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[Denied][I] draja's Game Moderator Application

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IGN(s): draja, Elverhilin


Age 17


Timezone EST


Discord: draja#3597


What map did you join during?: Vailor


Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes


Average Daily Play Time? 6-7 hours, sometimes longer


Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: FM: November 1st, 2017 - April 30th, 2018
AT: October 19th, 2017 - March 3rd, 2018
LT: Feburary 14th, 2018 - now.


Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation?

I do. I have lead various different communities, namely amongst relatively notable minecraft servers such as Oxyrise, a minecraft factions experience, and in real life.


- Oxyrise was a vast minecraft factions server, unique in its own sense. I lead this community through developing and managing the staff team, as it was pretty large and needed a responsible and competent individual to lead it. There were very little problems throughout my tenure heading that section of the community, as I was able to keep a firm grip and come to know each and every individual on there. This chance had developed me as a leader, as someone who is capable of being careful and precise with decision making and helping. On top of this, we lost our community manager, so for a two month period, I lead various events to keep the players satisfied; such as KOTH's (King of the Hill), faction vs faction hunger games, PvP tournaments, et cetera. Following these two positions, I owned it and then sold it. However, I am back on the team as an Administrator to help keep everything together until the server releases. Note that I am only an Administrator there until it is back on its feet, because that server was an, admittedly, an important part of my life and I'd hate to see it go down with a finality.

- Minecraft Central is a tremendously sized server, filled with tedious toxicity but generic minecraft fun. I played this server for two years before my application acceptance, in which I became a Helper. A helper is like a trial Moderator, except it is recognized as a primary staff position. It is the lowest staff position moderation-wise. I never really advanced past this, as the server was too toxic and something I couldn't handle at the time. LOTC is far behind this server's toxicity, as a new DDoS story of the top person on the leaderboards or top faction leaders was an hourly occurrence. I resigned from Minecraft Central after a few months.

- There were others, mostly smaller ones. For example, there was a prisons server named Galaxy Prison, that would have 20-30 people on at once. These were more irrelevancies in the bigger picture but aided me in moderation nonetheless.

I know what you're thinking- well, that's nice draja. You have experiences in minecraft.
But WAIT! There's more.


- There is a beautiful camp in Massachusets called Camp Hi-rock, located in the Berkshires, which is a mountain range. Situated atop Mount Washington is where this camp rests. After spending many summers there, I was offered the opportunity to experience what it's like to lead teenagers en masse as a Leader in Training. Basically, I had to make sure they didn't get lost, sneak out, do drugs, get into fights- basically don't do anything dumb, which we're all aware teenagers are experienced in when parents aren't around. This experience aided me in getting to understand individuals easier, as well as trust and a foundational support for all forms of leadership.

- Going to a good Christian school, they tend to offer various leadership and spiritual retreats for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. And coming from a good Christian family, I'm forced to go on a lot of them. However, I cannot deny that they have aided me in the longrun. Both Kairos, where I lead freshman on a spiritual retreat, and a retreat where I went to a college campus many states away (why I was just on hiatus), both gave me the information I need on both leading groups of individuals, and understanding humans and their nature. Something you may have noticed in LOTC's community, is that it hosts the most wild specimens of human nature: so I can assure you this will help me as a Game Moderator.

- Student government is great too.


Why do you want to join the GM Team?:



I enjoy Game Moderating.


Game Moderating is an experience that I have always been comfortable with. I started many years ago, and this aspect of any server is something I always would like to partake in. It's not for any particular reason, besides the fact that I feel comfortable in that position and I find it fun. Fun. Yes, you heard me correctly. I'm a pretty weird dude, so although the fact that I use the word fun to describe moderating may be different to yours, it is definitely accurate for mine. Although I find it joyous and entertaining, it is a position I never take on lightheartedly, which is the reason I waited so long since joining that I began applying with my previous application.


I want to be someone the community can trust in.


There have also been talks of staff team bias, namely GM. I come from one of the communities spouting such. Although I never speak it myself, nor necessarily believe in it, I want to give the community I am involved in an individual that they can believe are making unbiased decisions. And if I need to punish one for being in the wrong, and I am turned on for that, so be it. They inertly know I am not biased against them, so this would just be chipping away at the rock that these screams of bias make up. My goal on this team is to develop relationships with both it's current members, as well as expand my knowledge of all player bases on an OOC basis, so I can maintain the RP I enjoy but also understand others.


 I can bring creative ideas and thoughts.


I've grown incredibly used to the process of moderation over my years, having to need to repeat it on numerous occasions. So, I know that to have a successful moderation team, you need to have community support as well as maintain little ambiguity for day-to-day operations or community affecting additions or subtractions. I can, hopefully, bring this idea to the team and present it on a more ideal grounds. Whether it comes to fruition or not isn't an issue. I am sure other ideas will come to mind, that can be far more productive and help everyone. I want to have a lasting effect on the current players and those to come before I depart LOTC, and this team is perfect for that.



Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application:



Anything else you want to tell us?:



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Draja is a really good guy, high quality roleplay and I believe he could be apart of the Game moderator team with his experience in other Classes and he seems to be a person who can handle this stuff. Overall he is mature enough to be a staff member on lotc.

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───███▓▓───────────────────── ▓▓▓███

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He might be a hacker but I gotta drop a +1 anyways


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ill join in on the meme










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Jumping on the meme. 



No, seriously, this guy is great. He's intelligent and knows the rules. I believe he'd be a good addition to the team. He's very laid back and relaxed and I believe has a good attitude for the team. He's also been around for quite some time and knows the lore (lore team, of course!) so he would be able to help players who are in need of help with power-gaming or anything like that. He's got a huge +! from me.

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Okay this boy, what to say, well he gets +1  from me. Why he's helpful most of the time , when he ain't beating me up, he has many okay characters and ummm I swear I didn't comment just because he is holding a blade to my back.

All joking aside Draja would make great addition to the team.

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Top lad honestly. Draja will be a massive gain to the team. +1

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Yes, +1 

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