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Shadow of the Empire [OOC] [APP}

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Shadow of the Empire



(may have to zoom in to see cities & capitals)


Shadow of the Empire is an Alt-history scenario. In this particular scenario, Rome does not rise to dominance. It rises as a republic, presenting ideals and a foundation for a system of government for other nations, But it does not expand outwards, chosing instead to remain as a small city-state.  In modern France, a northern tribe, subjugates most of the region before a kingdom is established. Power is cemented in the city of Paris before strings of conquests and campaigns conquer much of modern day Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, North Africa, & Egypt. Any questions regarding this can be brought to me on discord @SUPREME leader#1328


The year is 700, Imperial might that once stretched from the corners of the known world begins to wane. Corruption and poverty runs rampant through Imperial cities that were once the pinnacle of civilization. Death is a commodity, sixteen years ago, the Great Dying killed thousands not only in Imperial lands, but across the  Mediterranean world. Only now are population centers recovering. At the height of Imperial power, the British Isles were core Imperial holdings, but no longer. Barbarians and self proclaimed ‘Sea Kings’ alike devastate the province. In Ireland, only one bastion of the Empire remains. Costly wars in Italy and Egypt drained Imperial coffers and almost completely destroyed the once supreme Imperial army. The Empire is beset on all sides... the fringes of the imperial territory is in chaos. Iberian revolts cause devastation and death across the region. Raiders from the north pillage coastal cities, Germanic and Slavic tribes push ever westward, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Invasion from the newly established Republic of Italy seems imminent.


Nation Info


Nations are organized into different groups, different groups have similar cultures and/or start with different technologies, certain groups may not have access to certain units/technologies. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) All nations are playable!


Imperial - The Empire, Imperial State of Egypt

Eastern Kingdom - Perisan Empire, Sultanate of Arabia, Kingdom of Jerusalem

Iberian Kingdoms - Leon, Andalusia, Iberian Empire

English Kingdoms - Kingdom of Mercia, Kingdom of Wales, Summerset

Greek States - Epirus, Athens, Ionia, Byzantium, Macedon

Sea Kingdoms - Norway, Denmark, Sweden

Germanic Tribes - Saxons, Sicrii, Vandals

Celtic Tribes - Clan O’Neil, Highland Confederacy

Slavic Tribes - Myagars, Crimea




Absolutely no meta or powergaming is permitted


Starting stats & Game rules can be found on the spreadsheet here ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aUtezeaIMVs_SUE_S4i_PwEIdODPT-1Nv8eYzKRWVtk/edit?usp=sharing  )


You are expected to act in a way that seems logical for your nation. I will not allow alliances or agreements that do not make sense within the RP.


This FRP will use a AP system similar to Starfare and Onwards. further question regarding this can be brought up with me.


(Im aware of how poorly my last frp was executed, but this once is an entirely clean slate, better discord, better system, more fun!)






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you got meh discord 
Nation: recerve Sultanate of arabia

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