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The Writ of Clan Arden

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The Writ of Clan Arden

          The Throne of Nordengrad does formally recognize the status of Clan Arden as a Great Clan of the wide realm. Thus we of the Throne do grant them all of the privileges associated with such status as outlined in the Nordengradic Charter. We do grant Clan Arden right to erect the Ardhall to house their kin, oathmen and dependents. We do recognize Kjartan of the Clan Arden as the Chieftain of the Ardenfolk. We do privilege the issue of the Arden bloodline to retain their status in eternae. Following this, we of the Throne do grant Chieftain Kjartan a seat upon the council of Chieftains, that he may represent his kin, his dependents and his oathmen. The Chieftain of the Ardens may furthermore, bear arms within the presence of the Throne, preside over a trial on behalf of the Throne. Finally the throne does grant the Chieftain of the Ardens the right to raise a retinue of men at arms. And in recognition of their status as a greater clan of the realm of Nordengrad, the Arden Chieftain is forevermore granted the right to cast a vote in the Ruriksmoot.


          Beyond these privileges levied upon the Clan of Arden and their Chieftain by this Throne. We do charge them with the following responsibilities, to be executed faithfully in our name. We do charge the Clan of Arden, led by its Chieftain to the provision of a minimum of fifty armed clansmen to the service of the Throne in times of strife and war. We do charge the Clan of Arden to the execution and maintenance of our laws within the confines of the realm, their own lands and the breadth and width of their own households. Finally, the Chieftain of Arden is charged with maintaining the blessed Holy Hearth and defending the faith within the confines of the realm.

Writ en Namen de

Thoromir Edvardsson, Second of his name. Earl of Nordengrad, Defender of the Faith. Blood of the Herald. Chieftain of the Edvardssons and the Rurikid


Witnessed and Assented by

Kjartan Arden, Chieftain of the Ardens, Marshal of Nordengrad

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