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Skarpefanger Clan

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Clan Skarpefanger

“Vows made in ash. We gonna see world burn many more times ‘n nei once we will stop. Where be fire, there be ash, where be ash, we gonna find home.”



    Despite young age of the clan, first mentions of ancestors reach back to Orenian Empire, around the time it was destined to fall. First of the family to be seen around Axios has deeply entwined his fate with House Amador, loyal vassals of Haensic Kingdom. Yet it was only a century later before it has grown enough to begin forming truly. Once kingdom has fallen, and refugees took shelter under Wulffreys command. With Graise Fleet being created, it didn’t take long to hear promising words from him.


“Today be the day clan be formed. Today be the day

tha’ world learns ‘bout Skarpefangers. We stand united

‘s family, ‘s clan, ‘s one in blood.”


Clan Structure


The Graise Fleet sailing to safety down north






Yfimdar - Chieftain of the clan, one to lead and decide. He is not to be chosen by inheritance, but by last chieftains choice. Only that who is to be considered worthy should have upon his arms burden of leading the entire clan.
 If last chieftain was slain before making choice about inheritance, clan shall have a gathering where it shall be decided by seer who shall take over, woman, man, child, or elder, it doesn’t matter, as long as he/she’s considered a direct clan member, one who was either born in it and kept his rank, or one who was fully blooded into it.


Koraavaek - Seer of the clan, considered to be the wisest amongst rest, or simply most loyal. They are not known from magic, but more often than not it would happen that indeed they had touch with uncommon arts. Devoted to GOD, their title is more traditional than actual.
Seer is to be elected by Yfimdar as his right hand and advisor during any of the meetings. In the end, in case of death, Seer will be taking care of clan for few days before new ruler is chosen.

Vordur - Personal guards of Yfimdar. Only two can be chosen, and their main and almost only task is to ensure Yfimdars safety and wellbeing. To gain this title, is considered most honorable amongst all the warrior ranks.
Rather often it would occur so, that they would be sent off to guard Koraavaek especially during any missions given upon him. Those of Vordur that die during their service for Yfimdar are ensured to find everlasting happiness in afterlife.

Norvegr - Those who follow clan, despite not being a part of it. Commonly referred as simply followers. Yet to gain this title officially from Yfimdar, means to be acknowledged as part of the clan, and get the ability to enter some of the clans meetings.
If Norvegr manages to create family and conceive a child, it’ll be born with the same title, without need to gain it by deeds. Yet it’s worth remembering, that it can just as easily be lost.






Great Hall of Skarpefanger clan, heart of refugee camp





As history passes, so does life. No matter how great, every human has to die one day. And yet, greatness shall be known by sagas passed
from father to his son.

ᛝ Wulfery Bulvarsson ᛣ
First to arrive in Axios, son of Bulvar the great huscarl of Jarl Balgruf, Captain of Amador guards, last of his family.
“I ‘ave promised me loyalty, ‘n I ‘ave held it till last day I ‘ave served under ye. I nei be one to serve kings, but to protect ye, lord Amador.”


ᛉ Ruryk Wulfersson ᛣ
  Son of Wulfery, one to live in wilderness all his life, Beiras hunter.
“Do I smell berries? Or be it me momma?”


ᛗ Wulffrey Skarpefanger ᛣ
 Son of Ruryk, Kossin of The Graise Fleet, First Yfimdar of Skarpefanger clan, Drakeslayer, Screamerslayer, Oathstone bearer, Kings smith, One who opened Ice Walls gate.

“Vows made in ash.”


ᚻ Dainn Skarpefanger af Blackwood 
  Son of Wulffrey, Second Yfmidar of Skarpefanger clan



Clan culture and traditions


Amidst of seas Skarpefanger flagship sails for new Haense




Skarpefangers are of Gorundyr origin, culture that is considered by few to be long gone, for many to be not even known. They are some of the most likely last organised groups still holding seemingly true to old ways, or at least remain proud enough to say who they origin from.


As opposed to their ancestors, they are of Canonist Faith, following one true GOD.


They uphold well to tradition that involved coming of age. Once a boy is set to turn into adulthood, he would wander off into wilderness, where he had to withstand harsh conditions of snowy regions, surviving all alone for time that it took to reach some action worthy of saga, or trophy that could bring honor to his family.


As opposed to the common behaviour of Gorundyr kin, Skarpefangers prefer for the ceremony of marriage to be held with clan, and led by a priest of cannonist faith, more common for Haensic way.


This clan is well known for their smithing abilities, starting from Wulfery, the first to appear in Axios, who have been aiding local smith with gaining proper resources, and followed more strictly by Wulffrey who has became one of the most renowned human smiths, at least in southern regions of Atlas, becoming kings smith. One of his best creations from young years serves his majesty King Otto the Third in his afterlife.

They take great pride in their work, as each and every weapon, armor, tool created is meant to be an offering given from currently living ones to ancestors, to show that their teachings and their old ways are still upheld.


It comes deep in Skarpefanger clan blood to maintain loyalty to Haense, yet even when it is present, always calm and logical thinking takes first place. Haense is meant to survive, and even if shattered, it shall be reborn.

Praise Sigmar. Eternally loyal to him.


Blood pacts come as most firm way of assuring each others aid. They cause two clan families to be connected, and along all their ancestors shall feast in afterlife together till the day pact comes to end.


If amongst clans mate comes to conflict, Yfmidar may force them to duel each other as to solve all bad blood with one another. Duels shall not take part to death, unless one of the involved performed act deemed cruel enough. Terms and all connected shall be chosen by Yfmidar.

His involvement is not necessary if both sides agree to terms on how to deal with the issue, and deem that they know how to take care of it themselves.

If conflicted parties are bigger, then Yfmidar may call upon skirmish, in which both sides shall meet each other at battlefield. Even there death shall not be allowed unless clan elder decides elseway. This one can not be forced upon parties involved, they have to both agree to it.




Blooded Clans

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania The banner saga meeting

Saga of ancient giants clan, Thing between them and humans




Sons and daughters from all across realm, those who are part of Skarpefangers clan shall always remember who they are blooded with. It doesn’t only mean to protect each other, it doesn’t only meant to serve as ally of one another. To be blooded with someone means to become part of their family, as well as accept them into your own family. To join two clans, even if not living together, to protect one another as long as blood pact lasts. Do not betray your brethren, or else face eternity as oath breaker, as one who shall never meet glory after death.

Only death of that who made blooding can let it perish. For lifetime two clans swear to be at each other side, and protect one another, be that in battle, or be that by providing shelter or help in harsh times.

If one of the blood siblings die, it is up to his/their heir to reconnect clans, or let them split ways.



Clans blooded into Skarpefanger



ᛝ Clan Gallic ᛝ - Pact made between Wulffrey Skarpefanger and Gwion Gallic

ᛉ Clan Faroe ᛉ - Pact made between Wulffrey Skarpefanger and Karyssmov Faroe



Lands and establishments held by clan

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania viking village fantasy



Arberrang - A prominent village settled south from Markev, great capital city of Haense Kingdom. It's filled with life, as currently more people flock from all across realms to see what peculiar culture Gorundyr is.


Wulff’s Den Smithy - In heart of Markev boils a decent establishment. Filled with heat, filled with metals it sounds far and beyond in the cold capital of Haense, as hammers strike mighty on anvils, and forges roar in full might.



Clan Sagas


Skarpefanger clan traveling through Yatl Wasteland




Amongst all that comes and goes, stories written on paper are known the best. Yet with some kins, they are spoken out from person to person, passed upon generations to come, relying only on word that has been said, not written. Yet even with time, they are carved in stones, or written down by those who find them interesting enough. And as such, those are sagas kept in Skarpefanger Clan.


Amongst the icy north

Lived kin of steel and greed

They fought nature, they fought the odds

They stood strong against all

And even then mind only sailed

Far beyond every sea

To find what greed would desire

To bring glory for thee.


Raiding they went to seek what they need

As winter was coming and nei one to be easy

Supplies, slaves, glory and hope

To be found in someone else's home

And there was young boy with his father

Proved himself worthy of the travel

So he stood strong alongside all warriors

Hoping for much and yet for none

They sailed through storms and mists

To reach land filled with green

Promising of great plunder and fighting

So they fell onto the beach

So father so son, stood arm to arm ready

As attack came suddenly from forest

All have went fast and bloody

As men have began their last chant

And so the young boy have fallen to the ground

Knocked out by shield of random grunt

World has began to spin without control

Leaving him for mercy of the gods

And so he woke in midst of night

Stench of blood all around

Realised he have been left behind

Ashore of foreign land

That be how this saga begins

How world came to cease

How one who was with his kin

Now fights to still remember who he is


Modir, Fadir

Brodir, sitja

Tra'viik'jar calls for me

And I be lost so far

Left in this land

Where me kin be long gone

I hear ‘bout their past

I hear ‘bout their life

But nei one be ‘nymore ‘ere

As fate took me away from home.

                                    Saga of lost hope



Realm in fire stood tall

Swallowed by flames, light seen far away

Amongst darkness of night sky

Beacon of hope turned to ash


Let the world hear again of their fate

Burned, slaughtered, brought to their knees

With king who ran, with king who left them to die

They sailed north, they found safety in solitude.


With refugee being formed on distant islands

Kin of south hid from frenzied beasts

Not from animals, nor from myths

But from humans seeking blood.


Born under the ship, in warmth of their own home

Twins of two different kins coming as one

Mother being noble, father being tribal

Joined by love, joined by fate.


Story does not end where it begins

Saga starts where it should end

Amongst brothers and sisters of cruel fate

Clan was born, clan was formed, clan came to be.


So hear me my dearest child

As I tell you the story of theirs

Clan formed under boats that they used to run

Now began to show its presence to world.


And even if struck by misfortune

Even if elder was to drown in depths of seas

So they withstood trail of time

And returned to be stronger, fight longer.


Let it be known by dearest child

That if you hear wolf howling amidst of deep night

Mind should head to one clan

Skarpefangers, made in ash, born of ice.


Saga of Wolfs Birth




Howling wolf stands alone amidst of icy wasteland

Lost and forgotten, far from his den

Brought to him knees by cruel fate

Seeking help amongst desolate land


With dead surrounding poor beast

With frost digging daggers into his body

Bleeding from scars that are yet to heal

He howls loud, begging for mercy, begging for help.


Let it be heard, young or old whoever is to listen

Scream of dying beast rushing through wastelands

Bringing sorrow to ghosts and spirits

Bringing joy to those who awaited for him to join in eternal hunt


With last breath quiet squeal escapes from his jaw

As he drops into snow, unable to fight anymore

Closing his eyes, letting cold lands steal his spirit

He doesn’t seem to see the standing figure above him.


‘Today is not your time. Today is not your end.’

‘Come my sweet child, let me take your pain away

As you see another dawn to come

With humility being my virtue I seek your fates thread.’


Taken under his wings, wolf slept for many nights and days

With no assurance that he shall ever awake

In small cottage hidden amongst forests

Where ancient nomadic tribe settled for gods mercy.


In middle of night, with full moon in its peak

Beasts eyes have opened, yet not the same

Reborn from anger and sorrow

With notes of humility and nature’s care deep in them.


‘Be free for who you are my sweetest child

As I bring you gifts of my clan

Take them with gratitude, yet always stay humble

As you are my brother now, and so I am yours.’


Fate entwined by sheer luck of time

Clan that accepted lone wolf from frozen wastelands

Took him under their care, under their roof

To form blood connection to last through generations.

Saga of humble clan.




Sought death, taken in mind by beasts everlasting

Bearing mark of undead, struck by their misfortune

Man of valor, brave leader and brother

Being tormented by spirits and visions


Brother to wolf, even if in past life

Brother that returned with soul to meet one another

Now in agony by souls in unrest

Seeing visions of his past nightmares


Yet one another can not leave to this fate

Held arm to arm they fought once

Arm to arm they took what was to come

And so came time that wolf repaid raven his favour


Brought to tomb of kings, as torment was everlasting

Faced with visions and terrors, in care of his brother

Wolf that promised to protect him with life

Beast that promised to lose life for his kin


Taking up arms, he left suffering man on the ground

With blood pact being finished he knew what was to come

As ghostly steeds poured through doors and gates

Nightmare came alive and one was to face it


In blind rage, in wild fury, in ancestors footstep

Bracing his axe, bracing his fate to come

Old wolf was ready to give all for his brother

Beginning his brutal dance with tormented souls


Bones shattering, skulls falling, chainmails hitting ground like marbles

Roaring emitted far and beyond, wolf in his frenzy

Taking one and another of what was not seen

Bringing calmness to his brother


With loss of control taking another and another on him

Ignoring pain, ignoring wounds and blood

Breaking through all he could

Brought peace to his brother


Together arm to arm they came to finish what one started

Facing terrors together as it was meant

Fate entwining threads of their lives together

So they finished ritual brought on for them by fates decision.

Saga of eternal war



South with north mixed up

World turned all around for some

With cold coming from warm scapes

With warmth coming from ice


Amongst ice taken up in the south

Amongst howling wind taking its victims

Born was country, born was nation, born was kin

Brave one to unite all highlanders and their brothers


And centuries it was to survive, and lands it seen

History everlasting and still existing

As they brought forth one true nature to their kin

United under kings, with faith and oaths placed


Taken on Haense lands to see what south wills to do

Fight them to meet with ruthless ice, to be faced with cruel fate

With kings full of pride, and yet full of care

Brought times to meet with one great Sigmar


Son of Barbanovs, one to reunite old kins

Taking on brothers conflicts, fighting off fathers mistakes

So he brings hope to hearts of highlanders

So he rekindles old flames from past


And amongst all the frey, amongst all the wars

Fought with words, fought with swords

He remembered old ways, old loyal subjects

Promising to return them what has been lost


And so Sigmar Lothar Barbanov

King amongst kings, loyal, everlasting, man of lions heart

One to know when pride comes first, and when it shall come last

Brought old norse their lands


So hear me my sweet child

Hear me my dear brother

Hear me my beloved father

We once more have hope in our hearts.

Saga of the Just



OOC Wise

Thank you to all those who have read through this pile of information, and decide to leave some form of feedback below. I want to also remind, that all above information is not possible to be gained outside of the RP, unless someone documents books or stories about this clan making it public. All information above can be acquired by speaking with clan mentioned, or anyone who knows them and their story. Other way I would kindly request not to use it IRP before getting to know it, as to avoid metagaming.


If you wish to learn more OOC about the clan, or you wish to contact me about anything connected with clan, as joining or so, please do let me know in PM's or ask questions below. I'll try my best to answer to any that will be in my range of ability for that. Thank you!

Useful OOC links and ref

https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/138605-culture-the-gorundyr-men-of-the-northwood/ - Culture

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qhtlB6RF15iLzwBfbdrPvzpAAVYpQydxV7k-K45ELMI/edit?usp=sharing - Language

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Interesting format for the post and it looks great visually! +1

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Dainn Thomson af Blackwood, adopted into the clan of Skarpefanger looks out into the blizzard through gaps and cracks of a cabin's wood. Sharp was his blade, for he was maintaining it while reciting the saga of Wolf's birth. "An' so the clan was born they say, can't say i don't believe a word in this saga, for by my own eyes i've seen this fiery spirit, made by ash and born in ice. The words could not have been more accurate, hehe" the young man chuckles to himself and lets go of the cloth held in his hand, once slid up and down against the magegold and steel of his blades, now on the floor for he had no need for it. Rose from his seat he did and walked over to the exit of the cabin, to the door from where a cold breeze slipped past the crude woodwork.

Dainn gives the door a boot, sending it open for him to walk out. His legs carry him out of the cabin, snow and wind catching in his hair as he made his way outside for yet another hunt . . .


((Some creative writing from me but egh, i really do love this clan, family and the post looks good aswell! I'm happy for having gotten the chance to get into it, you're all lovely people that i love rp'ing with! It's a jolly good time, this family is amazin'. Join it folks))

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"The faith grows strong, and our people grow stronger." remarks the Faroe Patriarch, smiling as he claps his battle-buddy Wulf on the back.

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Post has been updated due to change of leadership in clan.

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