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Alliance Guide Post

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This is the format needed for an Alliance Treaty to be recognized by the Game Moderator Team in matters of War. 




The Title of the post should follow this format:

[Alliance / Non-Aggression / Defensive Pact] [Name of Treaty] of [In-game Date]


At the TOP of the first post should be this format, filled out correctly.

Name of the Treaty:
Type of Treaty: [Alliance/ Non-Aggression / Defensive Pact]
[Nation / Freebuild] [Name: ]
[Nation / Freebuild] [Name: ]
Date of Signing:

If another Nation / Freebuild is needed, please add accordingly to the format.


After this format, the rest of the first post should be the RP Treaty as usual, in full. 

- At the end of the first post on the thread should be the first Nation or Freebuild PRO / recognized RP Owner, signing their names and titles.

- The third post on the thread should be the second Nation or Freebuild PRO / recognized RP Owner signing their names and titles.

The thread would continue in this fashion regarding other signatories if needed.


If a Nation / Freebuild named in the first post, does not sign, the alliance is not recognized as legitimate by the Game Moderation Team.


If the Treaty falls through and a Nation / Freebuild does not wish to be part of it anymore, a signatory should post that they rescind their signature on the Treaty.


It is advised that this post is in Roleplay and on the TOP of this post they paste this to confirm the removal of their signature. 

[Nation / Freebuild] [Name] hereby rescinds their signature from the Treaty.

If this leaves only one Nation / Freebuild within the Treaty, it will be archived accordingly.


All other posts will be removed on threads.

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