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Reviving the Angathgul: The Naakh'Ilzgul

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Picking up the Hammer

The Revival of the Angathgul as the Naakh’Ilzgul







1576 - Departure

"And so the caravan came to a stop, their destination reached. It was a difficult journey, for not only was the distance great, but with each step the orcish shamans would feel themselves betraying their brethren. Shaking off these spins of thought, they focused on the real task at hand; their real goals, not those of false leaders, or the ambitions of a nation... no... The shamans know that their Spirituality is not to be bound to a nation, nor be oppressed by one. It is its own entity, and is to be preserved. Therefore... we moved. A campsite was built, and the orcs and various other descendants gathered around a fire. Here it would all start..."


1577 - Founding of Mokh'Ilzgul

In the Year 1577 the settlement of Mokh’Ilzgul was founded in Sutican lands - allied to the shamans of The Naakh.


1580 - The Druidic Unison



1584 - Shagaraths call to Faith



1588 - Founding of San'Zagh

In the Year 1588 the underground stronghold of San’Zagh was carved out of the solid rock of northern Axios. This would become the new base of operations for The Naakh.


1642 - Rest of the Angathgul

After many decades of good work, the Angathgul went down with Axios. The Order disbanded and it’s leadership scattered.


1647 - Founding of Ilzgul’Zagh

In the Year 1647 the underground grotto of Ilzgul’Zagh was made home to many wandering shamans of Atlas.


1671 - Revival of the Angathgul: The Naakh’Ilzgul

Upon the initiative of Shagarath, the Shamanic Order was remade and named Naakh’Ilzgul: The Spirits’ Hand.


The Spirits’ Hand - Shamanic Order

“The Spirits Touch all” - The Uruk Buubztik of Lur, Late Vailor times


And so I, Shagarath, pick up the hammer and smite it upon the anvil to revive the Angathgul, now named Naakh’Ilzgul: The Spirits’ Hand. For we Spiritual servants are the ruling hand upon this Mortal realm. It is WE that abide their will and WE that execute their demands. For too long the Spiritual faith hath been cast aside, Spirits mocked and forsaken.


Now is the time for all descendant souls of Atlas to have the opportunity to show devotion. All that already follow and all that are intrigued are welcome. Let no ignorance on the topics of Spirituality or Shamanism stand to create unnecessary conflict. Let the spirits be praised by all, for they Touch All, not just the sons and daughters of Krug.


This is how I preach to you, denizens of the mortal realm. A speaker from the spirits. These are my teachings for all who agree to follow.


“Afar Ilzgul, Lup Ilzgul!”

“Praise the Spirits, Fear the Spirits!”






The Shamanic and Spiritual faith has long been a tight organisation; a clique if you will. Now the time has come for all to prosper and spread the faith. If shown to be loyal and to have proven their devotion to the Spirits, all descendant life should be able to take part in worshipping and serving the Spirits.



All still know the horrors, that brought down the Realm of Vailor, and the Shamanic council knows well that such should be prevented at all cost. The blind ambition of a single shaman brought forth the end of a Realm, and the destruction of a Spirit. The Spiritual Realms were out of balance, for no Spirit should become powerful enough to access the Realm of Mortals. Therefore, we task ourselves with maintaining the balance that has been restored with Orgon’s destruction.



Furthermore, the council and members shall occupy themselves and devote their time to aiding all in need of their guidance, council, or help. Among these services are:

the contacting of Ancestors, the creation of curses, che aid in elemental matter (Such as moving boulders from paths), the creation of Spirit imbued items, and bestowing blessings.



Lastly we shall fight and condemn all that is unholy, undead, or unnatural. Those who play with lifeforce, create abominations that are from beyond this Realm, or access and use the void in a manner that is self serving and harmful to both the Realm and Others shall be purged. The order wishes to clean the Realm of such filth.




As said numerous times, any descendant that is motivated, loyal and devoted enough shall be tested and accepted. Shaman Elder has the ability to accept a new member and thus it is advised to find out these individuals and speak with them.


- To join the Naakh’Ilzgul is not to bound one’s soul for life. It is merely to pact themselves with like minded souls to better serve the greater good of Spirituality.

- To join one must be Spiritually attuned or be willing to follow the Spiritual path. This entails that the person lives by the ways of The Spirits and wishes to serve and please them.

- Upon joining one is not guaranteed to be gifted the shamanic arts.

- A joined member shall live by the rules of those that lead the order and both agree and enforce their stance as listed below.

- Members shall respect the alliances that are and were made.

- Acting against the interest of the Naakh’Ilzgul shall result in banishment or punishments.



Stance of the Naakh’Ilzgul

The Naakh promotes peace among Descendants and the spread of the spiritual faith among them.


The Naakh answers to the Spirits, and Spirits alone. Mortal leaders of nations and land are not acknowledged to have power over them. They are left be if they form no obstruction.


The Naakh recognizes other beings of Aengelic nature, and those that follow them. They are left be if they form no obstruction.


The Naakh condems that which is unnatural and undead, and shall act to purge such.


The Naakh condems that which falls under the taboo of Dark Shamanism, and shall act to purge such.


The Naakh condems those that access the abnormality that is the void in a self serving and harmful manner towards the Realm and the Descendants, and shall act to purge such.


The Naakh recognizes and respects the Aspects and their followers as separate entities that act alongside Freygoth and work in Unison.


The Naakh supports the Temple of the Ancestors and the Dark Elven religion within Velunor of the Dominion, for their ancestors and ours live alongside one another.


An attached note:

This message to any remaining Raguk uruks that wander the Realm: come see us should you wish to speak with your ancestor Kharak’Raguk, or to be granted your red-skin birthright of forging bloodsteel.

In the early days of Angathgul, there was an alliance between the Raguks and Shamans. We would wish for this alliance to live once more.


[ooc: Hedgehug#2111 for anonymous letters]



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The old lutauman rattled in his hazy den. Puffing his pipe he recalled a time of incline for shamanic ways. A camp of all kinds worshiping and praising the Spirits. Totems and shrines dotting the mountains side and cohorts of shaman roaming the land together in an effort to preserve balance. A time would come once again for the Spirits to rise.


“Afar Ilzgul, Lup Ilzgul.”

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5 hours ago, HedgeHug said:

The Naakh promotes peace among Descendants and the spread of the spiritual faith among them.

"Zhamanizm iz a relijun uf peez." Zrarly mutters in his sleep, while on a voyage of course!

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Carsandra is handed the flyer by one of the Preist's, she reads it, nodding, then pockets it.


"Seems interesting."

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Shakul shakes his head. "Diz organizayzhun wud bi hozhur iv lat nub triyd tu mayk peez. Urukz nub lib ah wey ub peez. Wagh am dah ztayt ub urukz. Wagh iz nezzezzari. Peezmungerin' am nub'hozh. wehn lat haz zkahz dat peep tu wulk ull uvvah lat."

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