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LT Announcement Part 3

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LT Announcement Pt. 3

Hello folks, here we are for part three of the LT Announcements.


Dark Magics/Creatures vs. Holy Magic

After some discussion, a vote has passed to amend all dark creatures/magics so that holy magic is no longer a direct counter in most circumstances. Instead, the creatures will be reworked so that they have more mundane counters. Holy magic will also require regearing so that its magic no longer focuses dark magics/creatures and instead is a more universal combat magic. Holies can still run around attacking dark creatures/mages, but their magic will no longer be geared for it specifically. This is part of our attempt to break down the forced conflict between the two groups that has caused a lot of OOC problems over the past handful of years.


Holy Magic

After a vote amongst the LT and then the Admins, the following has been approved: With upcoming changes occurring to Aengudaemons (more on that will be revealed when things are fleshed out and ready to be implemented), we are aiming to create a “core” deific magic.


With that said, the first “core” magic is going to be designed with holy magic in mind. All current holy magics are going to be merged into this core magic and will use that as a foundation to branch off from. Bear in mind, clerics/ascended/paladins will still exist and we will be reaching out to work with them on a specialized version of the core magic. This means that, should someone want to, they can specialize and receive an augmented/changed version of the core magic which reflects how they have specialized.


This is being done for a few reasons. One is to standardize the current magics and remove the inbalances (e.g. ascended having regen and immortality versus the other two holy groups which lack that). The second of which is to work in the “Dark Magics/Creatures” changes and ensure it gets done. Thirdly, there are a number of issues in deific magic that involves connection and disconnection, which we are aiming to address with this core magic to get rid of things such as disconnection wars. This will involve reworking disconnection, but the idea still needs fleshing out which we will be working with you (holy mages) on.


In about two weeks (this has been postponed while some finer details are figured out), a discord server will be created and it will be used as a means of communicating between the LT and those wishing to provide feedback/suggestions/ideas/et cetera in the holy magic reworking. The link for that will be posted in our next announcement. (Note: We will be cracking down on people who attempt to abuse disconnection between now and the time when it is fixed).


Magic Changes

Cognatism: Artificial Minds are hereby removed. We had a discussion on the matter and have come to the conclusion that we don’t need AI type items floating around outside of rare circumstances. This is part of our measures to limit magi-tech so that we have a more stable setting.


Sensory Illusion: Sensory Illusion’s red lines have been elaborated on after a recent clarification vote. You can find the details here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163526-sensory-illusion-lore/


Mental Magic: The information gathering aspect of mental magic has been deemed as something that either needs hard nerfing or removing, as people use it as a means for answer key RP or use it as a means to justify metagaming. More on this will be talked about in a week or two.


Soul Puppetry: We are hereby shelving the magic. After much consideration, we do not believe that the recent lore submission addressed the issues we have with the range capability of the magic. We will also be looking into similar magics that have such range and dealing with them accordingly.



We are doing a sweep through the existing MArts and seeking out items that now conflict with recent magic changes and changes to the MArt system. If you have any existing MArts, you must fill out an updated form and submit it. MArts that are not re-submitted by 6/18 will be automatically denied.


Changes to the system:
- We have updated the application, screenshots of the MArt creation will be required now. This does not apply to relics gifted from events long ago.
- You can only make 1 mart every 3 months.
- Combative items are being scrutinized more.
- Each MArt will receive a number upon acceptance which will be required on the MC equivalent (if applicable). For example, MArt 001: Bob’s Gauntlet



We have created a new index page which merges all the previous ones into one page. Additionally, we are now using google forms for submissions. More details are discussed on the page itself, which you can find here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/172886-creaturepotionplant-index/


World Lore

Lastly, we have developed a tier system for world lore and will be applying it to each lore piece that survives our sweep. Much akin to other games, it follows a similar structure.


Common: This status on a piece of world lore means that you can find it rather easily around the map or you can create it rather easily. Said piece will come with a description on where to find it, how much of it you can typically find, the gathering/creation process, et cetera.


Uncommon: This status on a piece of world lore means that you aren't going to be able to find it as easily, and when you do, it won't be in large amounts.


Rare: This status on a piece of world lore indicates that you can only get it from an event or some other process of gathering that is not the norm and not known by many.


I aim to reduce the amount of “rare” world lore pieces we have and redo our remaining ones/introduce new ones that are common/uncommon so that there is more for the community to interact with that doesn’t involve hopping through hoops.



A few things have been pushed back due to other projects being given priority, so expect a follow up announcement in a week or two covering some things such as the contest. We will also be announcing what the results of our first world lore/index sweep is on that thread.


As always, if you have any questions you can forum PM me or send me a PM over discord at Flamboyant#8856

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