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Craftbook broken

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**MC Names of all involved**


<!--- Please give a short description of the issue here -->

The hidden lever sign made by the craftbook plugin has ceased working, and/or doesn't work in this certain configuration.
**Date of occurance**
<!--- Please try to give us as accurate a date as you can recall to the time this bug occurred -->


**In game specifications**
<!--- Who are you, what persona were you on at the time of this bug, etc. -->

I was on Solace at the time, in Sutica, around 4:45 pm EST. I was attempting to made a hidden door and it was not working.
**Steps to Reproduce**
<!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem -->
1.Create a sign with the [X] on the second line
2. Place lever adjacent to said sign
3. Place iron trap door next to lever.
4. Test hidden sign door. See that it flips the lever, but doesn't flip the trap door.

**Expected Behavior**
<!--- Tell us what should happen -->

The sign should flip the lever, which triggers the trap door.

**Actual Behavior**
<!--- Tell us what happens instead -->

The lever flips, but doesn't change the state of the trap door.

**Additional Information**
<!--- Please provide any additional information here -->

Watch the Gyazo to see exactly.


**Error Message**
<!--- If you received an error then please post it in the empty space below, -->


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