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Temporary Freebuild Rules

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Freebuild Rules

Temporary Solution Until Territories Plugin | March 15th, 2018


Credit goes to the Game Team for these rules.

These rules are in place until the freebuild plugin is released and they will be adapted to suit the plugin upon its release. Due to the fluid nature of freebuild, many situations regarding freebuild settlements will be handled on a case-by-case basis with the following rules as guidelines, and exceptions made at the discretion of the GM Team based on the circumstances of a particular case.

Defining Freebuilds

All subject to GM discretion.

Petty Freebuild

A non building construct like a roadside shrine, stall or tent.

Minor Freebuild

Any freebuild settlement consisting of five or less standard buildings, such as typical houses, cottages, a single farm, etc.

Major Freebuild

Any freebuild settlement consisting of more than five buildings. Includes freebuild cities, farms, towns, large scale strongholds, and more.

Fort Freebuild

A small walled defensive compound that protects no dwellings. Includes wooden palisade camps, outposts, and PVP forts.

Damage, Building, and Theft

Block Placing:

  • Placing blocks to climb freebuild structures is forbidden.
  • You may not build closely to another Freebuild, Nation, or Nation Owned Tile. This is roughly gauged as 50 to 100 blocks.
  • Nations cannot own land in Freebuild, outside of their capital tile and their adjacent tiles.

Block Destruction:

  • Any damage done to freebuilds must be done under the supervision of a GM.
  • Petty Freebuilds can be partially destroyed via /modreq, and valid RP reasoning.
  • Roleplay signs must be left indicating the damage.
  • Normal raid rolling applies. (See here)
  • Buttons / other ladder-obstructions can be torn down with appropriate emotes. Basic minecraft physics still apply, e.g you cannot climb overhangs.

Build Quality:

  • If your build is not to an acceptable standard for LoTC, you will be issued a warning to improve it by the GM Team.
  • If you do not heed the improvement warning, your build, items and claim to the land, will be removed in 7 days from the issuing of the warning.

Freebuild Inactivity:

  • If your Freebuild is deemed inactive by a GM, a sign will be placed on the Freebuild. If the sign is not removed within 14 days, then the build will be removed along with your items.


  • Paintings, item frames, armour stands and unlocked chests can be stolen from, but a sign should be left to indicate the theft by the player. If you don’t have a sign at the time, modreq for one from a Game Moderator.


  • All regular eviction rules still apply in freebuild.
  • Only the owner of a freebuild or their designated stewards can issue evictions within it.
  • The owner of a freebuild is the holder of the property in roleplay. If this cannot be determined, it defaults to whoever constructed the build.
  • Freebuilds that are deemed over 30 days inactive through logs may be evicted with as little as 3 days notice.

Minor Freebuild Takeover

Can only be carried out on Petty, Fort, and Minor Freebuilds. Major Freebuilds require the full warclaim system.

  • Arranged at least a week in advance with an proposed time specified within peak server hours that would likely work for both sides. This should be done with a warclaim post following the standard format for regular warclaims. The only difference is the set of CBs that are allowed to be used on top of regular ones and the fact it is an instant siege.
  • An attacking party must have a valid casus belli for taking over the build.
  • Valid Casus Belli can found here.

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Freebuilds that are deemed over 30 days inactive through logs may be evicted with as little as 3 days notice.


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Minor Freebuild Takeover rules have been updated to reflect the change in how they are done. They are going to be conducted over the war server and thus the old rules talking about lockpick rules and other such things can not be enforced and have been scrapped.

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Removed rule


"Ladders can be used instead if emoted properly. "

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