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Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

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“You will never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”

-- Charles Buxton




While the denizens of Atlas went about their normal ways two particular characters were brought together within the library of Dragur, analysing their way through all of the dusty tomes that were stacked up on the shelves. They stood there in the search of something that laid in their common interest, time. They were hunting the unhuntable, the untouchable and the unchangeable to attempt and defy those given rules. They spent restless days digging through infinite amounts of tomes before the elven clockworker finally yelled out “Come back here!” to his partner in research. A few fallen books later the red haired wood elf stood by his side, his eyes darting over the map that the clockworker had spread out before him. “I think we’ve got it.” Avalos the red haired then commented.


The map, unlike any other did not show traces of any landmarks or landscapes but much rather showed a large amount of what they at that moment considered to be gibberish curves. Long lines stretched the papers possible to have been the productions of a drunk madman. A peculiar mark within the middle of the map though made them realise it was a bit more than that. It had the shape of an hourglass, intricately designed to catch the eye of anyone that were to be observing the papyrus. A few letters were marked just below in common tongue: “Where body and mind breach the wall, he who seeks shall gain control.”. The two mages furrowed their brows momentarily before a slight smile broke onto Vassago the Clockworker’s face first. “We have found it.” he stated solemnly, making sure to keep a straight face in front of his colleague. Vassago dragged Avalos by the arm and outside of the library. Avalos grabbed onto his leather bag while on his way out. “We’re going to find it!” The purple skinned clock maniac then exclaimed, his voice vibrant with his hopes and expectations.


After weeks of running around the planes of the realm, as their stocks reached all time lows, they decided to call it a night for one last time; camping outside under the starry skies. The map they had acquired earlier hadn’t started making any more sense to the both of them. Their previous giggles of enthusiasm had now been replaced with deep sighs of fatigue. They had traveled almost all possible places and seen all corners of the realm at that point. The improvised campfire that they surrounded illuminated the face of a now almost limpid Dark Elf, staring away into the fire, and a Wood Elf, doing his best to concentrate on his meditations and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. As the wizard took a few deep breaths his expression suddenly significantly changed, his eyes widening noticeably. “It is not a map to a physical location.” he remarked, the echoing of his voice awaking his companion. “I am seeing similar anomalies within the void.” Avalos boomed, surprise clearly noticeable within his voice.


The newly made breakthrough had the two rejoiced and energised once more, ready to take on the challenges that w0uld come to them while they pursued that what they so desperately wanted, the control of time. Little did they know that they were not the first ones to tread within this area of the voidal arts. Many hundreds of generations before them a discrete wizard, capable of discerning the strange anomalies in the void, also managed to harness them and use them in his casting. This wizard would go to be known as the first Chronomancer. When bringing word of his boons back to his people, the populace reacted in an ambiguous form of awe. Noticing the mayhem the lord of the village summoned the wizard within his halls and asked the wise man for a demonstration. After the caster showed him what he wished for the lord gave a wave of his hand and his men tensed in place. A few barked commands later they surrounded the old sorcerer and prepared to usher him towards the dungeons. With no power left to fight the sudden revolt, the man complied and spent the rest of his days in a lonely dungeon cell. Afraid that his discoveries might go to waste he asked for ink and a scroll, that the tower guards so kindly provided him. Days he spent scribing away his thoughts and findings before noise echoed through the corridor. “The lord is having him executed!” a solemn and stern voice then called out. Throughout the sudden moment of panic the wizard knew what he was left to do. He grabbed the parchment and sent it into the future, hoping it would reach the hands of others capable of heeding his words.




Time is a river. It flows as straight as the arrow flies. No wind can hamper it, no hill can deter its onward path. The future tumbles effortlessly into the present as the past is swept away into the abyss. Causes birth effects. Effects are born, flourish, and die in but a heartbeat. The world marches steadily onwards towards the end. The Void watches this with infinite interest. Thousands upon thousands of horrors marvel at the strange order of the universe. The newly lit flame, the blazing inferno, the dying ember, the black, charred coals. Every moment is a moment of death. A moment of transformation in which the laws of the universe transfigure matter and energy into new forms and states. The universe ticks like clockwork. Hidden gears grind endlessly in the background of reality as they regulate the laws set down by our Maker. Our universe is a great machine that dances to the rhythm of time. One would think such a great machine might cause a ripple in the ocean beyond. A great ripple, in fact, a ripple so great and complex that it might best be referred to as an ocean all of its own.


The Ocean of Time is a sea of possibility that surrounds the Veil. As the great shield of energy fluctuates with the movement of matter within, it feeds the Ocean with ripples of change. As a fire is lit, a new ripple is added to the sea, a new string of changes that cause the universe to fluctuate ever so subtly. As the wind blows, as the earth moves, as souls are born and killed, the Veil ripples and gifts those ripples to the Ocean. In that tapestry of ripples can be found the Void’s witness of time itself. Every change that has ever been wrought upon our world has been carefully stored in a reservoir of energy. It is a tome that contains within it the stories of every minute change our world has enjoyed, every notch that has been scarred in its flank. Where the universe is wounded by the scathing claw of time, its blood leaks into the Ocean and builds the endless tale of its history.


This ocean is the source of a chronomancer’s powers. Once they have established their connection to the Void, a chronomancer learns to search through the ripples for those of their target, before manipulating them in various ways to bring about their desired result.




The Displaced Form: chronomantic spells require that a chronomancer interact with the Ocean of Time. Being a sea of Voidal energy, it is difficult to interact with when one’s body is comprised of unwieldy flesh. Flesh is slow and imprecise. Trying to manipulate the ocean with a mortal hand is like trying to build a fine sculpture out of liquid light; no crude material form could possibly hold light in check long enough for the sculpture to be even begun. The Displaced Form was perhaps the breakthrough discovery that allowed chronomancy to function. The first step in any chronomantic spell is to search for one’s own ripples in the Ocean before allowing those ripples to flow into the mortal realm by way of one’s connection. In doing this,  part of a chronomancer’s body is transformed into a strange, ghostlike form that glows with mana and aura. The more difficult a spell, the more parts of the body that must be transformed into their Ocean-wise counterparts.


Chronomantic Marks: these circular marks are invoked by chronomancers as they work. Left as trails of mana and Voidal energy that dangle from the chronomancers Displaced fingers, these Marks are crafted from the ripples of the Ocean. All uses of chronomancy require that a chronomancer can easily draw their Chronomantic Marks so that they can manipulate their targets ripples. These marks glow with the colour of a chronomancers aura and partake of any other effects a chronomancers aura might have.


Chronomantic Seals: used most often when enchanting with chronomancy, Seals function much like bookmarks or checkpoints. Once ascribed to an item, they allow an enchantment to rewind or run forward time, such that the appointed bookmark can be reached. For example, an enchanted sword could have a Seal placed upon it after it has been newly forged, allowing the enchantment to rewind the state of the object to the time that the Seal was placed upon it. These Seals are entirely dependent on mana from their mana gem and otherwise function identically to other enchantments.


Lodestones: solidified from redundant ripples floating in the ocean, a lodestone is a crystalline shard that is used to sustain certain chronomantic abilities. They are generated during certain rituals and are left as anchors for long term spells. Should they be shattered, the spell to which they are tied would fail as its anchor is destroyed.






All of a chronomancers abilities are tied to the degree to which they can harmonize themselves with their ripples in the Ocean of Time. As a chronomancer grows more competent, they will be more and more able to transfigure their body into its Displaced Form. Each additional Displaced bodypart requires one emote; so, to begin Greater Moving, a chronomancer must first spend one emote connecting to the Void, and an additional two emotes Displacing their arms and legs, and additional emotes for drawing their chronomantic marks and performing the Moving itself. This progression of understanding manifests itself in the ability to transform more and more parts of the body.


The Arms: the first tier of transformation, a chronomancer who can Displace only their arms is considered a Tier 1, and is capable of Lesser Moving. Lesser Moving requires that a chronomancer Displace their arms.


The Legs: the second tier of transformation, a chronomancer who has learned to Displace their Legs is now considered a Tier 2, and is capable of Greater Moving. Greater Moving requires that a chronomancer Displace their arms and legs.


The Torso: the third tier of transformation, a chronomancer who has learned to Displace their Torso is now considered a Tier 3, and is capable of Suspending. Suspending requires that a chronomancer Displace their arms, legs and torso.


The Head: the fourth tier of transformation, a chronomancer who has learned to Displace their Head is now considered a Tier 4, and is capable of Folding. Folding requires that a chronomancer Displace their arms, legs, torso and head.


The Soul: the fifth tier of transformation, a chronomancer who has learned to Displace their Soul is now considered a Tier 5, and is capable of Travelling. With further practice a chronomancer can learn to Glimpse. Travelling and Glimpsing require that a chronomancer Displace their arms, legs, torso, head and soul.



Credit: Nolamom3507 | Deviantart


Lesser Moving: the act of searching through an object's ripples, past or future, before moving the target object either backwards or forwards through time to achieve the desired state.





Lesser Moving is the most basic ability available to a chronomancer, allowing them to manipulate the flow of time over a single target object. The chronomancer will first Displace their arms before beginning to draw their Chronomantic Marks around the object. For example, a chronomancer could find a stone, and search for a potential future in which that stone has become a brick. With that potential future in mind, the chronomancer could then fast forward time to that point, transfiguring the stone into a brick. The process of fast-forwarding time is much easier than reversing time, simply because searching for uncertain futures in an uncertain Void, is much easier than trying to find a certain past in the same, uncertain realm. Where finding a future works with the chaos of the Void, finding the truth of the past works against those currents, making it much more difficult for the chronomancer.


  • Lesser Moving works on single objects.

  • Lesser Moving requires that the object be within touching distance, so that the chronomancer can draw their Chronomantic Marks.

  • Lesser Moving cannot be attempted in combat.

  • Fast forwarding an object into a state in which it was part of another object, will not manifest the whole object. For example, finding a future in which an iron ingot has been turned into a sword, will not manifest the whole sword. It will instead manifest the ingot in whatever state it is in, whilst it is part of that sword (as the hilt, part of the blade, etc.). No matter is ever created when Moving object.

  • Lesser Moving does not affect beings with Greater Souls.

  • The more complex the transformation, the more mana that is required to complete that transformation. Just as transfiguration needs more mana to perform more complex tasks, so too does chronomancy.

  • Futures in which an item becomes magical do exist, and can be manifested. However, the item will only appear to physically resemble that item, and will not have any supernatural effects attached to it. Under no circumstances can a chronomancer bring about magical effects from a potential future.






Greater Moving: the act of moving an area either backwards or forwards through time, displacing it from the present with a veil of mana and Voidal energy.





Greater Moving is an advancement of the chronomancers most basic ability, allowing them to Move not only single objects, but larger areas. The chronomancerthemself acts as the centre of this circular area. Having now learned to Displace their Legs, they have gained the necessary control to use themself as an anchor point for their spell, weaving the ripples of the Ocean around them. Greater Moving is identical to Lesser Moving in terms of the actions required to use it; first, the limbs are Displaced. Then the chronomantic marks are weaved about the desired area before the spell proper is allowed to begin. With the area veiled in chronomantic marks and Voidal energy, the chronomancer will begin Moving the area backwards or forwards through time. The one difference between Greater Moving and its Lesser counterpart, is the manifestation of ‘Temporal Figments’, the vestiges of the future. Whilst Greater Moving cannot manifest matter, it can manifest the ripples of objects present in potential futures. These images are ghostlike, representing whatever might have been in the future to which the area has been drawn; trees, buildings, terrain and all manner of other objects might appear as spectral remnants. Chronomancers perceive these Figments like they would any other matter, seeing not the spectral image, but the object itself. They are nonetheless, still intangible; a chronomancer is very much aware of their true nature, feeling the ripples emanating from within them.


  • Greater Moving can affect areas of: up to two metres from the epicentre at T2, up to three metres at T3, up to four metres at T4, and up to five metres at T5. Continued study after reaching T5 can slowly increase this size to an absolute maximum of ten metres from the epicentre. This should be reached after two or three months of study after achieving T5.

  • Greater Moving cannot be attempted in combat.

  • Greater Moving cannot affect areas beyond its chronomantic marks.

  • Greater Moving does not affect beings with Greater Souls.

  • Temporal Figments are intangible.






Suspending: the act of sundering a target from the flow of time, freezing either an object or an area in the present.





The ripples of the Ocean can be used to stay the currents of time, as much as they can be used to move it forwards or backwards. Lodestones are integral to this skill. A lodestone is a crystalline formation generated from some abandoned ripple still present within the Ocean. For whatever reason, these ripples have lost their connection to their target in the mortal realm. Solidifying them into gems creates a naturally attuned gateway through which ripples can flow and interact with the physical realm, once they have been constructed and bound by a chronomancer. By linking an object to a lodestone filled with the ‘snapshot’ of a particular area or object, the target can be locked in that snapshot. For example, a lodestone could be formed and linked to a glass of water. Should the glass be knocked over, the lodestone will expend mana to run time backwards, returning the glass to its original state; water would flow through the air before landing back in the glass, whilst any damage that might have come to the glass itself would be repaired. A door might be opened, only to have it slam in ones face.


  • Suspension may not be attempted in combat.

  • Suspension can only be used on a being with a Greater Soul if they are willing; otherwise, their ripples will simply be impossible to harmonize with. Once Suspended, the soul will enter a kind of deep sleep, whilst the body will heal itself nigh instantaneously if damaged.

  • Lodestones used to Suspend beings with Greater Souls are constantly running, and require large amounts of mana to sustain.

  • Lodestones glow with the colour of the creators aura when activated.

  • Lodestones can be easily broken if dropped, dispelling the magic.

  • Lodestones can be no more than five metres from their target area or object.

  • Lodestones can only be small enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand. They cannot be very small jewells.



Folding: the act of secreting an object within the Ocean in such a way that, when a specific date arrives, the Fold will be reopened and the object will be revealed.




The Ocean is a confusing place. Its many waves of energy constantly change to mimic the changes in reality. Walking along its many corridors is difficult even in the best of circumstances. Every corner hides a thousand others, every probability tree branches into untold boughs; hiding something amongst these boughs if done correctly, is very effective. Folding is the art of Displacing an object in such a way that, when the right time comes to pass, the object shall be revealed. For example, a door could be Folded such that it only appears come a particular winter’s night. On that night that door would materialize, flickering back into existence, before phasing out of existence once more once that night had passed. Should an item such as a door or a gate be Folded, the chronomancer will choose how the area appears when the door or gate is vacant. This can never create an illusion (such as a bookcase or a table to cover the area) of significant magnitude, but it can continue the wall into which the door or gate is set.


  • Folding cannot be attempted in combat.

  • The object must have a lodestone set within it. Should the lodestone be broken, the object would cease to Fold out of reality with the passage of time.

  • Living beings cannot be Folded.





Travelling: the act of walking along the Ocean’s currents into one of many potential futures, vanishing from the present after a long ritual focused on encircling oneself with Chronomantic Marks.





The future is a marvelous place full of wonders. The Ocean emulates this by forming myriad probability trees that branch off from the present. These countless paths may be walked by chronomancers who have learned to completely Displace their body. The ritual to accomplish this is incredibly taxing, asking that a chronomancer completely surround their body in chronomantic marks before they Displace their beings and enter the Ocean proper. The realities they witness can be interacted with, even lived in, for what may seem like hundreds of years for the chronomancer. Whilst Travelling, they appear in a spectral-state that allows them to easily cross back and forth between parallel futures. Yet the paths of the Void are not hospitable to a mortal soul. What the chronomancer might experience as hundreds of years, is in actuality no more than a handful of minutes. Just as a cognatist can lose their grasp on time as they hyperthought, a chronomancer Travelling through the branches of the future is completely disconnected from the present and functions at a speed of their own choosing as they pass between the potential universes.


  • Travelling may not be attempted in combat.

  • Travelling is a lengthy ritual that requires significant time to complete.

  • A chronomancer will vanish from the mortal realm for no more than ten minutes before rematerializing.

  • The realities experienced by the chronomancer are potential realities; it is incredibly unlikely that they will come true in the mortal realm.

  • These future realities are emulations are best, and do not truly exist. As a result of this, chronomancers

  • may bring nothing back from these realities.





Glimpsing: the act of peering into the past or future by using a persons soul or a lodestone lens as a focus.




The Ocean is filled with the events of the past, and of the many potential futures into which the present might slowly tumble. A skilled chronomancer can learn to scry the future or peer back into the past should they have a focus through which to guide their sight. To peer into the past, the chronomancer has need of a mortal soul who was present during the target event. For example, should the chronomancer be wishing to look back in time to view the events of ball some years ago, the chronomancer would have need of one of the balls’ attendees. The mortal would have to then accept the influence of the chronomancer, willingly letting the ripples of the Ocean flood their body before the chronomancer searches for the target. With the target found, both the subject and the chronomancer would experience a kind of dreamlike vision, gifting the two a twenty by twenty metre area through which to search. This area extends beyond the subjects line of sight, but not further than the aforementioned twenty metre mark.


Peering into the future requires that the chronomancer have crafted a chronomantic lens, a variant of a lodestone that is tied to a chronomancers soul. Through this lens a chronomancer hears the whispers of Ocean as it shifts; by focusing their attention of this lens, the chronomancer can sift through the many potential timelines of the future. Their lodestone will manifest images of these timelines, allowing others to admire the chronomancers abilities as they search through the currents of time for particularly curious or intriguing events.


  • Glimpsing cannot be attempted in combat.

  • To glimpse the past, the subject mortal soul must be willing and complicit in the ritual.

  • To peer into the past, one must have a mortal soul who was present at the target event. The vision of the past will follow their movement, as will the twenty by twenty metre radius of vision.

  • There are many, many possible futures. Peering into the future does not give the chronomancer supernatural foresight or anticipation of events in the present.






As comes to some of the Out of Character aspects. We wanted to bring some form of time magic back to LotC because the idea of it is grand and it gives a lovely flavour to some of the RP. We tried to avoid most of the things that the community disliked in the past with magic such as Muun and attempt to create a much more open environment for this ability to bloom in. 


As for implementing the magic, our characters will grandfather the magic, much like has happened in previous magic and teach the next few generations. This is of course if the LT accepts this piece of lore. The Origins story is also set up so that it may lead up to some sort of event that could invite people to interact with and discover this new set of voidal abilities.

Written by Sorcerous_, Paleo and Sug.

We are currently searching which people made the pieces of arts in the proposal, so proper credits will be attributed soon.

Edited by Paleo

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first +1
google docs saw it first


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Madman with a box. +1

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This gives me serious Quantum Break vibes and I love this. +1

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This seems great, Paleo, you've done it again! ! ! ! ! !!


Sorcerous, you too !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Sug, **** you! ! ! ! ! !! ! !

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"You know I actually want to write up something around voidal time magic."


@Paleo : "Yeah?"


4 days later..

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After having witnessed what happened the last time time magic had been a thing and seeing how bad magic on LoTC currently is I'm going to give this a major -1. Too OP and too game breaking.

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6 minutes ago, drfate786 said:

After having witnessed what happened the last time time magic had been a thing and seeing how bad magic on LoTC currently is I'm going to give this a major -1. Too OP and too game breaking.


I would ask you to read all of the red lines, and take a step aside from your previous experiences. This magic has purposefully been crafted so it could not apply to combat or force anyone into not very enjoyable situations. Give it a serious read before giving it your approval or disapproval.


And if you consider it such after giving it a serious look, please consider submitting any form of constructed criticism and suggestions so we can improve this magic. 

Edited by Paleo

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1 hour ago, Paleo said:


I would ask you to read all of the red lines, and take a step aside from your previous experiences. This magic has purposefully been crafted so it could not apply to combat or force anyone into not very enjoyable situations. Give it a serious read before giving it your approval or disapproval.


And if you consider it such after giving it a serious look, please consider submitting any form of constructed criticism and suggestions so we can improve this magic. 

If you add additions after it's accepted it'll turn it into a combat magic or answer key magic which is why I don't want this accepted. Maybe you won't? Maybe someone else will come along and do so.


 My criticism is simple, this cannot and never should and never will apply to combat in any way shape or form. Cannot and will not ever be used to metagame possible situations and cannot and will not be used as answer key magic.. Those found doing so should be outright punished to the severest extent of the magic team's capabilities. If this is kept in mind and ENFORCED then this should be fine to some variable degree. Otherwise, it's just a repeat of the disaster that was Muuntravista and will end in a manner worse then it did.


Edit: Oh.. And you can't teach it. Someone from the LT has to be hand picked to give it to players they trust enough to spread it on their own terms. We shouldn't give the lore writer the magic they wrote every single time it's added. At the very least, if they do let you be the primary teacher of it they should keep you on a short leash. 



Edited by drfate786

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