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El Ricktador

Fiesta de Fantasma: The Undead Tournament

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Fiesta de Fantasma

The Undead Tournament


All around the Empire, a simple flier and drawing is passed around. On the back would be a date and invitation to Carolustadt with sign-up sheet.



Drawn by Allieice/Deonia


October 27th

Tournament will occur at 3 PM EST


For many years, mankind played a pivotal role in fighting back against the undead, wicked, and otherworldly in all of its forms. This tournament will be accepting participants of all walks of life. However, after signing up, you will be placed into either the Undead or Man team.


Your prize will change depending on which team you are on when you win 1st place. Additionally, winning the tournament as an Undead will reward the entirety of the Undead a consolation prize, same for the Man team.


Sign up to find out if you will defend the realm or devour it instead!


The format is below:




RP Name:

RP Age:


A list will be published saying which team you have been placed in on October 26th.


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IGN: LithiumSedai


RP Name: Jan Ritter von Alstreim

RP Age: 97

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IGN: Illuminare

RP name: Marc de Chatillon

RP age: 20

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