent to it by their families to ensure the future success of their blood and country. This centre of navigational knowledge will certainly prove to be a boon in the future.


And finally, after two years of hard drilling, these small bands of soldiers are beginning to show a modicum of success. While some still miserably fail and end up drowning, pulled away from the beaches by vicious currents, it is a successful endeavour.


A common ore mine and a coal mine are built in Venice this year.


More soldiers join the growing Venetian army.

More galleys for an already mighty fleet.




Blown by violent storms and with unreliable knowledge, the Venetian expedition does, with great fortune, finally hit land, a week before running out of supplies, it is only thanks to the navigational skills of Aquilero that the expedition was not forced to turn back weeks before. Immediately, they begin work on creating a colony. It seems that the most profitable produce upon this new land are the exotic woods that can be found within the forests. (400 per turn from Exotic Woods, -500 for 5 turns maintenance.)




A successful crossing. With most of the Ottoman army in the Middle East, there are few who pose a threat to the Byzantine conquerors. The crossing goes without trouble and many small villages fall to the Byzantines. All the way to Nicaea, who welcomes them with closed gates a determined garrison.


5000 men join the Byzantine armies from the surrounding lands. Poorly armed and trained, they are nonetheless determined to fight against the Turks.


The combined naval forces fare poorly against the Ottoman navy. But they achieve their goal, and distract it long enough to allow for a clean crossing of the Bosphorus, and control to be established on both sides. (-5 galleys from losses)


More men of Byzantine stock join the ranks of the army.


The continued work on Greek Fire finally yields results. (skype)




Word reaches the Lithuanian people, accompanied by hundreds of refugees. Muscovy is on the move. It’s massive armies are mustered and they are hungry for conquest. Already, Pskov has been annexed and the Novgorodians are losing ground to the advancing armies.


With few successful counters to the red sailed ships this year, their raids continue unabated. Striking where the navy is not, they continue to pillage, burn and enslave. Still tolerable, it is clear that French, Castillian, Aragonese, Venician and Byzantine settlements are in danger of being seriously affected.


In Northern America, whispers begin to spread of a power in the west, whose men do not die and whose armies are vast…


The Ottoman Empire pulls its armies back from Aleppo in the later parts of the year and begin marching back through the Turkish peninsula, as fast as they can. Men are left to die on the side of the road from hunger and exhaustion. The pressure is unrelenting. War is coming. 




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Kingdom of Poland










The bells of the Kakow Cathedral rung out in a beautiful chime, echoing across the countryside and through the alleys of Krakow. The birth of a new heir to the throne came in the later months of the year when the snow began to fall heaviest. Sigismund II, son of Maria Theresa von Habsburg and Sigismund I, was the first child of what was to be a family to span across several generations.


With tensions and bloodshed rising in the west, borders are more heavily regulated and patrolled along the countries of Bohemia and Hungary. Along with the growing threat in the far eastern lands, more foot soldiers are sent to guard the fortifications on the eastern border with Lithuania, merely as a failsafe to prevent any sudden invasions from other foreign invaders.






Population - 3,600,000 Poles


Treasury - 4,000 Gold


Income - 10,000 Gold


Standing Army - 30,000 Foot Soldiers, 10,000 Archers, 10,000 Polish Winged Hussars, 5,000 Heavy Cavalry


Navy - 10 Carracks






Leader - Sigismund I


Trade - Sweden, Brandenburg, Castille, Burgundy


Allies - Sweden, Brandenburg, Castille, Burgundy, Denmark, Austria, Norway


Dynasty - Wife: Maria Theresa von Habsburg, Son(s): Sigismund II


Conflicts - N/A






Covert Actions. [6,000 Gold][20,000 Gold Invested][MOD]


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Kingdom Of Castile


*King Raphael is sitting in his chamber with his soon to be bride Aldonza, she looks into his eyes before speaking* “Raphael I can’t believe we are to be wed. I promise to you I will be a good wife and bear children in your name. *Raphael smiles at Aldonza* “You are a good woman. I appreciate your willingness to marry such a strange man. This life is a hard one, I’ve realized this over the past year. I won’t force you to marry into a life you will not be able to handle. *Aldonza takes Raphael’s hand*  You are a good man Raphael typically I have no choice in my life decisions but I think I am ready to endure this life with you. *Before Raphael could speak Hernando bursts through the door* “Excuse my interruption my king but there is more raiding along our southern coast! The cities have enough men to fend off the raiders but the towns do not. *Raphael stands up and begins pacing back and forth around his bed*

“It’s time we deal with these savages. The cities are to triple their patrols, the men are to capture or kill raiders who decide to come ashore to do any more harm. Also send relief to the towns. Food, medical supplies, whatever they need make sure they have it we have plenty to spare. *Hernando nods*  “Is there anything else my king? *Raphael walks to his desk and begins to write on a piece of parchment before speaking* “I will write letters to the Moroccans and the Tunisians to tell them to cease hostilities and make reparations before they get the fight they are looking for. The attacks on my people will no longer be tolerated. In the event that they do choose to fight, send half of our army to Gibraltar, it’s the only way in to the mainland. They don’t have enough ships to ferry their armies across. And make sure the Navy is on standby. They are to continue their previous orders to sink or capture any enemy ships. Oh and before I forget I need one of our finest ship captains to be sent to Austria, see it done. *Hernando tips his hat before running out of the room yelling at the messengers to ride relay the orders.*



Army (5)
Infantry: 40,000 Heavy Infantry, 20,000 Light Infantry
Cavalry: 5,000 Heavy Cavalry, 10,000 Light Cavalry
Cannons: 100


Navy (7)

Caravels: 0
Carracks: 0
Galleons: 21

Economy (9)

Ducats Per Turn: 14,000

Total Ducats: 26,000

-Trade is continuing with Portugal, Brandenburg, Poland and Sweden



Technology (3):

-Nothing is being researched currently



-Letters are sent to Morocco,Algiers and Tunisia stating they are to deal with the raiders using their ports and pay reparations of 2500 ducats each to Castile, if they choose to decline they will be met with military action

-Southern cities are to double or triple their patrols, killing or capturing any raiders.

-The Navy is to continue patrolling the south of Castile, captains are told to engage the enemy in frontal combat if met by the enemy.

-The Castilian army is to be sent to Gibraltar in the event of a invasion from Morocco.

-Aid and relief are sent to southern cities/towns to support the raid victims (-3,000 Ducats)

-Raphael is to marry Aldonza (-1500 Ducats)

-The navy captain is sent to Austria to help with their naval situation (-500 Ducats)

-A spy is sent to report the size and makeup of the Moroccan army and navy (-1,000 Ducats)

Ducats after Spending: 20,000 



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Heraldic Emblems of the Kingdom of Aragon with supporters.svg


Kingdom of Aragon and Naples





Population: 2,950,000


Army: 60,000 Infantry

5,000 Cavalry

20 Cannons


Navy: 20 Galleys

11 Carracks

4 Galleons


Trade Partners: Republic of Venice

Kingdom of England

Kingdom of Portugal

The Papal States








The Knights Hospitaller take up residence in Malta and Gozo, charged with protecting the residents from the Kingdom's newfound threat - Barbary pirates. The elusive red-sailed ships finally had a name to them, after a Captain was captured and revealed knowledge, roughly translated by a sailor. The Captain was then dragged behind a ship with his arms and head suspended above the water all the way back to Aragon, where his corpse was hung on Valencia's harbor walls, a red sail hanging beneath it.  The leaders of the cities of Tunis, Algiers, Tangier and Oran are told to ban any ships flying a red flag or carrying Christian slaves from entering their ports, as well as pay 2000 gold in reparations, or face war.A message is sent to Castile, Venice and Byzantium, as well as France, the Pope and Portugal.


"The red-sailed raiders have been identified. They call themselves Barbary pirates, raiders from all along North Africa. They attack and burn down our coastal towns and villages, enslaving the Christian civilians, who are then sold on to Ottoman and Mamluk lords and rich men, into a life of torture and agony. We, as sovereign Christian nations, who's peoples are being attacked - or soon will be - must coordinate to destroy this threat. I urge you, nay, plead you, to send your forces across the Mediterranean, to capture North African ports, whilst the Muslim world is fractured and preoccupied. Let us put away any grudges or differences for now, and stand strong. For I fear if we fail to act soon, our people will be doomed to live in fear for centuries to come. Until the raiders are halted, I declare that the ports of Palma, Salerno, Palermo and Cagliari are open to use for any true Christian warriors to use on this war on Barbarism.


Sincerely, King Javi."  


In Valencia, 30,000 infantry, 20 cannons and 2,500 knights begin to prepare for war, having just drilled on the French border. They are ordered to train relentlessly to better their cohesion and skill in battle. (- 5,350)

 The training of the 20,000, having reached inconclusive results, is put on hold for now. Instead, funding is put towards research into faster ships. Shipwrights are ordered to think of ways to increase the speed of Carracks. The hope is for them to become galley hunters, armed with deck-mounted forward facing cannons. (-5000 + 20% = 6000)


The 10,000 men in Naples regroup in the capital, met there by 2,500 knights from the Aragonese mainland. An envoy is sent to the leader of the rebellion - directly from King Javi - demanding them to stand down and return to their estates, and keep their titles. Continuing to raise banners against their king - or Doge now, depending on their area - would result in their complete destruction and their holdings auctioned off to others. Either way, the army of 12,500 moves southwards, preparing for battle. Ideally, the Venetians would also lend a hand against the uprising.



Starting Treasury: 10,350

-5350 training of army ((MOD))

-5000 + 20% = 6000 on research into faster Carracks ((MOD))


Ultimatum sent to leaders of North African port cities. ((MOD))

Message sent to the Papal States, Castile, Venice, Byzantium, France and Portugal. ((Players + Mod))

Ultimatum sent to the rebellion, if they are refused, they are to be engaged on favorable terrain. ((MOD))







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The Kingdom of Sweden










Swedish discipline is already high when compared to the soldiers of many other countries, military advisors find they can improve upon current methods of training to create even more obedient soldiers. (2,350 Gold.)


The Angsar musket having been improved upon is given even more subsidies in order to progress it further. The focus this time would be to improve the fire rate as its accuracy and reliability is coming into acceptable ranges to do so. (4,000 x 20% = 4,800 Gold) [8,500 Gold invested.]


The Economy needs further boosting and in Swedish eyes the lack of proper roads to even transport trade materials is a hamper on trade. The 20,000 soldiers that had been left at home are to work on the roads. (5,000 Gold.)


The Swedes taking their two new provinces and holding up the new pacts signed with Novgorod, move their army to train and assist their new friends. Specifically the original 50,000 men, 50 cannons and 5,000 cavalry are sent with a trusted general named Hugo Wilhelm.






Population: 1,651,530 Swedes


Economy:  0 Gold ( 9,800 per turn)


Standing army: 15,000 Arquebusiers, 55,000 Man-at-arms, 5,000 Cavalry, 70 Cannons


Navy: 13 Carracks, 3 Galleons


Leadership: King Stefan I Gustav


Diplomacy: Brandenburg, Poland, Burgundy, and Castille. (Trade.)

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The Eastern Roman Empire




The Turks were in a forced March but it would take them some time before they could reach Western Anatolia, this would also incur many casualties due to the rush.  Nicea must fall before the main Turkish Army could reach the Romans, the City was vital to ensure control over Western Anatolia and a foothold in Asia Minor. Now was the time for the Ottoman Empire to fall. On the home front however, raiders and pirates from many Muslim North African nations were raiding and taking slaves, it was time to form a response against them with what troops remained in Greece.


Military Actions


The Army in Anatolia would maintain its Siege of Nicaea, using its Cannons to occasionally bombard the walls of the settlement. However that was not to be the main tactic, with Western Anatolia still maintaining a huge majority of Hellenic people due to the Turks being unable to migrate when Constantinople didn’t fall. Constantine would offer bribes to those who would betray the garrison and open the gates for the Army at the dead of night, while the Cannons fired on one side keeping the majority of the Garrison distracted. 3,000 Ducats


The Soldiers left in Greece would begin to Patrol the Coastlines to attempt to stop the raiders as and when they can, the Navy would also make their patrols when they need to. (Mod)


Economic and Research Actions


A New Galley would be commissioned to be built to begin the long replacement process of losing five against the Turks on the sea. 2,000 Ducats


Money would be put into seeking to make two new mines. 5,000 Ducats





51,000 Infantry, 14,000 Cavalry, 120 Cannon, 5,000 Rebel Levy (Anatolia)



35 War Galleys, 6 Galleons



England (Accepted), Hungary(Accepted), Venice (Accepted),Serbia (Accepted),



Greek Fire, Improved Artillery



5,000 (Base), 4,000 (Trade), 1,050 (Mines)



10,100 (Start), 100, (End)

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                            Tribe of Chud



Chieftain Matwau would listen as one of the men who travel across tribes, sharing stories and goods spoke of a force rising in the West. A force with great numbers and with men who could not die. He himself doubted very much if that was true, any man could be killed and no known magic was anywhere near powerful enough to achieve that kind of thing. Still any story has to have a basis of truth in it, even if it is sometimes far fetched. 

The Chieftain pondered what he should do. It might be smart to improve their own magic and get more warriors in case these men were hostile and came to attack Chud but his great goal was close at hand. As such after comparing the possible threat and the boon of more military compared to his plans he quickly saw that for now at least it was better to work on his plan. Even if it did leave the treasury without any money. 


As his mind drifted towards his plan and the consequences of it and the costs needed to achieve it he noticed that the wandered had stopped speaking and telling his tales. Then he would say in a respectful tone "Your tales are interesting wanderer and we will take not of them. But unless we get more proof I am going to believe that the tales you speak of are only tales. In contrast in recent times as many of you may have noticed we have gotten graced by the presence of the Mayans. They have taught many of us their ways and they have enabled us to do something that could previously only have been possible in the south. To make camp made of stone and wood, with strong walls and a safe place for when winter comes. Something that will make us capable of achieving things no tribe of the northern regions have ever done." 


He would then take out some kind of sharp bronze club/axe, forged in the recently build stone forge of the Thud "See here one of the gifts of the Mayans, they have shown us how to create weapons and tools from melted stones, from what they call copper and tin. When combined they create a material that is unmatched in it's strength and it's applications." Then the chieftain motioned to 2 young men who quickly went out of the longhouse and returned with a chest filled with clay tablets and the like. "But that is not their only gift, they will teach us the ways of script, of writing and will make sure that we will be remembered even a thousand years from now. They have managed to put tales into paper or stone so that we can put our knowledge in them and so they will be read by our children, and their children. Imagine reading something told to you by your great great grandfather. It would make sure we do not forget our history and provides further bountiful options."


The chieftain would then scrape his throat and would take a swing from his water sack "Not only that but they have given us the gift of stone, the knowledge to make enormous longhouses of the stone or do so much more. They have also created ways to give our plants water through all the years, making them capable of growing much long and much larger. It will on top of our already large earth based magic increase our agriculture to an enormous degree. To a degree to which we can even store our own food in large storehouses. So us and our children will no longer know the feeling of starvation and none of them shall die because a famine would plague our land." 


Until then the crowd had been utterly silent, carefully listening and mostly fascinated. Especially the younger people of the tribe who were always looking for more glory which this represented. Still the older and wiser men and women pondered what cost has been given and soon a middle aged man stood up and voiced his concerns as was his right. "And what cost will we have to pay for this new knowledge. The men of the south are more skilled in the ways of deception than we are and they do not do something merely to help others from my knowledge. Will they require us to give our magic to them and will they let us send our men to war only for them to never return." 


Chieftain Matwau nodded as he heard the wise man voice his concerns and he was right in many aspects of the deal he had struck with the Mayans. "Indeed they will require us to one day aid them in battle if needed but the same goes the other way, they will also help us if we are in need. This is a risk yes but the opportunities it offers are greater. And whilst the men of the south of course also want to get something in return this deal still benefits us a lot more than them. We will only be capable of sending some of our men to war and certainly not enough to leave the woman as widows. But what they offer makes us capable of doing something greater than ever before. I have led our people to great prosperity but it can be greater." He would look around the tent looking all of the people who were listening in the eyes and would speak passionately.


"We have been offered the chance by the spirits to do something truly great. To achieve something that will forever echo into history. This opportunity will make us something more than a footnote in the tale of greater tribes. It will give us the chance to be a true nation as the Mayans call it. For now we will learn their secrets but with our magics soon one day we will achieve something greater. In recent days we have made huge progress, we have gotten richer and more advanced than we could have ever hope to imagine. But is that enough ? NO !!!!! I tell you my people we will not be forgotten by history. We will create new things with both magic and technology that our ancestors could not even start to imagine. Even now we are learning more about how to fight the bad spirits. One day in the near future our children will look upon this day and age of ours and marvel at our ambition, our creativity and our determination. But they will also be intrigued by how we will have managed to survive for they will know a better future than we did. They will remember that the revolution which spread across the land and brought great prosperity started today and will be remembered for eternity." The chieftain would then put his club/axe in the air and shout "CHUD, CHUD, CHUD." and this sound would soon be picked up by the rest of the tent and even at the edges of the camp people would later claim to have heard the shout.



10k gold is spent on this project. With the knowledge of bronze given to them by the Mayans and the discovery of Tin and Copper an effort would begin to create several (4) mines with the intent to wrench the ore out of the earth and use it for the northern civilization that was Chud. The stone gathered whilst digging deeper would also be used to aid in the so called 'city'


 20k gold is spent to create the first true city of North America. This would be done at the location of present day Chicago. This would be done with the help of teachers and experts of the mighty Mayan empire who would instruct the tribals of Chud how to make great buildings of stone and more. Furthermore the stone gathered from the mining proceedings will be used for this project as well as setting up possible stone quarries if needed. This city for now would be aimed at holding at least the whole population of the current capital of Chud and hopefully will even be large enough to move more tribes into it. (5k is spent on making a settlement and the other 15k is spent on developing it further.)


500 gold is spent sending several scouts to the west to investigate the rumors that were being heard and if the resources did not provide adequate they would simply set up camp and study if there were any enemy troops of the west or possibly the south approaching the tribe of chud



          Treasury: 0

          Income per year: 12k 



         10k wariors

         of which 6000 are melee warriors and 4000 are archers with melee sidearms

          35 mages


         20 river galleys


Trade partners: Alamani tribe, the tribe of the four lakes, Choktaw and the Cherokee

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Ē x c ā n   T l a h t ō l ō y ā n

T h e    T r i p l e   A l l i a n c e

A z t e c   E m p i r e






Capital - Tenochtitlan (275,000)


52,500 Infantry
200 Battlemages (Blood Magic)



Base: 5,000

Trade: 4,000
Gold (1): 350
Iron (1): 200
Total: 9,550


Treasury at start of turn: 29,100


Another Aztec settler party moves even further north, the 5,000 infantry previously stationed in the last settlement going with them. Once more they establish a military settlement, this time by the name of Huixotan. [-5,000 gold, +2,500 infantry]




5,000 more infantry are recruited, trained, and added to the ranks of the quickly growing Aztec military. [-5,000 gold, +5,000 infantry]


The blood mages continue their research, hoping to finally go over the verge and unlock higher degrees of the power innate in blood. [4,100 + 10% = 4,510] Likewise, the metallurgists continue their hard work in their attempts to make iron bend to their will, as would all things. [10,000 + 10% = 11,000] [MOD]


After hearing about the arrival of white-skinned heathens from beyond the sea into the Mayan lands, Ahuitzotl grew troubled. He has his diplomats from the Aztec embassy in the Mayan lands approach Emperor Ikal, and requests information about the origin, nature, and intention of the travelers from him.


Treasury at end of turn: 0 gold


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