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Wanna win some mina?

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Alright lads and laddet’s I’m bored, so in my own effort to combat AMA’s I’m running an art competition. Pretty simple post really, but don’t click off if you’re a trash artist, I’m gunna give one of you lovely MS Paint artists some gold coins for your trouble.


Sooo let’s see uhhh. . . I rewatched infinity war again recently, so why don’t we try a Thanos theme’d LOTC Art theme, so try and collide the two worlds somehow, in any way shape or form you dam well like.


First Place can be like 5k – This’ll be someone who actually tried with a tablet or some cool sh*t

Second Place can be like 2k – This’ll most likely be another tablet try hard unless someone really goes balls to the wall with that MSPaint work.

Third place – This is gunna be dedicated to a “trash” pick, which is just basically me wanting to let people who aren’t pro artists get some mina and have some fun.

I encourage everyone to have a go, I’ve got a heap of minas, I’m happy to fork out more if I like your piece regardless of it’s tier.


P.S I was gunna post at some point about buying lore items (not just trash, but like historical and cool magical sh*t) but I guess I’ll throw it onto this. Also have like two and a bit dubs of books if anyone is interested in trading or buying em. Not interesting in being paid in minas at all. ty


Dunno if I should set an end time but I guess I’ll say like end of the weekend? It’s Saturday night for me in Aus so I guess I’ll wait until monday night for me (AEST) if anyone cares.


P.S.S You’ll be disqualified if you don’t +1.

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1 minute ago, KeatonUnbeaten said:

f77231bf71efdd5f209982ef1d91bb40.png I think this is a good start.

First place is already filled guys. . .

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1 minute ago, Pogmeister said:

More than once object? Genius. Second place taken

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9 minutes ago, ITossLs said:


Ohh ****, that’s actually kinda hot ecks dee, where’s the lotc though.

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3 hours ago, z3m0s said:

Ohh ****, that’s actually kinda hot ecks dee, where’s the lotc though.

He used his gauntlet and made it disappear duh..

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