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The Treaty of the Order of Ursus and Vasile

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The Treaty of the Order of Ursus and Vasile

10th of The Amber Cold, 1679





I, Charles Halcourt, Baron of Vasile, Colonel of the Guard de Vasilie, do hereby give my permission to the Order of Ursus to operate freely on my land. They are allowed to patrol the fields, train alongside my Ordermen and help defend my Land. In return, we will assist each other in future conflicts.


Section I:

House Halcourt, Barony of Vasile, will support House Devereux in their effort to restore the Curonic culture and virtue



-Charles Frederick of House Halcourt

Baron of Vasile, Colonel of Guard de Vasilie


-Wilhelm Karl of House Devereux

Patriarch of House Devereux


-Edward of House Devereux

Grandmaster of the Order of the Ursus


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