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[✗] [Rewrite]Lycanthropes, The Ferals Of Morea

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I think the lore definitely has potential. This rendition of ferals offers an interesting approach and something that definitely could be entertaining. Though a few things that I would want to see addressed first.


I believe firmly that they should be withdrawn from the druid community. The ability for druidic communion to work on them should be removed. It's a needless buff / weakness that doesn't provide all that much beyond a lore-approved attachment and (arguably) reliance upon druidic magic at times. If you keep this, nothing will change on the player side of this rewrite and it would be further scrutinised by its close attachment to the magic.


Secondly, disallow these creatures to wield any form of deity magic whatsoever; even in descendant form. It can be easily explained by the curse afflicting the soul so much so that deity connections would overburden it. Move them to a grim-dark fantastical atmosphere instead of 'holy lycans' etc. This should also help on spreading out the curse beyond elves and druids, and further move it away from the holy magics. I don't want Worgen Paldins tyvm.


Thirdly, I'd advise adding in a section on if a Full Moon Feral goes inactive. Perhaps some ritual or event (with MT approval). This would obviously imply you would need some 'inactive for x amount of days' type of thing. And if the player notifies MT or their community beforehand for a holiday or something then they're excused. I just feel like with capping the number of alpha ferals you're going to have the problem we have right now where some alphas may go inactive and try to return with it.


Finally, I'll address some minor issues. There's a typo error under the tl;dr spoiler, at 'Weaknesses (Feral Form):', and the bullet point '-Transformations', where it says 'then'. There's also a continuity error in the Mechanics subsection. It mentions 'enhanced senses in descendant form, to a lesser extent' in the main block of text, but then later mentions in the tl;dr spoiler that their senses are weaker in descendant form (weaker than average descendant, or so it implies).

Another little tidbit is the mention of the 'cup of blood'. This should be expanded upon as I feel it's a bit niche. Seems like it was added purely for witcher-type roleplay. For the sake of myself and any GMs handling 'p-p-puhwuhgaming' situations, put a bit more detail into the cup of blood mention.


If these changes are made, I'll offer my full support @Starfelt. Those are my only qualms with it, otherwise it's going in the right direction.


Edit: Oh and include Sug in the mentions at the bottom. This is a rewrite of his lore after all, jfc.

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If anything, I prefer this over the current lore. Unsure if you’ve answered this, but my question is:


What does this rewrite bring to the server that the current feral lore fails to do? Specifically in a unique sense- as one can easily argue certain creatures can cover anything this lore can bring. 

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This Lore has been denied as per request and agreement of the ferals agreeing to be shelved. 


Topic moved to Denied Lore forum.

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