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Treaty of Blackreach and the Order of Ursus

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Treaty of Blackreach and Order of Ursus Written and confirmed on 7 deep cold, 1681


Article I – Liabilities of the Order of Ursus

The Order of Ursus hereby commits to defend the lands, citizens, property and rights of the estates of Blackreach, establish bases, legislate and execute, recruit and interfere when needed for the above.


Article II – Liabilities of House of Jameson

The House of Jameson hereby commits to assist the Order of Ursus in anyway necessary deemed by House of Devereux and commits to pledge their lands, resources and soldiers to their cause.


Signed and Sealed by,


Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus

Sarah Jameson, Lady of Blackreach

Edited by KosherZombie

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