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[✗]Capturing High Rock (TriscuitBrisket)

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Role-play: An abandoned fortress lay within the area of the Duchy of Nevaria land expansion, it lies as a potential safe hold and strategic point for bandits or enemies of the duchy, and must be seized immediately to prevent the threat.



Minor Freebuild Takeover-

Abandonment-Marshal of Nevarian guard was killed by High Rock people.


Side A: Duchy of Nevaria


Side B: High Rock Estate


Proposed Date & Time: Friday 8th, at 8:00 PM EST


Proposed Rules: Server rules




Blue=Duchy of Nevaria land/Red=High Rock Estate

Discord: Anisgar#9993 TriscuitBisquick#4491


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High rock has been under Holm for a while now, gifted to us by its previous tenants. Current tenant is Alfy Irongut (littleyoshi). It's not abandoned and is being used as both farmland and now the new Holm stables.


As for the alleged  killing, doubt Alfy has been doing that, but if you have proof by all means share it.


My discord is Hobolympic#9158, add me and we can probably work something out.

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Add me too Beamon4#8113, I’m part of Holmoite gov, btw the border lies at that pillar next to the stall

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I have checked the build and chest access logs of the location, and it shows activity over the past week. The CB for abandonment is thus denied. 


For the other CB, message me on Discord any evidence and I will pass it along to the war team.

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Attack on Leadership

If Group X attempts to kill a member of Group Y’s leadership in Group Y’s land, and it can be proven that Group Y know this was organized by Group X in character, then Group Y may use this as a casus belli.


As the attack to place on Holm/High Rock land, and not Nevaria, the CB is invalid.

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