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Shadow of the Empire [RP]

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The Kingdom of Venice





A man halts his horse next to an elaborate cart of red and gold. He raps his leatherbound knuckles on the frame sharply. “Sir, we have arrived in Rome.”


“Send the pigeon.”


“Yes, sir.”


As the Venetian envoys arrive to Rome, a series of pigeons fly back to Venice with news of their arrival. The fleet rocks and creaks at harbor, waiting patiently for the small dots on the horizon. When they arrive, so do their orders to deploy. Sails snap and crack in the wind, drums boom like an earthquake and cries emanate from the galleys as whips snap over the backs of the galley men. At their head, upon the tower of the Da Lontano La Decima, the Crown Prince. He raises his hand and the fleets move forward, cutting through the waves and flowing into the Adriatic.


In Rome, after many delays and back and forth, the Venetian diplomats finally announce to the Roman Senate their reasons for coming, the end of their defensive treaty and war.




A formal declaration of war is read out to the Senate as the fleet sweeps through the Adriatic. Any Roman ship sighted is approached peacefully, then surrounded and forced to surrender or be boarded. Deception plays its part, though the Venetians time it carefully enough that the declaration of war occurs roughly at the same time as the interceptions. Ships that surrender would be towed, under guard. Any other is attakced until it sinks, or the crew is dead.


The terms read in Rome read as such:


Declaration of War upon the Second Roman Republic


The Kingdom of Venice

The Kingdom of Byzantium

The Republic of Athens

The Kingdom of Macedon

The Kingdom of Ionia


Hereby declare war upon the Second Roman Republic, for the reconquest of Magna Graecia and the curbing of expansionist ideals within the Roman Republic. Peace will be had only if these terms are met:


-The Second Roman Republic will cede all lands bar those on the African continent. These lands to be ceded include Corsica, Malta, Sicily, Ragusa and the Italian Peninsula.


The Roman Senate will be escorted to their new holdings, and allowed to live in peace upon the African continent.


These are the terms set and signed by the following:



Signed, His Grace Giovanni Achille Anafesto, First King of Venice.

Signed, His Grace Justinian, the First of His Name, King of Byzantium.

Signed, His Grace Antiochos of the Dynasty Argead, Descendant of Alexander III of Macedon called the Great, Basileus of Macedon

Signed, Tyrannos Denys of Athens, Head of the Athenian Republic

Signed, His Grace Attalus the Second of the Nicator Dynasty, Basileus of Ionia and Cyprus





12 AP into Business (12/25) (37/50)

6 AP into two Galleys

2 Ap into Basic Infantry


3 RP

3 RP into Crossbows (6/15)

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Image result for Byzantine Empire coat of arms


Leader: King Justinian I Darius

Age: 41

Heir: Crown Prince Alexius Darius

Age: 19


Prince Justinian Darius


Queen Maria Darius

Age: 38

Princess Justina  Darius


Prince Domnicus Darius

Age: 13


17,000 Standing Army

Navy:  2 galley

Population: 778,812 + 5% pop growth= 817,753  pop

Alliance with:

The Empire

Imperial Egypt

The League of  Olynthus


Trade with:





Ap: 17  per turn


Justinian stands in the harbor of Constantinople, 6,000 men stood before him, 3,000 medium Infantry, 2,000 Pikemen, and 1,000 Bowmen. They were about to march to the coast, Meanwhile Marcos was sent back to Crimea to deal with rumors of a rebellion. He scanned the faces of men before speaking.

“Brothers, sons of Byzantium, long have our fellow Greek been under control of the Italians. Today you sail fight alongside all of Greece to free our people. We fight not glory, nor riches but for the freedom of our brothers and sisters. I Rómi prépei na katastrafeí!”

The whole army lets out their warcry,

“I Rómi prépei na katastrafeí!”



5 ap the +land is colonized between Byzantium and Crimea.

Justinian Darius son of Crown Prince Alexius is born.

Researching Heavy Cavalry (11/35 RP)

6,000 men are sent to march to the Adriatic coast to await transport, alongside the rest of Leagues army

7 ap. the first unit of Varangian Guard are trained in the capital to protect the King.

(5ap) 1,000 pikemen are trained, and 1,000 bowmen

((Sorry for the short rp, I only had time for actions and a small rp part. Next one I promise will be longer.))

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The Athenian Republic




High Mediator: Denys of Athens


Orator Plato - Philosopher in College of Athens

Orator Iranaeus - Mayor of Lamia

Orator Judaeus - Leader of Judaeus’ Brigands

Orator Ptolemy - Engineer in College of Athens



Declaration of War!

After much discussion, it has been decided that the Athenian Republic shall formally declare war on the Second Roman Republic, along with the rest of her Greek States. As such we are now beginning a large recruitment campaign in all provinces. Any Athenian able to join the Republic in this war effort is asked to do so.




In other news galleys are to be constructed, but they are not for the war effort. Instead these are to go to the new mercenary company that has been formed in the year prior. With these we will be able to be hired anywhere across the Mediterranean, increasing our potential profits ten-fold.



Population: 371,630 + 22,297 (+6%)

AP: 4 (Base) + 4 (Cap) + 1 (City) + 2 (biz) + 6 (Trade) = 17 (Ttl)

Ptolemy continues his research into well-made armor [2 RP to: LevyT2 4/15]

[6 AP] Athens creates galleys for Judaeus’ Brigands [2 Galleys]

[5 AP] Annual funds granted to construction of the University [11/25 UNI]

[6 AP] Continued recruitment campaign [2k Pikemen]

2k Pikemen begin their march towards Ragusa, to be shipped off to the warfront!


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Turn 4

Arabian Sultanate


Current Leader

Hakim Al-Din



Major city in control

Medina [Capital]




Total Population


Non agression pact with



Kingdom of Jerusalem

[attack on muslims or people will be consider attack on the sultanate]

Defensive alliances

Every muslim town or nation

Imperial state of Egypt


Trade with Nations



Kingdom of jerusalem




4 AP [default]

1 AP [pop]

4 AP [Capital]





18 AP

[+ 6 AP gift from Egypt]

24 [this turn]


Medina, Aqaba, Hail Mecca abuzz with excitement a business was constructed in Medina and now another business is being built already near completion“Sir! We have trade with jews!” the messenger erupted in the hall the sultan shook his head after daydreaming “ah good.. Have the messenger from andalusia came back?” Hakim ask “la sir” the messenger said “we shall wait then.” Hakim says watching the city's gate patiently waiting, however not all was well, News of war reach the sultans ear as he heard of the byzantine and the greeks war in the north, and a rebellion in spain that was near to its fall, With egypt and Arabia became friends through trade and understanding for need of peace and prosperity. “Messenger from Andalusia has arrived!” the page said “what did they reply?” Sultan hakim ask “TRADE SIR! And they arrived with goods already!” the messenger says without breath smiling happily “Alhumdillah!”


[0AP] The Army is to patrol the nation making sure the the country is safe and secured from bandits and raiders as well as scouts to make sure there is no possible invasion.

[22 AP] invest into BIZ {25/25}

[2 AP] Trade mission

[0AP] Send out scouts for information

[0AP] replies back to Al tanifah

[2RP] Researching medium cav {8/30}


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Clan Thomond



Chieftain: Cathal Dál gCais

Son: Colin Dál gCais

Population: 510,457




(Cathal Dál gCais in the year 703)

The last of the troops trained to defend the coast from possible invaders is made. Now Chieftain Cathal orders businesses to be made especially in the new city.






- Crossbows [5/15]

- business [2/25]

- trained more gallowglass

Edited by Otto Hohenzollern

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Yngling Dynasty


King Dag and his retinue hung very close to the braziers in their tent. They have been freezing their balls off for two years now. And still the Norwegians remained hidden in the winter landscape. Many had loudly argued for a brave push. At the start of the year this was even a reality. But the Danes had left the Swedish advance, killing it. And now it was back to.. this. Some ungodly siege without the castles. Well Dag was having none of it. Even now a massive war fleet is assembling to carry the fight to the enemy.


The war with Norway will continue as a seemingly endless grind. It was *** for tat engagements, with no decisive battle. But the Swedish/Danish alliance was resolute. They would dig their heels in, and keep building up. In other news more and more independent Swede's are exploring. They are setting off into the Baltic on personal missions of glory and wealth. Many stop by the new Longsword Company. They establish a friendly network. Eventually King Dag offers trade and protection of the island with his war fleets.


Ap; 22


Recruiting 2k Wolfskins; (12 AP)


Recruiting transports (10 AP)

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K I N G D O M   O F   D E N M A R K



The Battle of Aarhus had been an immensely bloody affair. After a daring night-time raid failed at destroying the Saxon siege engines, the first day started with the constant thunderous din of catapult fire against the city wall.



Fairly soon the Saxons had succeeded in creating several breaches in the walls of Aarhus, charging through them to engage the Danish defenders. An attempt at getting access to the walls was thwarted by quick-thinking infantry on them, who burned the makers of the attempt with pitch and torch. Nonetheless, the day was certainly not one of glory and honour for the Danes, for whom the outlook was bleak throughout. The assault quickly devolved into a bloodbath, with neither side gaining ground (save for one of the Saxon breaches) but both sides taking heavy casualties. It eventually started growing too late to fight, and the Saxons retreated to their warcamp in the early afternoon - much to the relief of the Danes.


However, the greatest relief came as the majority of the Saxon army simply left the siege after the first day of combat. King Hardeknud had ordered his forces in Holland to enter Saxon territory and begin raiding their unprotected villages and towns. The Saxons eventually heard of this and, presumedly decided that protecting their families was of more import than fighting on behalf of the Norwegian King, went to go deal with them. 


The rest of the Saxon army, not bold enough to stage an assault with their now depleted numbers, eventually left away - some deserting, but most eventually ordered back to Saxony. The sense of relief across the Danish lands was great; for a long while it seemed the capital would fall. But the victory laurels were not to be sat on. Hardeknud immediately went about preparing for a new invasion, one which would secure Danish prosperity and greatness.


Although the King had already moved court to Copenhagen last year, he only officially transfers the capital of the Danish empire from Aarhus this year - it would likely have prompted a demoralisation if he had done so while the city was under siege. Most of Copenhagen had been reconstructed, which had allowed for the city to become much greater than it had previously. Proper sewers had been dug out, proper roads had been paved, and proper housing had been constructed - all in a prestigious and distinctly Imperial style of architecture. 


Meanwhile, in Jutland, 2,000 Vikinger are raised: elite infantry with immense skill at naval invasion. The Danish force that had initially gone into Sweden but had turned around once the Saxons invaded make their way to Sjaelland, where they join up with the forces stationed there. The united army then also make their way to Jutland, where the medium infantry are also given the training and equipment necessary to become Vikinger. More transport ships are constructed to actually ferry this invasion army to its likely target, and end this war once an for all.



2 Units of Vikinger [10AP]

Upgrading 4 Units Medium Infantry to Vikinger [4AP]

Transports [1AP]

T2 Medium Infantry [8/20RP]


Denmark Info




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The Kingdom of Macedon


Royal Council of Macedon

Antiochos of the Argead Dynasty, Basileus (King) of Macedon

Herakleios, Polemarchos (General)

Lysimachos, Oikonomos (Steward)

Sosigenes, Archbishop of Macedon

Theophilia, Hetaira of the Basileus


Trade Agreements





Royal Family

Antiochos, Basileus, 20

Polyxene, Basileia, 19

Jason, Heir to Macedon, 18

Atalante, 17


((No RP bit rn, just getting this up so it’s in.))


833,329 Population
4 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 4= 15 AP

Recruiting 1k Shield Bearers (8 AP)


Recruiting 500 Companion Cavalry (6 AP)


1 AP into Business in Pella (7/25 AP)


Researching Heavy Cavalry (13/35 RP)


3k Pikemen, 2k bows, 1k of Shieldbearers, 500 Light Cavalry, and 3.5k medium infantry invade Italy, led by Antiochos.

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Clan O'Neill





[16/25ap] more business investments


[4/15RP] T2 bows


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The Kingdom of Mercia




AP - 17/turn

4 (Base) + 4 (Capital) + 4 (From Cities)  + 1 (From Pop) + 4 (trade)


Trade Relations: The Empire, Somerset, Thomond, Saxony


Population: 613,480 + 100,000 (conquests) (Growth at 6% per annum) = 756,290


Technology Level: B




704 A.D.  - Turn 4

Securing East Anglia would be a relatively simple task as English regular soldiers cleaned up remaining resistance.  Across the Kingdom, a holiday was proclaimed in recognition of the reclamation of what was rightfully English patrimony.  Despite the merriments, King Æthelred wasted no time. Work began on the construction of of a series of lighthouses along the Mercian coastline, ones similar to that of the Roman frontier on the Rhine.  At night, each one carried a fire and a set of mirrors that allowed the light to be focused on a specific location. They would be built at intervals across the coastline, and at the first sight of danger, the men at the tower would light a fire signal which would alert the Kingdom of a pending invasion.


Meanwhile a royal taskforce would set about removing Nordic influences from East Anglia, and re-establishing rightful anglo-saxon nobility.  The nobles holding lands on the coast are offered the special title of Marquess, to make special efforts to fortify and defend the English coast against foreign incursion.


Military Strength in Review:

6,000 Basic Infantry

1,000 light infantry

5,000 medium infantry

3,000 Bowmen

1,000 Longbowmen

500 light cavalry

3 catapults

24 ballistas

4 ladders



Paying for the Longsword company - 8 AP

Construction of 3 Knarrs - 6 AP


Constructing the Sea Lighthouse Wall  - 3 AP


8/35 RP into Heavy Cav



Emissaries are sent to Thomond

Edited by Vetren54

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Xassa Eranshahr






Imperial Actions



After the disastrous breakdown of the Greek States pact, Persian diplomats move quickly and assume Suzerainty over Ionia, now to be reinvented as the classic kingdom of Lydia, under Persian Protection and finance.


The MASS CALL of the Persian Grand Army would be sounded, and troops would begin to marshal at Antioch, the entirety of the Persian Army.


Trade Relations


Trade with the Kingdom of Judea

Trade with the Kingdom of Lydia

Trade with the Kingdom of Arabia

Trade with the village of At-Talifeh

Trade with Venice


Political Relations

Guarantor of Judea’s Independence

Non Aggression pact with the Kingdom of Arabia

Non Aggression Pact with the Village of At-Talifeh  

Overlord of the Kingdom of Lydia




Leader: Shahanshah Anushiruwan Achmaenes (+4 Base AP)

Capital: Imperial Capital, Susa. (+4 AP)

Population: 3450000 + 7% = 3,949,905 (+6 AP)

Trade Relations: 4 (+4 AP)

Technology Level: A

Cities: 4 = 4 (+4 AP)

Resources: 1 (1 AP)

Action Points per turn: 24


Armed Forces

Light Infantry: 4,000

Medium Infantry: 3,000

Heavy Infantry: 2,000

Archers: 5,000

Light Cavalry: 500




Construction is complete upon the (University) (25/25 AP)(COMPLETE) +1 RP

Silk road investments finalize! (Business) (25/25 AP) (COMPLETE) +2 AP

Babylonian Irrigation is complete! (Agriculture) (20/20 AP) (COMPLETE) +1% Growth

Reparations paid to the Venetian King. (2 AP)

Gift given to the Newly Christened Lydian King. (2 AP)


24 out of 24 AP used.


Research Points: 12/30 into Medium Cavalry technology.


Edited by Hanrahan

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The Norwegian Kingdom


King of Norway: Haakon Haraldsson

        High Jarl of Bangor: Halfdan Haraldsson

        Jarl of the Stranded: Eric Gormsson

        Capitol: Oslo

        Population: 585,000

        Technology Level: B

        Cities: 2 (Including Capitol)

        AP: 16




The Bored King

Are they going to attack, or not? King Haakon asked himself, drumming his fingers atop the hilt of his blade for the tenth minute straight. I guess I will have to take the fight to them.





The Exile


It had been two years, but finally the small families and loyal individuals who had followed Jarl Eric Gormsson were at sea. The journey to the north had claimed the lives of many, namely the Fiscere family, but at last the boats were out and away. New land for those truly loyal to King Haakon, yes. A place to be free from the war, the traitors, and the usurpers who had forced Eric from his home in the first place.


The cold spray of the ocean occasionally drizzled upon Eric’s face, but he minded it little. It was freedom from the killers back in Norway, and the war they were fighting with the Swedes and Danes. Jarl Eric looked back out to the wide expanse in front of him. Home.





The Proven Brother


That is how it’s done. Now I just need more of them. Jarl Halfdan thought, smiling to himself as he read the report of the Battle of Ruthin. Now time to go north.







  • 8/20 RP in heavy infantry.

  • Jarl Halfdan Haraldsson recruits two units of medium infantry (2,000), two units of archers (2,000), two units of ballista (16), and one unit of basic infantry (1,000). [16 AP]


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Tribes of the Vandals


Ruler: Beucad of Clan Theudegisklos, King of the Vandals

Capital: Luppla (Bernburg)

Trade Agreements: Magyars and the Saxons

Pacts of Non-Aggression: The Saxons




Population: 368,125

Base (4) + Capital (4) + Trade (2) + Agri (1) - 11 AP

Vandals begin training and conscripting a unit of capable bowmen for the upcoming raid. (2 AP)

The Vandals once more arrange the organization of a raiding party, being led by King Beucad, to make way towards the lands of Scirii in an effort to convince the Scirii to join their raid, before heading south towards eastern Venice. 100 Bowmen, 250 Medium Infantry, 100 Harii. (8 AP)

Investments begin on a new market area in Luppla. (1/25 AP)

Research progresses on improving the defenses and fortifications of the Tribes. (4/10 RP)

Edited by Vilebranch

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The Kingdom of Lydia

(Formerly known as Kingdom of Ionia)




Ruler: Basileus Lykaios of the Nicator dynasty (Age 0)

Regent: Basilis Philia of Cyprus (Age 22)

Issue: None

Capital: Pergamon

Cities: Attalya


Greek War Camp near Bari


As the sun began to rise on the camp, the land itself was ominously peaceful, the only sound being the distant crashing of the waves nearby and the squeaking of crows flying over head. The camp itself was a horrific scene, tents left mangled and trampled upon the ground with only a few tents still left in a poor condition standing. On the eastern side of the camp closest to the coast much of the land is left burnt and scarred, smoldering piles of what used to be tents or supplies laying there from the night before. The smell of fire still lingering in the air, only second to the smell of rotting corpses. The corpses were strewn all across the camp. Some men were left dead with deep gashes and wounds all across their bodies, some others their throats slit in their sleep, with the dead only growing in number in the eastern reaches of the camp. Here the dead’s number was greatest, many men left with arrows still stuck within their bodies or impaled on the ends of pikes, a great number of them all burned and charred, a grotesque sight for any unfortunate enough to see. While the deaths varied from murders, to battle wounds, to flame, there was still one thing in common between all the men. They were Greeks. Macedonians. Byzantines, Athenians, Ionians, all of them kin and sons of Greece. All of them killed at the hands of their own kind, their own brothers. In the largest tent of the camp left standing, the bodies of Antiochos of Macedon, Judaeus of Athens, and Attalus of Ionia would lay. All men leaders and beacons of prosperity for Greece, dead at the hands of the Byzantine brothers. Some would come to say this was the greatest of all the Greek tragedies, as kin turned and slain each other in the name of foreign powers.


Palace of Cyprus, The Kingdom of Ionia


Basilis Philia sat upon the throne with a cold look on her face, any sign of emotion devoid from her gaze as she carefully watched the Persian envoy approaching the throne, observing him for a moment as he knelt, waiting for her acknowledgement. She frowned as she felt the clothed babe in her arms begin to stir, the child oddly quiet as she stood up carefully, making sure to keep a firm grasp on him and avoid upsetting him. Philia approached the envoy slowly, the man still knelt as she finally broke the tense silence, bluntly asking “What do you want.” as she stopped a few feet in front of him, shifting in spot as she held the babe close to her chest. The few guards within the room would stand there motionless, a few out of the Basilis’ view glancing at each other with looks of concern as she addressed the Persian. The man would then stand up, bowing his head and finally speaking “My Shah wishes to send his apologies for your husband you highness… he expressed great sorrow when he learned the manner of his death at the hands of the treacherous Byzantines.” The Basilis blinked, looking away from the envoy for the first time at the mention of Attalus’ death. Once he finished she merely scoffed, retorting that “The Shah cares not for my husband’s fall. Why are you here?” she’d once again demand, though now the seemingly cold act was betrayed by the hesitation in her voice. The Persian gulped, raising his head for the first time and looking at her directly “The Shah has taken careful watch of the situation in Greece, and has sent me to present an agreement that can benefit both our nation's… ensuring the Shah’s rise in influence in the West, and your Kingdom’s protection and flourishment under him.” he’d finish, a nervous twinge now in his voice. Philia quickly turned back to face him once more, now neither her cold exterior or hints of melancholy on her face but pure rage at the proposal. “So the Shah seeks to seize on the fragile state of Ionia and take our lands for his own, just as the Byzantines sought to half a decade before? The answer is still the same, Ionia will not surrender itself unto it’s enemies, we shall fight to our death if we must.” she’d finish, her voice nearly reaching a scream by the end of her rant. The envoy, quickly shaking his head and glancing at the guards around the room began to speak quickly, nearly stumbling over his words as he tried to explain “N-no your highness, our great Shah merely seeks to bring your people back under ou-our protection in return for your loyalty to him.”. He’d gulp as he finished, his rigid body relaxing a bit as the Basilis’ look of rage turned into a mixture of confusion and curiosity waving a hand as if to encourage him to continue. The Persian would take a deep breath, continuing to lay out the terms in a slower and calmer pace now “No tributes of wealth are required from your people, and the lands you hold shall remain yours as long as you remain a loyal satryp to the Shah. He merely asks you provide him with men in any wars he calls you to and consult him on any matters of foreign affairs. Furthermore he promises great rewards of wealth and land in return for your continued loyalty of course, as those who align themselves with the Shah share in his great wealth and prosperity.” As the envoy finished Philia merely bit her lip and closed her eyes, sitting there for a moment before opening them and looking down at the young Lykaios in her arms, nearly asleep once again. With a sigh she would begin pacing around the room, speaking to him once more “The Shah guarantees our safety and prosperity, yes? Will he come march her to fight the Byzantines, protect us before they strike at us once again?”. Nodding, he’d respond nearly gleefully “Of course he will, the Shah has expressed great concern over the Byzantines actions and has already begun to assemble an army to march here in order to protect Ionia… only if you accept of course” he’d add on the confidence with which he came into the court seemingly returned. Philia continued to pace in front of the throne, considering the man’s words for several minutes before abruptly stopping and snapping at one of the closest guards “Arrange a messenger to be sent back to Pergamon, I need the councillor Thales to begin mustering an army for the defense against any further Byzantine aggression and to deal with any envoys or messages sent for me.” She would turn back towards the messenger, himself now slightly curious about her actions “I accept your Shah’s generous offer, and in return we shall return to the Persian fold as Lydia once more…” she’d pause, looking down at Lykiaos once more before finishing “On the condition that we have an audience with him and spend some time negotiating the finer details. I would like to know this great ‘King of Kings’ if my son is to one day swear to him.” The Persian, now beaming, would nod eagerly “Of course, once I return to the capital we can surely arran-” he’d begin, before she interjection “Ah, now that will not work, I intend to return with you now… I wish to meet him as soon as possible, and see if this army can truly protect us if it even exists. If this cannot be accepted then I cannot swear to him on behalf of my son.” He frowned for a moment, considering the idea before nodding “I suppose that can be sufficient. Shall we leave in say, three days time? That should be enough for any preparations?” After affirming this with a nod a few other details were discussed, Philia soon after having a guard escort him to his chambers during his stay as she sat back down upon the throne, whispering to herself and Lykaios.




Population : 471,912 + 6% =500,226


Trade with Macedon, Athens, Persia, and Jerusalem


Member of the League of Olythus


4 Base + 4 Capital +1 Pop + 1 City +4 Trade + 2 Business + 2 From Persia = 18 AP


Recruitment of 500 Lydian Cav (6 AP), 1,000 Bowmen (2 AP), 1,000 Medium Infantry (4 AP), and 2,000 Pikemen (6 AP) in Pergamon


Investing in business in Attalya (4/25 AP)


Researching Galleys T2 (8/15)


Denouncement of Byzantium


Vassalage Sworn to Persia, title of Ionia destroyed and establishment of Kingdom of Lydia, with new assorted flags and heraldry

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