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The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1947)

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The People's Republic of Spain


In a blistering series of speeches and debates held in a variety of locations across Spain - from the Palace of Congress, to the Alhambra, the Seville Cathedral, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the Sagrada Familia and the Generalife, not to mention various royal palaces, cathedrals and the like, Juan Guilloto León takes to the warpath to defend his new ideological treatise. These debates and speeches, held in historic buildings filled to the brim with the public, are televised and broadcasted over the radio. This extends even to the viewing gallery of the Chambers of the Central Committee, where scores of the public areas given access to watch debate thunder across the Chamber floor.


In the Alhambra, Guilloto makes the most famous of his speeches.


"To condemn change in Spain as the destruction of party ideals and as a sellout is childish, but worse it is divisive. In Russia and in Bulgaria Communist ideology is tailored to their needs - to Slavic needs! We are Spanish! Our Communism must be Spanish Communism! Built for the Spanish people!


Religion has always been a part of the Spanish mentality - and by no means should it be ripped from Spanish hearts. Communist and Christian ideals are the same - did not God say he created all men in his image, as equals? Did he not say to love thy neighbor, thy fellow man? Does he not condemn greed, condemn lust for gold?


It is our intrinsic right as fellow men, as comrades and as brothers, to choose to believe in God or not - the Spanish people have always been Catholic, and it is not right that our ideology should not reflect our religious beliefs.


Spain did not suffer from the abject poverty of the Soviet Union, or of Bulgaria. We suffered instead from the oppression of monarchy and nobility, of fascists. In Leónism, every man is equal and the government will work for every man! I welcome diversity in discussion, but we must have unity in action! We must have unity in pursuing a policy of Leónism!"



Internal Affairs 

-In order to prevent vast deficit, the Spanish government takes up the offered 25 Billion Dollar development grant from the HRD.


-In order to boost productivity among Spanish factories, an uncapped production bonus is given to the workers - in addition, the factory that produces the most each month and each year will receive an additional reward for their work. The Political Officers are to oversee the reward process in order to prevent corruption. [Mod]


-The agriculture grants are reformed - farmers who want grants are forced to attend free community organised courses in order to prove they have the necessary qualifications. Additionally, the Political Officers are set upon the magistrates, with orders to root out corruption. [Mod]


-The Spanish education system is scrapped, and instead fully replaced with a curriculum emphasising STEM classes. [Mod]


-Political Officers take over the running of ideology classes, and change the curriculum to teach solely about Leónism. [Mod]


-The railroad is turned over to military control. While mail and resources are still allowed on the line, passengers are not. The railroad expansion project is promptly continued under military control with army engineers seeking to create an extensive network of rail for military usage. [Mod]


-The National wage is raised by 25% in an effort to raise the standards of living. Additionally, the government institutes a national pension and a sick pay scheme, while also guaranteeing maternity and paternity leave. [Mod]


-Spanish military industry begins selling small arms and equipment to the Spain's African allies, this production boost sees the government continue some investment in the sector, hoping to draw more to the sector. [Mod]


-A world heavyweight title match is arranged between Carlos Zapatero and the undefeated World Heavyweight Champion for 9 years in a row, Joe Louis. [Mod]




-Resource surveying continues in Morocco, the Canary Islands and in Equatorial Guinea. [Mod]


-Spain sends funding and engineers to build a series of mines in the People's Republic of the Western Sahara. [Mod]


-In addition, Spain aids in the modernisation and industrialisation (engineers and funding) of the People's Republics of Morocco and the Western Sahara. In Morocco, additional iron mines are constructed and factories are constructed to produce steel. In the Western Sahara, factories are constructed to process phosphorus in Phosper Bronze and then into Phosper Bronze goods, and factories are also built to process phosphorus into the chemical used in steel production. [Mod]


-A free trade agreement is announced between the People's Republics of Spain, Morocco, the Western Sahara and Equatorial Guinea. In addition, Spain guarantees the independence and sovereignty of these three Republics and announces an alliance with each of them and each of them with each other. This agreement is known as the Rabat Pact.


-Spain begins to aid in the establishment of the armies of the People's Republics. Spanish officers and sergeants are sent to train troops and officers, and the Spanish sell R-49s and other infantry equipment to these regimes, and give loans for the purchase of Soviet equipment under the new Soviet scheme. Several Spanish colonels are discharged to take up positions as High Command Generals in these regimes.


Equatorial Guinea:

The Communist Party of Equatorial Guinea attempts to recruit 60'000 men.

They purchase 200 T-34s and 200 Il-2s, 200 Macchi C.205s and 100 Fiat G.55s.


The Western Sahara:

The Communist Party of the Western Sahara attempts to recruit 30'000 men.

They purchase 200 T-34s and 200 Il-2s, 200 Macchi C.205s and 100 Fiat G.55s.



The Communist Party of Morocco attempts to recruit 200'000 men.

They purchase 300 T-34s, 200 T-34-85s and 300 Il-2s, 300 Macchi C.205s and 200 Fiat  G.55s. [Mod]


-The Spanish government supply engineers to construct a similar RADAR relay in each of the allied PRs. [Mod]


Foreign Policy


-Spain simply declares that any statement made by the German Government is hypocrisy. The overthrow of a legitimate Austrian government and the subsequent anschluss is evidence of that.


-1500 T-34s, 1600 T-34-85s and 600 Il-2s are purchased from Russia for 40 million.


-600 Macchi C.205s and 500 Fiat G.55s are purchased from Italy.

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French Republic



Image result for french flag picture






Prime Minister Vallat stands before the Palace of Versailles, to a large gathering of press and media. “I stand here today to honor the agreement the Germans have continued to tear apart. They’ve crossed the final line by reintroducing conscription, destroying any chance of peace in Europe. The French Embassy in Berlin is hereby closed and no diplomatic talks will commence with Germany until it is ready to discuss the reintroduction of Versailles. We also guarantee the following nations their independence in the wake of German aggression: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latavia, and Lithuania. Should Germany act against them, they do not stand alone.” (mod)


Oslo Accords

Xavier Vallat returns from a trip to Oslo, standing before the press with a wide smile “I’m pleased to announce free trade with all of the nordic countries, a significant improvement for our economy. We now have unlimited access to Nordic Iron Ore, decreasing the cost of rearmament tenfold.” In addition to this tax breaks are offered to French companies for investing in the Nordic states. (mod)


The Campaign Trail

Vallat tours down Vallat’s Wall, going from town to town. He reiterates the importance of him remaining at the helm of the country, using the wall he commissioned as proof of his leadership. (mod)

Internal Affairs

The Agency of French Prosperity launches a new advertising campaign showcasing the importance of marriage and Children in France. It also announces moderate tax exemptions for children. (mod)

Further investment is conducted into the French Transportation Industry, particularly near the German Border.  (mod)

An international Campaign is launched to advertise French Wine. (mod)

Xavier announces a plan to reshuffle the French Naval Staff, encouraging a select few elderly admirals to retire with generous compensation packages while pushing younger and more innovative officers into High Command Positions. (mod)

The French FA announce a bid to host the next World Cup up for grabs, with Vallat offering his personal blessing. (mod)




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Saudi Arabia

[A brief excerpt of affairs this year.]


With the King sick not much was given over to written account. The Saudi government was very busy elsewhere. But a mandate of edicts roll out;


The announcement of Saudi Arabia adopting the pan-arabain movement.


Continuation of modrnization


beginning to secure investment/market/bank transactions in fear of looming crash


Urging rich foreign investors to use their influence at home to halt all this unprofitable mobilization.

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The first half of 1949


The Russian “Open Arms” Initiative


In an effort to provide additional stimulus to the Soviet Economy and to get rid of surplus weapons, Malenkov announces an initiative to sell old weapons to nations.  AK-47s, older model t-34s, and older soviet planes will be made available for governments to purchase at very reasonable rates with few restrictions. In a time of rising tensions, this seems like a profitable endeavour. (mod)


The USSR declares its intentions to begin developing a foreign market for its vast resources.  The Bureau for International Relations makes clear that the USSR is willing to supply any country with petroleum, natural gas, or mineral resources.  In a time of escalating global tensions there should be a good market for raw materials. (mod)


As part of Malenkov’s 5 year plan, the USSR continues its industrial reforms. Pushing forward with its drive for industrial modernizing, the USSR begins pushing for an integration of electricity into its factories to increase automation across the board and increase production.  Assembly lines, conveyor belts, and more machine tools begin to make their way into Soviet Factories (mod).


New consumer factories are opened up to facilitate the demand for all these new products in the USSR as well as give more jobs to the next generation of the Soviet Workers. (mod)


The Malenkov Doctrine

The USSR, having fufilled its promise of Communism at Home, pioneered by Marshall Stalin, declares its reaffirmation to this doctrine, pledging to take no direct action in another nation’s affairs unless it finds itself threatened.  As a addition to this doctrine, General Secretary Malenkov declares that the USSR will protect any and all existing communist nations across the globe from imperialist influences.  “Communist nations are off limits!”, declares Malenkov to thundering applause in the national assembly.


The USSR re-affirms its non-aggression pact with the Sobieski Pact.

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With the Romans marching into Syria, just after signing a treaty of joining the commonwealth of the British Empire, Britain makes good on her pledge to her new ally and stands stedfast by British tradition. Great Britain gives the Romans til the end of the month to remove her troops from foreign soil and if she fails to do so will risk open war with the British Empire and her allies.

Attlee claims it to be “ A cruel and corrupt tactics of intimidation”


The American Civil War


Although Downing Street doesn’t claim a side in the civil war due to uneasy relations with the American government he does state this in front of a small press pool.

“To all those in the  United States who hear me now, dont go gentle into the dark, but strive and fight for the light, and a peaceful resolution!”

While also commenting on how Democratic states now more than ever must listen to what the people ask of their leaders and who they elect win or lose.




  • Britain have been in secret talks with the portuguese over issues of future dealings with neighbouring nations.

  • Attlee government would begin to reopen her embassies in Japan and HRD while avoiding the US for the mean time due to the violence ensuing the land.

  • Attlee would denounce the apartheid regime in South Africa calling it a backward and pre enlightenment form of governance, an almost return to the bad old days of the slave classes.

  • Britain would reach out to democratic bulgaria and Romania to enter into a trade deal and improve on their economies and helping strengthen british trade relations.




  • Plans are laid down to improve commercial produce and to reduce spending on military industry focusing on making Britain the centre of high quality produce

  • A large new project is placed into Belfast Harland and Wolff with plans to build the largest cruise liner in the known world wanting to revitalise the Titanic era of ship building.

  • A continued investment is put into the commercial airlines wanting to make Britain a must see destination for all tourists. By letting large numbers of their planes to foreign airports in return for pushing tourism on the British Isles.

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Empire of Japan




The Second American Civil War had just kicked off and Japan was pretty certain who to back, President Huey Long was still recognised as the legal head of state for the US, the Japanese Foreign Ministry had cited that Warren was President Elect and Long had used his executive authority to enact a state of emergency. Though Prime Minister Yamamoto knew that it would be the victor who’d decide what was legitimate and what was legal. In the Pacific Mandate of the Imperial Territories the atoll of Bikini would have its native inhabitants relocated to another Island and the Imperial Japanese Navy would declare the Islands a Military zone.


Covert Actions


[Will PM the Mod]




The Dutch would continually be courted, though this time the Japanese would court the Private Sector. The Japanese though usually famed for their protectionism would offer the Company Unilever a preferable industrial zone to set up factories for consumer Goods the Japanese don’t currently lead in, mostly soaps and minor food brands. (Mod)

Economic Actions


The Japanese Government would seek to supply the American War effort on the side of the Reds, using the Pacific dominance of both Japan and the Red United States to ensure that they are able to invest into America with money, supplies and guns. (Mod)


The Japanese would continue to use their economic boom to continue revitalising their cities and to open up the Tokyo Stock Exchange that would be set to dominate the Asian Stock Markets (Mod)


Military Actions


The Japanese would order to put down the Submarines to keep up with the French production as stated in last years report (Mod)


The Japanese would begin to move surplus Military equipment, ammunition and begin to transport them across the Atlantic safely due to the Japanese-Red America pacific dominance. These supplies would include Semi-Automatic Rifles with the universal Japanese ammunition.


Takeichi Nishi fresh from returning from Europe would receive a promotion to Major-General and would be given command of the Foreign Volunteer Tank Division consisting of a thousand Japanese Panzer IV equivalents and an additional 5,000 motorised infantry to form a single division. The soldiers and operators selected will have a large quantity of English speakers. (Mod)


A Military Test would be performed on Bikini Atoll (Mod)


Research Affairs


In line with Japanese policy of expanding its universities and STEM, it would put more emphasis and research into it. (Expanding Research Slots, Mod)


The Japanese would seek to begin looking into the possibility of Guided Missile systems (Mod)

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Emerging news from House Saud.   JIHAD!!


After several blistering orations, the near future was secured. Abdulaziz would not allow the Romans to continue their wanton abuse. He watched with hate as they purged Anatolia. But did nothing, thinking they would soon stop. But now it was quite evident they were on the complete offensive. And so Saudi Arabia officially announces a Jihad on any Roman armies invading Syria. They would not let the country fall to a non Middle Eastern nation.


Immediately the Saudi Arabian Royal forces are mobilized. The 300,000 Romans would hopefully be a ponderous force. One not able of sailing across the dessert. The Saudis however were far better suited for this. The U.K and it's protectorates grant full military access. The Saudi Arabian air force, a few units of sterling U.S made jets and bombers make the first move. They will work in tandem with U.K air forces to harass ground forces and establish aerial superiority. The Saudi Commandos with their jeeps and submachine guns famously "Race from Riyadh." Accompanied by Saudi Arabia's tank company, and any mechanized or camel divisions it could whip up. Their supply lines would rely heavily on the U.K for now, speeding to reach Damascus before the Romans can.


A Few Saudi Commandos make the daring mission to be parachuted by U.K planes into Anatolia. There they will go to ground, and try to contact rebel groups. They will begin to try and organize resistance, and secure smuggling routes. Of course if they do their job right no one will know. The total estimated force gunning for Damascus is; Saudi Commando Regiment, One Tank Company, three mechanized divisions, two cavalry.


The rest of the army is mobilized into defensive positions. The reserves are called into active service. With the massive stockpiles of slightly outdated U.K/U.S the army would have more than enough to furnish this expansion.

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The Federal Republic of Mexico










- More investments are made into supporting startup companies. This combined with the new attitude amongst Mexicans would hopefully create a larger middle class in the Mexican state.


-Taxes are lowered which impede certain companies from starting new factories or expanding them. A.K.A. business tax and others. The goal of this is to once more have the industry of Mexico expand and improve when the industrialization of Mexico.



- Seeing the need for a well-educated people, well-versed in certain subjects the Mexican government decides to promote students to follow STEM subjects in schools as well as making these subjects more well defined. On top of that, an attempt is made to improve the quality of teachers in Mexico so the students are taught by experienced individuals. (Attempting to gain third tech slot)


-More work is done on commercial airlines. Hoping to have more success than the previous year and it is hoped that improved research in this sector will provide a good commercial jet that can be used to travel across the American continent. 




-The Mexican ground forces are to be modernized with technology gained by entry into the GPP





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