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Arcane Displacement

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(Primer: Arcane Displacement)

“Double, double, toil and trouble.”
-The inscription within the first page of .raSmoT the Mad’s 
Displacement Notes: Planar Relocation and Hardsoul Movement.


Inception - Toil


Madness. Lunacy. Delirium. This was the mania of .raSmoT’s Tower; lightning-tossing brooms, bickering tea cups, and flying boats. In the halls of the horizontal spire, .raSmoT’s particular study was a matter of organization. Each hall held it’s own rows of chambers, each unique; a room of frost and wintery winds, a room of assorted yarn, and a room of various chairs.


Of the sixty four rooms, one held a displaced secret unusually obvious. In the advance of the Mage’s Guild in Anthos, their ranks infiltrated the tower and came to call it home. In the opening interaction amongst a mess of other playing, the secret came upon the hands of a strong heart. A heavy, sealed tome was snatched from the very back of the dining-room-furniture-room and held dear until the proper time came for the book to open itself; the time came and went. It went through many hands and was researched quite heavily but to no avail. One fateful night the white boar came for the book and it was stolen away, lost to the shifting aeons it came from until, one fateful morning, it was found again.


By way of following a sentient, babbling washboard who occasionally combusted and was extinguished in a gust  breathed from a woodchip came an elf to the Planar Dictate’s newest landing site, a simple creek. The washboard and woodchip disappeared within it and at first touch was the beginning of a perilous venture. Poof.



Mechanics - Double trouble


Arcane Displacement is a reformed art altered by the very mad mind which crafted it, .raSmoT the Mad. It functions through shunting, the act of launching one’s self from the material plane into the abounding worlds beyond, slipping narrowly between the existential laws of space and time and thus shunting into other worlds. Following a shift in planar bindings, Arcane Displacement is now shunting and its users, shunters.


Shunters may disappear in a fettering of air and accumulation of dust, randomly passing into another realm carrying only non-organic mass with no control whatsoever as to where they will land lest they be familiar with the journey to a specific world, having made it back from the same plane. From these places a shunter may explore as they desire but, usually due to imminent danger, they may return to the material plane through a secondary shunt wherein they return where they first started. Objects may be taken from these places, some baubles or discarded oddities whilst others may be misunderstood relics or artifacts of extradimensional civilizations. When coupled with Circling, a group of at least three shunters may cast in unity to reach the same destination albeit still at random.


-Solo shunting must be performed through RP posts on the forums of the character traversing the plane they have landed in.
-LT must be consulted on the general ideas behind the planes being traveled to but otherwise the player has complete creative freedom in its design so long as it offers their character no inherent power, change, or advantage that does not require an application or lore besides an MART.
-Returning from a shunt with an object of any value more than mundane, useless, and inert must be approved through an MART.
-Shunting requires six emotes to perform and to be touched, so much as a poke, interrupts the enigmatic magic wherein it is nullified and must be attempted again. Shunting requires complete and total concentration and thus cannot be performed in combat or to evade combat.


As following the greater control attained through increasing the number of shunters, at a total of five -- a leading shunter alongside four others in a use of Circling -- shunters may form portals within, specifically, four meter (block) by five meter (block) frames which cannot be dirtied under any circumstance lest the arcane charms laid into the architecture becomes interrupted and the portal is deactivated until cleaned of all debris. The leading shunter, when accompanied by at least four others, may shunt to a plane they have visited before in order to establish another frame of the exact same dimensions and material as the other and through a second laying of invisible charms may they be connected. No portal may be made upon the same plane of existence as its opposing side.


-Requires one to have shunted to and from the realm intended and the material plane to map a portal to another realm for a portal alongside four additional shunters to create it unlike Blood Rifts’ more advanced form, Scouring.
-Following the law of equivalent exchange, a portal may only be used to transport five individuals, even non-shunters, before deactivating. The frames remain intact.

Following a shunt via Displacement a trail is left in their stead, an invisible charm that anchors them and ensures a path home, a proverbial line around their waist or trail of breadcrumbs which lasts for a single elven hour before fading from visibility yet remains ethereal. Unseen to the naked eye, those who have mastered shunting may spot these charms where a shunter has left and may track them through performing a shunt whilst touching the area, taking them to the same plane as the other whilst leaving behind their own charm beside the original. Tracking can as well be used in reverse by master shunters by launching an abjuration at the charm to then forcibly suck the original shunter back to their place of origin regardless of consent. The bludgeoning force of being forcibly drawn back incapacitates the individual in the process.


-Only two charms may touch another charm which is being tracked, creating a triangle of circles, likely two shunters chasing another. Any attempts to add to the charms results in failed castings.

A shunter masters Arcane Displacement after three elven months of practice wherein they may teach a single student ever in their lifetime. Should one read from the Planar Dictate, they may self-teach Arcane Displacement as well as be able to teach a student once they have mastered shunting; only readers of the Dictate may teach; as well, reading the Planar Dictate automatically shunts the reader away and later in the book it may read to shunt back, often leading to lone adventures of being stuck in an alien land and being forced to survive until the reader learns to shunt back through the Dictate, often by the guiding hand of a master shunter assisting them. Students of readers may later read from the Dictate to be able to teach a student later in their lifetime. 


-Should the Planar Dictate not be read from and hoarded for a total of three months it will be removed by the Outvoker and redistributed.

Shunting, as with any form of travel, is incredibly dangerous if not handled with the proper precautions. A great number of entities dwell in each of the planes shunters may happen upon, there are forces which seek the stability of the universe and do not permit the traversing of the planes, and shunters are little more than scurrying prey in the eyes of some greater, cosmic horrors lurking between the fabric of worlds; each of these powers are potentially predatory, each of various intensity, and each of unknown origin, intent, or strength to most shunters. The use of Arcane Displacement is a risky act when alone, or perhaps it is larger numbers which draw more attention.


-Shunting stirs up trouble in the cosmos. World natives, unknown cosmic forces such as deities or spirits, and/or Voidal Terrors and Abominations, or even Voidal Horrors and Behemoths are attracted by these invasions; natives likely do not want aliens entering their world, cosmic forces likely want to stop planeswalking, and all Voidal Horrors including Terrors, Abominations, and even Behemoths are attracted by an easy route into the material plane by allowing themselves a path to manifest upon Creation.
-Worlds ran by ET and LT have greater antagonistic forces present than solo shunting worlds.




General Redlines


-Locating lore characters / deities or their domains requires express consent from the LT.
-Shunting to new realms will transport the caster at random unless they are visiting a realm to and from which they have already shunted. For example one aiming to find Ebrietas could spend a lifetime shunting between an infinity of realms and have no luck.
-Upon the opening of the Planar Dictate, all previous use of Arcane Displacement is undone and disabled by previous users just as the portals of Rasmot were undone upon the opening of the Dictate when first opened.
-The LT must be consulted for approval of realms to ensure that more popular ones are well fleshed out.
-Dying on a plane other than the material plane a shunter is from will leave their soul outside the ropes of the monks and thus a death in another plane is a permanent death.
-Although time passes differently between in each plane as per Gap Theory, the time differentials between the material plane and the other worlds does not allow individuals to learn magic faster or develop in any way, including age (should the player choose) and does not offer any advantage to the character in the way of advancement.



Referenced Lore








This is a requested rewrite of Arcane Displacement. It is still a Voidal Feat. It is still linked to the Planar Dictate. Previous users must read the Planar Dictate once more in order to use Arcane Displacement.


The intention with this lore is to greatly open up the possible avenues of roleplay for the current scene of LotC and introduce more quirky, deadly, and experimental RP for the Voidal ‘community’, albeit since this is a feat it is so broad this could stretch into dark and holy RP, nation RP, guild and adventurer groups, and so on. The opportunities here are limited by the creativity of the writers; this is nothing more than a means to enable fun roleplay. Furthermore this could be utilised by the ET and LT to shape future events and storylines or potential (or the return of pre-existing) characters scattered about the Veil.  Just hope you don’t get stuck somewhere, alone, while a Voidal Terror is rampaging after you and nowhere to run.



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