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LT Announcement Pt. 4

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LT Announcement Pt. 4

Alright folks, here we are again. I apologize as with the admin promotion, things got sidetracked. I’ve pressed pause to a number of things to re-evaluate the LT as a whole. As admin I’ve been able to see how other teams function at a much more in-depth level than I ever could from just an LT perspective. After taking some time to study how certain teams handle things, I wrote up a draft for how to restructure the LT and presented it to the team and no one so far has had qualms.


LT Restructure

Ever since the LT and MAT merge, things have been a bit wonky. This is for a number of reasons, which I will attempt to address with the restructure and our latest project. For the changes, I have done away with the magic vs non-magic divides and based things on roles/duties instead. These are the primary changes, though some more internal ones are being made to change how we handle various things (e.g. feedback gathering, TA interviews, and lore submissions). The changes below may not seem like much, but coupled with a new project that I had in mind, it should make things more efficient. 


The new project will revolve around getting rid of the need for specialists on the team. We will accomplish this by getting everything that needs to get written down, written down. No more unwritten lore or unwritten abilities that may be briefly talked about in lore that allows for BS to occur. Though more on this will be described in the next announcement.


Lore Masters - This role will comprise of those who review submitted lore and also have projects that involve writing lore. What I will be looking for in Lore Masters is the ability to write pieces of lore and vote appropriately on submissions. You do not need to be a lore buff to get accepted here, but I do expect you to be competent.


Lore Moderators - This role revolves around handling applications (MAs, CAs, TAs, MArts) and moderating lore-related things when issues arise. They also work to make sure that certain areas are up to date. Those that apply to this sect will be expected to be able to moderate fights in-game in a fair manner, handle LT reqs in a timely fashion, and go through apps when they are submitted.


Lore trials will work differently. For those of you attempting to join the Lore Master's aspect of things, you will first be interviewed. If you have written for the server or written in general and can present this work, you may be able to bypass the writing part of the trials. However, everyone that joins the team will be put on a trial period for a month, similar to how GMs do things. Should things not work out (e.g. you aren’t able to do the work assigned to you), your trial will fail and you will be removed off the team.


LT Trial Period and Recruitment

We will be looking for new recruits beginning tomorrow once the staff forms have been updated (this should happen within the day once Chorale is back from IRL stuff, don't apply tonight and wait for tomorrow). Once the recruitment period is over (roughly one week from today is my goal), the entirety of the team will be put on a trial of one month. After a month has passed, those who do not meet the standards required of them, regardless of if they were on the team previously or not, will be removed.


LotC Lore Discord

I am currently setting up the LotC Lore Discord. This discord will be a place where we will be sitting down with different playerbases to work with them on various projects. For example, if we were going to rework a magic, we’d create a chat in that discord labeled said magic. Then we’d invite the playerbase who uses that magic (it will be open to others as well, but the active users will be sought out) and assign them to that chat. The LT and said playerbase can chat with each other regarding the changes and feedback can be gathered with ideas being fleshed out. I am hoping that this will improve communication between the playerbases and the LT.


A separate post will be made in the lore subforums that will have a link to the discord. We will be first hosting a chat for the holy magic changes and will be creating more as we go on. I will be posting updates in the future announcements regarding new chats.


Lore Updates

Ferals, chimeras, and archons are hereby shelved. All of the aforementioned players that have those creatures will be reverted back to their normal state. Should people wish to bring them back, new lore will have to be submitted.


Naztherak’s malflame immolations are hereby removed. We have seen multiple accounts of it being used and to us it is a broken ability where you can essentially teleport fire onto someone should they have bare skin showing. After a vote started by another LT, we concluded that it had to go.


Self-teaching - Removed (For Now)

Self-teaching at the moment is a mess and we are now removing it. This is TEMPORARY however, as I do believe with some fixes the system can be improved and brought back way better than before. However, this is something that depends on another project. This will be clarified in the next announcement (as it’s the getting things written down thing I described in the first section). Self-teaching apps will no longer be accepted.


Final Note

There are a number of internal changes that I wish to make, but these changes for the LT are not going to be able to be instantaneous. I ask that you bear with us as I try to overhaul how we do things within the team and hopefully after the trial period passes, the team will be set up in a much more efficient manner.


As always, if you have questions or concerns please send me a PM over the forums or over discord at Flamboyant#8856.

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