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Brave New World [RP thread]

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Governor: Christian William of Brandenburg



As the Summer months wanned and autumn began. The Colony of Neu Brandenburg was flourishing. But they had not been devoid of hard times themselves, in the fall months an influenza spread through the colony ravaging the local population. However, the initial settlement was packed full of activity round the clock, food stores were filled before the onset of winter and the celebration of Christmas brought joy into many of the colonists hearts.


Foreign relations began early in late summer of 1601, after the discovery of Neu Brandenburg’s immedite neighbors. The dutch & german colonies have had nothing but cordial relations with the colony of Neu Brandenburg so far. In an unfortunate incident, a German scout opened fire on a Korean civilian, the scout returned missing a hand. Hanseong diplomats arrive in Potsdam.




Colonial Menu

15 AP total


-2 saker cannons are made [6AP]

-100 German Riflemen trained [4AP]

1 Frigate built [4AP]

-[1/40] Mine

Edited by Otto Hohenzollern

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Mekishiko Mandate



Turn 2


Following attacks on the Japanese colonists, a committee was formed to investigate.  Accompanied by armed guards, Japanese emissaries would go out to make peaceful first contact with organized Native tribes.  They would attempt to iron out any grievances and attempt to learn a mutual language.



An artist’s account of the first contact


Mekishiko Menu

Population: 1970 (Growth at 5.1%) = 2070


AP = 15 : 5 base + 3 (1 settlement) + 2 (1 mine) + 5 (1 market)

FS = 3: 1 base + 2 (1 farm)



1 mine

1 market

1 farm

Wooden Walls


Military in Review:

200 frontiersman

3 schooners

2 corvettes



Attempts at a peaceful first contact with the natives continues.

The colonists continue construction on a market (32/60 AP)

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Nova Romae


LeaderEmperor Charles the Wise

Population: 2112

FS: 2


Soldier Pop: 500


Struggles of the Empire:

Having been set up for 6 months now, the Empire’s true challenge would arise, the struggle to stay alive. Now the Empire would focus on developing the new territory it has claimed, as well as it would begin to search for resources within the surrounding area. Boats would be dispatched from the port to locate resources like fish, scouts would be sent east and west to find waterways and more possible ways of expansion. Any contact with other civilizations must be kept peaceful, do not attack unless attacked first. The empire will survive in the New World. 



Continue developing the newly acquired territory 

Send scouts out to locate waterways and search for resources. 

Dispatch boats to fish 

Farmland construction #1 (4/40)

Farm #2 construction (4/40)

Lodge #1 (4/40)

Lodge #2 (3/40)

(The ap has been distributed through the lodges and farms)

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The men and women of New Andalusia continued their expansion with little troubles, crops were grown and trade began. Ships were built and men were trained. Things were looking for the colony and as the first mosque was finally finished the people cheered and celebrated as its construction coincided with the holy month of Ramadan. With the colony stable, the colonists to continue their expansion and look for more land. 

Taking their hatchets and wagons they trekked through the swamps looking for any land that was suitable to begin construction of new, smaller secondary settlements in order to support a larger New Andalusian economy. 

19 points this turn: 18 and +1 from militia refund:

4 new spots for 16 points
3 points investing into another farmland

Population: 2000 -> 2102



Army: 300 Frontiersmen

Navy: 2 Frigates

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Spring & Summer is  upon us

Time moves forward


Fire & Blood

Darkness covered the New England wilderness. No sound apart from the marching of men could be heard. Far through the trees a slight glimmer of light could be seen, they had arrived.


In was the early morning. The Colony of New Brandenburg was quiet many of the colonists aside from several groups of sentries. From the treeline the noise of marching could be heard & a faint light could be seen. Just then, without warning a warcry filled the air as Korean soldiers poured from the trees. Torches in hand. They quickly put the surrounding lands to the torch as alarm bells from the colony rang out. The air was thick with smoke, German troops quickly rallied & volleys of lead were exchanged by both sides. German rifle men, outnumbered & with cannon support managed to force Korean troops to retreat. At sea German frigates were manned as quick as possible, as 3 korean corvettes and 1 turtle ship enter the German harbour. The two fleets exchanged fire for over 2 hours before the arrival of German land based artillery managed to repel the attackers.
Hanseong: -43 Frontiersmen, -20 Pikemen, -2 corvettes,
New Brandenburg: -78 German riflemen, -1 Frigate, -20 AP worth of damage to farmlands  

(make sure to subtract losses from total pop)




No news from the old world


[White Port]

The early fall landings brought to the Syrian settlers great misfortune. Though initially food stores were sufficient. The north american winter soon set in, lack of proper winter apparel quickly became apparent. Constant snowfall slowed colonial operations too a near standstill, many of the horses & goats were slaughtered to survive. (-350 population, -3%  growth next turn)


The Colonies of Novogrod & New France are discovered, no sign of the vessel dispatched to the old world



All colonies north of Trompsylvania are discovered


[New France]

No news from the old world, All colonies north of Trompsylvania are discovered



Peaceful contact with the natives is rarely experienced by the colonists. The expedition suffers a total of 15 casualties



Neu Munchen +1 Lumber

Jew boys +1 Spices

New Rome +1 Fertile Land

Both Dutch colonies +1 Fur

New Spain +1 Spices


Any 0 AP action results can be brought up with me via pms


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The Colony of Hanseong


The War with New Brandenburg, The First Victory!


Pae Seung-Su let out a traditional battlecry as he charged forward along with his men into the outskirts of the german village. Coming face to face with a German Soldier he cried out as his sword met the german’s musket. The two engaged in a melee fight, in the distance cannons rang through the air…


Captain Ji-Sun stood looking over the german harbour as he and his ships entered range “Open fire!” he ordered, as the ships moved to position and smoke blurred from the sides into the enemy town and towards the german frigates.


The fight lasted a few hours into the morning before the order to pull back had been given, the german fields were set ablaze and german defensive troops had taken casualties. The people of Hanseong didn’t capture the German Colony, but that was not their intent. The battle was a victory, setup and finished as planned and by their terms.


The time for celebration however would have to wait, for the war was only just beginning.


Fort City of Hanseong




Population 2146 - 2 FS

Base FS 1 + Farm 2 = 3


1 Farmland

1 Foundry

1 Mine

Stone Walls


Barracks (13/45)



100 Pikemen

200 Frontiersmen

3 Mortars

2 Light Cannons



1 Corvette

1 Turtle Ship (Unique Carrack)


AP: 12


After regrouping his men Pae Seung-Su organizes them to prepare for the next step in the war. (MOD)


Hanseong constructs 2 Frigates (8 AP)


Hanseong recruits another 100 Frontiersmen (3 AP)


Barracks construction continues (13/45)

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Continuing to work on exploring their lands and continue growing their farms the good people of New Andalusia. Through sweat, determination, and grace of Allah things seemed smooth sailing for the most part. Focusing more inwards and continuing on the expansion of farms and other civil projects the month of Ramadan resulted in lots of feasts and growth for the colony. 

Population: 2102 -> 2209
3/40 in farm[2]
Adding another 18 in farm.

21/40 in farm[2]



Army: 300 Frontiersmen

Navy: 2 Frigates

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Diplomatic Actions

An envoy is set to the representative of French Florida, he proposes a pact of non agression



Training of 1 colonist is completed, he settles the land around Novogrod



Construction of 2nd market continues 21/60 AP now 36/60





Net AP= 5 base + 5 (market) + 3 colony+ 2 AP small freighter trade with Nouvelle  France  -0 AP army upkeep - 0 AP navy upkeep= 15



Net Food Supply

Net FS= 1 base + 2 Farmlands = 5 FS


Population 2,220

2 farms

New population (2 x 0.05 + 0.01 )x 2220 + old pop (2220)= 2464




Naval cap 2+1/ 25. (5 base + 1 port)


Army cap 0/100


Edited by Ragnar the Viking

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The Land of Meadows


Spring and Summer of 1602

“My Prince, Your Higness!” The courier shouted as he barged into the manor of Prince John, Duke of Holstein and Governor of Vinland. John beckoned him to speak, and the courier carried on, explaining the territories they had discovered, but most importantly the attack of the Hanseong on New Brandenburg. The Prince merely gave a nod of his head.


The navy left port that day, all five frigates sailed southward to the Hanseong territories, laying a disastrous naval siege to the small settlement. After this, a smaller ship left port with a very simple mission, a specific diplomatic mission to Nouvelle-France.


His councillors questioned his intentions, but he would not budge. “This continent is meant to be an escape from all the war, all the persecution, all that is wrong with Europe. We cannot allow people to wage war on this continent. We will protect.”



Actions and Stats

Population: 2102 + 5.1% = 2209

Food Supply (FS): 1 (Base) + 2 (Farmlands) = 3 FS

Action Points (AP): 5 (Base) + 3 (Settlements) = 8 AP

Soldier Capacity: 100 (Base) + 500 (Barracks) = 600 Soldiers (100 in use)

Ship Capacity: 5 (Base) + 20 (Ports) = 25 Ships (20 in use)


6 AP is put into finishing the lodge (40/40)

2 AP is put into the construction of a foundry (2/50)

The navy consisting of 5 Frigates is sent to navally siege/bombard Hanseong. [MOD]

A colonist is sent to the square below Vinland. [MOD]

A diplomatic mission is sent to Nouvelle-France to set up a trade.


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Virtus libertas est, et independentiae
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor statenvlag

Spring and Summer of 1602

Current Leader: Mr. President, Cornelis Tromp

The independant colony of Trompsylvania had come through the winter just fine, stronger even. The economy, the population and the colony as a whole were growing. Their envoy back to Europe hadn't returned, but whatever happened to them, it mattered not, they didn't need Europe. They were independant after all!

Eerste Amerikaense Waterwercken - First American Waterworks
As spring came around, the colony went into it's second year of existance. As the frost in the ground melted, some colonists in the west of the colony began doing what dutchmen do best: digging a canal and building waterworks and polders. Around New Rotterdam, dykes were started on to keep the city dry at high tide or storm. These dykes were to continuously be upgraded over the years. Across the colony, lakes were dried out by digging ditches for water disposal and constructing windmills for pumping the water out of the lakes into the trenches. This provided more farmland and better irigation across the colony.  A canal with a protective waterlock was started on to cut the Delaware peninsula off from mainland North America as a way to provide quick passage to the ocean, and most notably to the West India Company colony.

Opening our pockets to the New World
This canal to the WIC colony was of good use, since the trade proposal from their governor had been accepted by the President last fall, trade had started to flourish between the WIC and Trompsylvania, adding to the colony's income. The WIC wasn't the only new trading partner though. White Port, a colony that was believed to be from Turkey, otherwise known as the Ottoman empire, had settled some ways to the north, a bit past Nieuw München. While the Dutch sailors had initially found White Port weird, both because of it's name- which was changed to "Wittehaven" in the books, and because it was a muslim colony, the sailors had no problem with the small Islamic territory as soon as they heard about the issue they were facing: a lack of food, something that Trompsylvania had in excess by coincidence. Quickly an agreement was made between the two colonies, Trompsylvania would ship Wittehaven large quantities of food in return for a healthy profit. "Entrepreneurship is seeing what everyone sees and doing what nobody else does."

Tekeni ronkwe, enhskat kanónhsa - Two men, one house
The christmas delegation up north to the Haudenosaunee confederacy was a succes! The colonists made friends with the natives, staying with them for a while to learn about their language and culture as well as way of life. One of them had focused on learning the languages of the Haudenosaunee - the people of the longhouse, also known as the Iroquois, and speaking with them in a way both sides understood had become much easier. After a few months back with their families in Trompsylvania, the President sent the delegation back north again in the summer, bringing with them some more gifts like beer, a map of all of the known world and more. This second delegation had a clear goal: they had learned about the confederacy the Haudenosaunee had formed, as well as their peaceful way of life. While the dutchmen of Trompsylvania weren't interested in joining the confederacy, they were very much so interested in peace. The delegation was to ask for a pact of non-agression, as well as to teach the Iroquois about Western civilization, and to learn from the Iroquois about life in America. Trade between the Haudenosaunee and Trompsylvania is also proposed.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor new amsterdam indians

Protestant League

The Protestant League is founded between the Protestant colonies of Trompsylvania, the West India Company, Neu Brandenburg and Vinland. This league is to preserve peace as best as possible in the American northeast coast. It is not an alliance, nor a single nation. It is an organisation of protestant colonies for mutual benefit and protection.

Rules of the Protestant League:
1. No hostile actions can be taken against other members of the league. This rule is only in place while the Pax Protestantes is enacted.
2. Members of the league will respect one anothers landclaims. If a member believes claims might overlap, it will be sorted out in the form of negotiations rather than conflict.
3. Navies belonging to league members are allowed to dock whenever needed in ports of league members. Likewise, armies belonging to league members are allowed to pass through league lands whenever needed.
4. In any foreign policy, league members will always put protestants first, catholics and orthodox second and 'pagans' third.
5. League members can aid eachother if a league member is being attacked by a foreign power and is thus fighting a defensive war. They are not bound to do this, it is optional.
6. League members cannot join one another in offensive wars simply because they are in the league. Individual alliances are required for this.
7. The only religions allowed within the league or to join the league are forms of Protestantism and Reformism. Catholics, Orthodox or orther forms of christianity as well as 'pagan' religions cannot join the league. If a member of the league changes their religion to one not allowed in the league, their membership is ended immediatly by default.
8. The Pax Protestantes can only be enacted or repealed if 50% or more of the league members agree to do so. ((OOC: It can also be ended by moderator intervention in extreme cases.))

Pax Protestantes:
The Pax Protestantes, or "Protestant Peace", is enacted initially. This means that rule 1 of the Protestant League is enacted and that members of the league cannot take any hostile actions against one another. This includes but is not limited to: declaring war, embargoing, stirring unrest, covert actions of any kind, spying and conspiring against. If 50% or more of the league members of the league agree to do so, the Pax Protestantes may be repealed and/or re-enacted.

Member Colonies:
-West India Company
-Neu Brandenburg

League Patron:
The current League Patron is [TROMPSYLVANIA]. The League Patron represents the league and takes initiative in actions within the league. If 50% or more of the league members decide to do so, the League Patron may change.


AP = 0 current + 5 base + 3 from settlements + 5 (market) + 2 from 1 FUR + 1 from trade + 5 (From WHITE PORT) - 0 AP army upkeep - 0 AP navy upkeep = 21 AP
FS = 1 base + 2 from farms + 2 from fertile lands - 1 (selling to WHITE PORT) = 4 FS
Population modifier = 5% base + 0.1% from farms + 0.1% from fertile lands = 5.2%
Population = 2147 * 1.052 = 2259
1 Militia
1 Small Freighter

Trade relations with West India Company are accepted. [WHITE PORT]
Men are sent to the Haudenosaunee to try form a pact of non-agression as well as teach them and learn from them in return. If the Haudenosaunee are willing, an alliance is to also be formed. [IROQUOIS/HAUDENOSAUNEE]
The [NEU BRANDENBURG] defensive war against [HANSEONG] is joined.
An explorer is sent southward with a ship to look for more colonies beyond Tromsylvania. [MOD]
A second small envoy is sent back to Europe, more carefully this time, to tell how the colony was estblished. An attempt is made at- if permitted by the Dutch Republic (which is presumable), getting immigrants to come to Trompsylvania for the peaceful life in the adventurous faraway land of Amerika, the land of opportunity. Farmland is free, possibilities are endless and wealth and fame are there for the taking.  [MOD]

20 AP is invested in expanding the market (Market II: 39/60 AP)
1 Militia is raised to head to [NEU BRANDENBURG] for support. They are to fight very conservatively, with casualty reduction standing above effectiveness.

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Mekishiko Mandate



Turn 3


Following the unsuccessful attempts at forming a relationship with the natives, Japanese settlers retreat to the confines of the walls of New Edo, taking a stance of isolationism.  The Governor-General declares the native presence to be hostile to the settlers of Mekishiko and orders the defense forces to be on alert. No man is to set foot outside of areas directly under the control of the Mandate as a security precaution;


Mekishiko Menu

Population: 2070 (Growth at 5.1%) = (2175 - 15) = 2160


AP = 15 : 5 base + 3 (1 settlement) + 2 (1 mine) + 5 (1 market)

FS = 3: 1 base + 2 (1 farm)



1 mine

1 market

1 farm

Wooden Walls


Military in Review:

200 frontiersmen

3 schooners

2 corvettes



The colonists continue construction on a market (47/60 AP)

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S P A N I S H   C V BA




The small town of Caibarien has been growing substantially over the past years. The town had been bustling, and the town had even experienced its first native conversion, a red skinned Indian named Pedro, after Peter the Apostle. It has been growing substantially, and it is now almost entirely self sufficient, and the people have been rather anxious for expansion. However, the weary Alonso has been patient, and cautious in funding expeditions. For now, the town continues to expand slowly.




AP:5 Market+ 2 Mine+ 5 Base+3 Spices=15 AP

Leader: Alonso de Ribera




-12 AP to preparing colonization for 3 provinces


-3 AP to AP to a fort


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Marcolo’s Brigands



Population - 2,000

Successful Battles - 0                   

Battles - 0

Cargo Stolen - None    

Ships Stolen - None   



5 AP (Base)       

5 AP (Market)  

2 AP (Foundry)

+ 3 AP (Settlement)

15 AP (Total)     






Seems New Spain did not want to comply, or really respond at all. The envoy had turned up empty handed which isn’t quit tolerated but there also isn’t much you can do about it either. Marcolo sent a schooner westward since it seemed Spain could do nothing, he saw not a single ship docked at their shores.

Still the Brigands grew restless, they had no gold to plunder or any other task for that matter. They couldn’t even escort freighters to and from settlements. Marcolo did his best to keep them maintained and busy, though he could not do much to defend the colonists. Either way he sent scouting missions and envoys all over the Caribbean, maybe he can at least secure a trade partner if he cannot secure a tributary.



Antonio kept his tribute coming, though, for yield from the fields increased steadily and quickly. In fact he is sure the next harvest he could support both the pirates and the citizens! It seemed even though his request for trade was unanswered, the settlement will still survive. As such Antonio is thankful for that, and so are the pirates he thinks. Since no longer do they have to force the people to give up food, with plenty to share such crop is easily given up.


But Antonio still isn’t content with his situation.






  • [13 AP] Farms are expanded [40/40 Farmlands]
  • [1 AP] Transport is in construction [Transport]
  • [1 AP] Markets begin to sprout [1/60 Market]
  • [0 AP] Envoy sent to Jamaica (Trade Request) [Haaretz Chadash]
  • [0 AP] Scouting mission into the gulf! [1 Schooner]
  • [0 AP] Population no longer starving!
  • [0 AP] Scouting mission northward! [1 Schooner]


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Nova Romae



Leader: Emperor Charles the Wise

Population: 2220

FS: 4

AP: 10

Soldier Pop: 500


An Empire’s Growth:

The first year is passed, and already we see the Empire growing. Two settlements are in the works and growing with the aim to expand the empire’s borders. Scouts are being sent out to explore the wilderness and see if there are any other settlements close to the Imperial colonies. The empire would continue the developments of its farms as well as the construction of mines within the colonies. Fishing boats are again to be sent out and the lands are to continue to be cultivated to form new settlements



Continue developing the newly acquired territory

Develop settlements in new territory

Send scouts out to locate waterways and search for resources.

Dispatch boats to fish

Farmland construction #1 (4/40)

Farm #2 construction (4/40)

Mine #1 (5/40)

Mine #2 (5/40)

(The ap has been distributed to the mines)

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Eiru Commonwealth


Pop; 2,247

Ap; 19; 5 Base, 10 (2 Market Stacks), 3 Settlement, 1 Trade

 FS; 3k; (1 base, 1 Farmland Stack)

Investments; Foundry (28/50/Mine (19/40)

Army; 300 Militia, 1 Schooner


The militia come back with wondrous reports of the world outside their walls. It was the first commonwealth group to officially venture out of the capital. And what they found was a mysteriously wooded land. They found all sorts of new trees, fish, animals, and climates. And they brought back the sampled bits and pieces to the city. What they also brought back was far more important then these trinkets. Gold! The lifeblood of any true nation's economy. And the Commonwealth was certainly one inclined to gold. 


Knowledge of this is heavily sequestered. Foreign ships and merchants are still barred from entering Dyflin's walls. Interactions with colonist is at a zero. They merely exchange goods and carry on. Work immediately begins on facilitating the new resource. Militia and colonist embark to settle the land around the gold veins. Work will begin to start a mining operation.


Actions; Starting a mine 19 AP (19/40)

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