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[Story] Karren's Ether

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Everybody lives.


Everybody dies.


Stories End.


Stories Begin.


Karren Myrsta felt the cold and unyielding grasp of the Reaper, living to tell the tale of the Regeneration to those he'd call friends. Feanor, Arwenia, Leolin, Ally moon, and even the Praetor himself were just a few people out of the many who began to hear the tale of the Regeneration and the man who rose from the cold icy grip of Death, wielding knowledge of the powers of the Dark Magics that govern over the dark creatures and users of the magic. He begun to see how death worked to fuel their spells and in many ways, this added to his already accumulating research on the new type of magic he wanted to try and learn.


In this magic, the users of the magic are able to understand the balance between all things, living and not. They are able to pull the weaknesses and strengths of the various schools of magic, forging them into powerful spells that can be used to attack multiple enemies or even just one enemy at a time, forge barriers strong enough to keep enemies at bay, and even cast healing spells upon those who the caster deems an ally.

Even then, with this magic, dangers come knocking.

The question is if Karren can protect the one thing that was given back to him. Can he protect Karren's Ether?

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