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Posters are scattered all over roads and cities.


Rastacion Mafia


History of the Rastaman

We are a group of humble criminals, that all follow the true and righteous faith of the Rastacianism, created by the most holy Bembe Rastacia, who died in the act of spreading the true word. The Mafia was formed when many of the dark skinned Rasta’s, felt the white men of Atlas had been sabotaging their chances of getting jobs and making an honest living. With no money to purchase their most holy cactus green, they resorted to committing crimes. Over the years, the mafia grew, and the council of Granbredrin’s, descendants of the most holy Bembe, have decided to open the mafia’s doors to both the dark, and the light, in hopes to spread the true faith.


The Faith (summarized)


The Rasta’s follow a modified version of the cannonist faith, we follow the one true GOD that we refer to as ‘Jah’ who partially lives within all of us. The Rasta’s partake in traditional groundations, in which the members of the faith, chant, sing, dance and smoke the cactus green the latter being a sacrament with health benefits. The Holy Prophet Bembe, prophesied that once GOD deems the Rastamen ready, they will create a Rastacian city that will flourish. Rich fields, plenty of cactus green and the finest fruits to create wine.


The Mafia


The Rastation Mafia deals in but is not limited to, drug-trafficking, extortion, illegal gambling, etc. However we tend to stray away from violence, as we believe in love, unity and peace… This does not, however, prohibit the use of violence as a last cause. Important decisions for the mafia, are made by a council of Granbredrin’s all descendants of the Most Holy Bembe Rastacia. To become part of the mafia, you must profess your faith to the council of Granbredrins, and partake in your first groundation where you will vow your allegiance in front of the other members.





Name (IRP):

Race (If human, also include subrace, farfolk, highlander, etc.):

Discord (Must):


Applications can be sent through forum PM’s however it’s much easier to keep track of stuff posted on this post so don’t pm unless you really don’t want people to know you in this.




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"Da bredren make money mi a pree." a young man of Rastacian descent comments.

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A goblin mobster grunts "Wagwan, Rastamonz. Mi da Danzkter of Golin'Dar, count mi in"


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This current Guild has been deemed inactive and has hereby been moved. If you wish to appeal this decision you must present evidence to myself proving the guild is still active.

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