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House DeNurem

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The House of DeNurem



“𝔄𝔩𝔴𝔞𝔶𝔰 𝔣𝔞𝔦𝔱𝔥𝔣𝔲𝔩, 𝔞𝔩𝔴𝔞𝔶𝔰 𝔩𝔬𝔶𝔞𝔩.”




“It is my time now. Do as thou wilt, DeNurem” The Lion roared one last time, before ascending to the Seven Skies, to Godfrey. The once Royal House was now but an ash of the past, only its legendary tales remained. A landless lord and a crownless king, Marius DeNurem, the last of his House, wandered the land in search of the past.



Current STATUS: Landed, Principality of Hanseti-Judah under the Empire of Man.

Former STATUS: Landed, Principality under the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna.

Landed, Royal House of Godfrey the first and Horen the fifths Holy Oren Empires.


Current Enemies of this House:

Any who wish to rebel against, mistreat or betray another imperial will find no place in our hall.


Lieges this House has sworn to:

The Holy Emperor of Mankind, Godfrey I.

The Holy Draconian Emperor, Horen V.

The Holy Promethean Emperor, John III.

The King, Aurelius I.

The Emperor, Augustus I.


Those who have sworn allegiance to this House:

The Teutonic Order (This faction has been retired)

The Wolverines (Traitors; vanquished by our steel and fire)

The Steel Company 2-11


Notable Historical Allies:

The Azog Clan

Mogroka Gorkil

The Aegean Coalition.

Emperor Godfrey I

Throdo Therving

Clan Orvar

The Kingdom of Aesterwald


Synopsis of House DeNurem:

Country of Origins: The Realm of Hanseti

Ethnicity: Hansetian

House Colors: Black and Orange

House Symbol: Black Cross

House Motto: Always Faithful, Always Loyal

Founder: Mirtok DeNurem



For a time, there was no longer a House DeNurem, it was but a tale in old imperial archives. Until Ser Darius, reemerged from darkness swearing an oath to The Holy Emperor John III, and receiving the barony of Mordskov. After the fall of Axios, The Lion vanished for years, only to be found by Marius in an ancient ruin near the domains of the Wood Elves. The young DeNurem became a follower of his ancestor, learning much from the wise Teuton. He saw the ancient Knight as a father and a mentor, until he departed in his own journey. After a decade, Marius came across The Lion once last time and saw his ascension, by luck or destiny. Now the House is returning from the abyss, its last known member, Marius DeNurem traveling the realm in search of his crown.



Brief History

The actual history of the Hansetian House of DeNurem is greatly overshadowed and entwined with the history of the Teutonic Order which historians may research in any Imperial library.




However, under the surface House DeNurem is what tied the entire Kingdom of Hanseti together under King Mirtok’s leadership. In practice, the House started with the reunification of brothers Mirtok and Darius at the Northern March in Aegis. Together they made up the ranks of the Teutonic Order and with steady morning-scoops of nationalism came to focus and devote all their name to the maintenance of The Order. After The Order succeeded in taking the Crown of Oren, a nation was born, Hanseti, which is where history begins to blend the two concepts of Kingdom and Teutonic into one. A Nation and a Military Order inhabiting the same chain of command. For a brief moment, Gaius was King of all of humanity before deciding to recognize Renatus as Kingdom as well for their help in taking the crown. After turmoil nearing the end of Aegis, the famed founding Hochmeister of The Order, Gaius Marius had died of old age and DeNurem begrudgingly followed the new Hochmeister into Asulon. . .




The Teutonic-Hansetians found themselves in the frozen South at home in the naturally fortified expanse. House DeNurem at this point came to own two counties. As time moved forward and many wars and assassination scandals occurred, Mirtok finally found himself as Hochmeister, King of Hanseti. The experience as a free-King was not short lived and was brutal to maintain. Finally, wishing not to destroy his people’s Kingdom for his own egotistical ventures, Mirtok decided to meet with Godfrey and swear House DeNurem’s Kingdom of Hanseti and the Teutonic Order under loyalty to King Godfrey I with the vow, "I'll die for my people, but I won't let my people die for me.", thus founding the Empire as the last human nation to join. This is where the House found its official founding and began to see some divergent association with the Order. DeNurem’s don’t take oaths lightly. Hochmeister-King Mirtok DeNurem was quickly recognized for being the most loyal Imperial along with his Teutonic Order. The questionable exploits of a young Prince Darius DeNurem would prove stressful for King Mirtok I, but through clever political maneuvering, he was able to maintain both House and Order’s reputation in court despite the murdering savagery of Darius and his youthful knack to kick every bee hive he could. Asulon saw the golden age of the family. Through service to the Empire and the Holy Church, the High Pontiff Gideon Silverblade provided a holy knighting of Ser Darius DeNurem as the Horror of the Crownlands where he commanded the knight chapter that oversaw Godfrey’s city. Posted as Imperial Justice, he became known as Lion and was The Emperor’s second most loyal servant after Mirtok. DeNurem acted as the hands of Law and Order. Ser Darius came to own the barony encompassing The Black Keep and the County of Karth during this era. As Count, we saw the birth of DeNurem first-born, Lazarus. Promptly sent to the Orcs on Darius’ orders after the death of his wife, Emmeline Nuri. Lazarus later became a filthy pirate until his resurfacing as Clan leader of DeNurem, the elven counterpart to House DeNurem. As King, we saw Mirtok create vast fortifications and first started having observations of his apparent madness onset by the mining accident that unleashed the radiation of toxic pink mist in the east. The man became obsessed with cake and the creation of a weapon of mass destruction that Godfrey personally ordered the construction of. Darius will claim that the flood that ended Asulon was a byproduct of using the WMD.


Anthos marked a sad end to the House of DeNurem. Through multiple back-door deals and schemes, the Hochmeister-King was targeted relentlessly by sky gods which proved the only successful method of defeating the Teutonic Order. Imprisoned deep within his own forts, Mirtok watched as his named successors devalued the Order and plunged it into infamy and shame through its poor political, military and social command. It was in these early moments that Hochmeister Dain Farhammer would destroy relations with the Empire, most notably the White Rose and House Chivay. History had been changed forever. Garrisoned in the north most reaches of the Empire, the Teutonic Order guarded the rest of the realm from the horrors of Setherian that lay on the other side of the maw. Whilst maintaining their main duty, House Blackmont (previously House Flay) began stirring civil unrest after Emperor Godfrey’s brain started succumbing to old age. The Emperor had lost the plot and literally plotted the two mortal enemies right next to each other for reasons unknown. Tension escalated to the point of no-return when Godfrey’s solution was to make Blackmont a vassal of DeNurem. After DeNurem denied Blackmont’s demand for the crown of Hanseti, a full on civil war was triggered that pitted the forces of NATO (The Kingdom of Kaedrin x House Blackmont x House Carrion) against the Teutonic Order. Just before the final battle to determine the fate of Hanseti and the Order, Mirtok caught wind a terrible awakening in the north and loyal to his original duties to the Emperor. Took a squad of Teutonic Knights into the frozen hell for what was meant to be a quick survey. Mirtok wouldn’t return for 25 years. He left behind his wife Allison Green and his two children Booker and Winter DeNurem. Without The Man, the Order was nothing to pay mind to. It ceased to be a strategic force. On the day of the final battle, at the helm of command was the blundering fool, Hochmeister Jonathan Black. Prince Darius could do little to save Hanseti from the failure of the newly lead Teutonic Order besides gather as many swords as he could to take up the fight in hopes that sheer numbers could stop the onslaught of a well commanded enemy. With the final sky-god manufactured disappearance of King Mirtok I when he went into the North, the royal House of DeNurem became lost to the history books at the utter vanquishing allied forces saw at the hands of NATO during the battle of the Dreadfort. The Kingdom of Hanseti was divided up among House Blackmont and Carrion. The Order was  disbanded and remade as an entity of the Empire. Darius shaved his head and became a monk to recant for his murderous exploits of his youth that made him imperially infamous. He grew and learned to temper his mind for more diplomatic approaches rather than coming straight at men with a sword. He returned to Malinor and set about carrying out two orders he swore loyalty to completing. 1) ensuring this false Teutonic Order was extinguished as it did not bear a legitimate Hochmeister. 2) The Imperial Intelligence Agency headed by Emperor Horen before Exodus wanted to see the ending of Malinor one way or another. Stopped from fully vassalizing it after the sacking of the elven nation, the lone DeNurem succeeded in orchestrating a takeover of the Princedom of Malinor using Kalameet as a figurehead (unbeknownst to the high elf). Luckily the Order didn’t need much of a push to wither away without Mirtok to guide it. After accomplishing his tasks, all DeNurem attention focused on the hatred of House Carrion for aiding in destroying the Kingdom of Hanseti and mutating its rich culture from loyal men living in stone and splendor to dirt-clad characters living in squalor and mess known as the Raevirs. Although not bad people, DeNurem despised the Raevir for what they’d done until recent times have shown that grudges are for fools. However, before that revelation could occur, DeNurem would be hit by the first stone cast by House Carrion which set off a chain of events that instrumentally disassembled Carrion right-to-rule on a political, economic and militaristic front. With the manufacturing of the Zion alliance, DeNurem needed to do little to see success on all fronts. Ushering in Godfrey-aligned revivalists as rulers in Oren. House Chivay took control of Oren as an Empire once more through combined loyalist efforts and holy divine mandates. Their Empire wouldn’t last long due to short attention spans and backstabbing. This era saw the birth of Elizabeth DeNurem who became a well-regarded name in the Empire, as a smith and a notable figure in Felsen.


The Teutonic-Kingdom of Hanseti saw a very promising re-emergence in Athera. King Mirtok formed a commonwealth of Northern brethren with the mountain clan chief, Orvar and House Rovin’s Kingdom of Aesterwald. Strains between the rival human nation of Oren under Chivay were at their best point. All seemed to be in favour of House DeNurem and the Teutonic Order when Mirtok decided that enough was enough after the Chivay Emperor was assassinated and the Northern Commonwealth was told to abstain by loyalists of the Emperor. Instead of repeating the cycles of history past, he retired the Order and the Kingdom on a high-note as he promised to Chivay before his death and the official capacity of the House and Order was lost with the King himself in a cloud of runic symbols. Darius DeNurem soon followed in this self-exile albeit in a far less divine way. Although the elven history of Clan DeNurem is completely rich, it is not a history that is known to me as father of the clan beyond the names of my offspring. Winter DeNurem went on to join the Raevir culture by marrying Franz Vladovic which was a complete kick in the face to the House’s values and history at the time. Mirtok later visited and forgave Winter’s muddying of DeNurem blood with that of Vladovic which means so does the House. The descendants of Winter and Franz have permeated into the gene pools of modern Houses, but for purposes of keeping this purely about House DeNurem, I will not name them for they know who they are and are welcome in my hall.



Last headed by Ser Darius DeNurem who went missing for a number of decades with this exile. The 17th Imperial Knight reaffirmed DeNurem loyalty to the Holy Emperor, John Owyn in 1576 upon return to the Realm of Man and pledged House DeNurem’s allegiance to His Imperial Majesty in 1578 after gifting him one of two House DeNurem banner flags. Finding networking much easier this time around, Darius quickly garnered the support of House Rothgard and House Huntley and allowed them to make vows of loyalty to House DeNurem. Along with Church support, he aims to create a truly loyal and beneficiary imperial following for Emperor John III to utilize wisely.





The interests of the Emperor align flush with the interests of DeNurem.

Truly loyal Imperials throughout the Empire will be located, assessed and quickly cataloged.


Beliae doe Emperor.



Members in order of Appearance:


Mirtok DeNurem MIA ((Bizmark))

Darius DeNurem ascended to the Seven Skies ((LatheBiosas))

Lazarus DeNurem MIA ((Fyaaheart))

Elizabeth DeNurem MIA ((Eliza_DeNurem))

Winter DeNurem, dead, ((LilTim))

*Booker DeNurem, MIA ((Uncertain))

*Grimwald DeNurem, MIA ((Bizmark))

*Legatus DeNurem, MIA ((LatheBiosas))

Grizzly DeNurem, MIA ((GrizzlyWes))

Alisaera DeNurem, MIA ((Shorty794))

Rolim DeNurem MIA ((3VN))

Alyshara DeNurem MIA((Numirya))

Sileath DeNurem, MIA ((19ConCon98))

Delluvia DeNurem, MIA ((Luvli))

Marius DeNurem, alive ((paulobig))

* Denotes that this member may not be a unique player/or was played at all


Other Historical Alternative House Mottos:

The King in the South!

Blood for science! 

Our Honour is Loyalty

Beliae doe moedor lent! (Hansetian for; For the Mother Land! A reference to Asulon's Hanseti)



Expanded House History:




The following is from a historical journal recovered from Mirtok DeNurem that goes into more detail from his perspective of the House history.


In the last few decades of Aegis, before the collapse of the Nether and destruction of the world’s nations, the family name DeNurem was conceived by a lowly Sariant or footman of the Teutonic Order in its First Founding. Mirtok Halgrim was born in the Northern forests of Aegis- prior to the Undead invasion of Winterhold- to a man named Gadde and a woman by the name of Naomi. Eventually, the small village of Mirtok’s origins was overrun by both bandit and Undead forces, causing most of his siblings and mother to perish and him to venture out into the world alone at a young age. Mirtok made a living for himself as a traveling hand for various merchant companies, as well as a quiet few years as an unsuccessful farmer. He was eventually recruited by a wolf pelt-wearing Sergeant of the Knights of the Flame, Gaius Marius. Mirtok served this Knightly group for a brief period before it was unfortunately destroyed by a surprise Undead attack on their main keep. It was then that he met Gaius by chance, fleeing into the forest. Gaius offered him to accompany him to a secret meeting he was to hold in the shadow of a crevice in a mountain. This meeting would later yield the actual founding of the Teutonic Order.


The infantile order greatly needed supplies, thusly Mirtok picked up a pickaxe and descended into the mines underneath the mountain where the Teutonic city of Nuremburg was slowly being constructed. Mirtok toiled in darkness for a couple of years before fully emerging to the surface and making contact with Gaius, the first Hochmeister of the Order, again. By that time, all the stone he had been mining up for his slowly growing group of comrades had been put to use in building a small keep and some defensive walls around the base of the mountain. Mirtok had decided that it was time to join his brother and sister Sariants and set out in constructing a home for himself alongside the others.


It was one day while Mirtok was set about himself building atop some scaffolding, a stranger Order member had inquired as to who he was and noted that his plot- though it bore Mirtok’s first name- lacked a surname. In a moment of flash introspection, Mirtok had decided to shed the old surname of Halgrim for one of his own creation; DeNurem. “De” to denote from, and “Nurem” borrowed from the city in which Mirtok had found his new life and purpose in the Order. And thus, the family of DeNurem was born.


Mirtok would eventually reconnect with a once thought lost sibling, Darius Halgrim. Darius was not of the same blood as Mirtok- him being Dark Elf by birth- but nonetheless, he was invited to join him as a DeNurem. Bringing about the two lines of DeNurem that exist today, one of pure Human blood and the other displaying vaguely Elvish traits.


The Teutonic Order would later go on to fight many victorious battles in many different lands in Aegis, leading up to the climactic siege and conquering of the first Human city of Al’Khazaar. For a brief moment in time, Gaius Marius was the King of all of Humanity; Before giving away the title by splitting the Human lands in two. On one end arose the nation of Renatus spawned from the Pheonix Rebels of Tarus, and on the other came the birth of the Realm of Hanseti. Hanseti was the peoples and holdings of the Teutonic Order and all those who willingly joined them in their cause to strengthen the Human race against the Undead. The average citizen of the Realm was of Northern or Nord decent, and all primarily focused on military ventures or in support of.


Gaius Marius was claimed by old age- originally thought to have been assassinated by a nefarious Order member- and thus the title of Hochmeister was passed on, with Mirtok inheriting the rank of OrdernMarschall. Darius DeNurem was also admitted into the ranks of the Order around this time. Though the Sariants had little time to grieve for the loss of their founder as the forces of the Undead had advanced unto the world at an alarming rate, prompting the races of the world to elect champions to sacrifice themselves in hopes that they could destroy the portal in which the armies of darkness emerged from. Though the mission was a success, the destruction of the portal subsequently collapsed the Nether and in turn caused the land of Aegis to fall into the void.


Everyone was forced to flee aboard ships and through another portal created by the Wandering Wizard to what would later be called Asulon. It was also discovered that Gaius Marius had originally been born in the lands of Asulon to a tribe of the original Hansetian people located in the southern part of the continent; As depicted in his personal writings. Mirtok DeNurem lead his fellow Sariants directly South as soon as the Order’s boats made landfall, claiming the frozen South in the name of Hanseti and the Teutonic Order. However, after a falling out with the then Hochmeister Samuel Bealcrest regarding the future of the nation and the Order, Mirtok was exiled to a remote mountain in the Eastern part of the Hanseti claim lands.


Upon this mountain, Mirtok would go on to single-handedly establish the fortress hold of Watcher Stadt; A fortified position in which Mirtok would keep a close watch on the repeatedly hostile nation of Renatus just to the North of the great Hansetian Mountains; Waiting for the day that his brothers and sisters would call him back. During his exile, Mirtok did little but develop his fortress and mine deep beneath the Hansetian soil in solitude. He managed to form a considerable stash of valuable metals as well as construct a highly defensible keep before being discovered by an exploring Sariant, Kincaid. Though Kincaid was made mute through acid that had been poured down his throat and thus did not divulge Mirtok’s position to the others in the Order.


It was not until that Mirtok had happened to learn of the war that had broken out between Renatus and Hanseti once more on one of his scouting missions along the North border did he make a return to the Hansetian capital city (An unnamed city at the time.) Upon his return, Mirtok brought with him much needed war supplies that his fellow Sariants were greatly lacking. It was with this resource injection that the Teutonic Order was able to make further headway in the war. Mirtok had also volunteered to take up arms against the Renatian forces at the battle of Greenwall and The Boot, fighting with his fellow Sariants. The war was eventually won through negotiated peace, with the Renatians on the brink of losing their last holding and capital city, Abresi. Through his efforts, Mirtok was unofficially accepted back into the Order and his holdings in the East became a frequent Order outpost.


Mirtok returned to his work in Watcher Stadt until news had reached him that Hochmeister Samuel had been assassinated by Bloodmages and that Sariant Jack had been made the new Hochmeister in his wake. In his grief, Mirtok set out to discover the true cause of Samuel’s death and ensure those responsible would pay dearly. But his efforts eventually turned up little and what he was able to discover proved to be far too complicated than what he could tackle on his own. Furthermore, Mirtok had become wrapped up in a personal project that had him working under the earth for weeks at a time before coming up for fresh air. It was during one of these emergences that Hochmeister Jack had contacted Mirtok and had asked him to take up the mantle of Hochmeister, of which he had accepted. A thunderous rumble had been noted in the Capital city of Hanseti as well as a towering plume of dust rising from the East about a week since last contact was made with the newly appointed Hochmeister. Some time more went by until a small squad of Sariants went towards the sighted incident and dug the Hochmeister out of the rubble.


Mirtok would go on to change the Order in many ways, starting with the stark red and gold uniform change to mark the radical change in Order operations. He would go on to severe almost every alliance with the other nations in the world and purge his internal staff of useless or corrupt political officials- eventually leaving a single civil Landmeister in the newly named Capital city of Dresden. This Landmeister was none other than Velwyn Ashford. However, increasing border pressure from the neighboring Renatus had caused Mirtok to grow suspicious of even Ashford, leading to his estrangement with the Hochmeister and migration Northward. Dresden was left empty and untouched as all Order operations were moved to the fortress citadel of Watcher Stadt and all focus was placed on various military ventures outside of Hanseti.


Renatus would ultimately become headed by a new King, Godfrey Horen who proved to be a brilliant campaign tactician and political figure, brining into his fold the remaining major Human nations save Hanseti. Hanseti was able to hold out the longest against the Renatian invasions, being the only military power able to somewhat match theirs. The Sariants of the Teutonic Order were ready and willing to give their lives in defense of their homelands, no matter the cost- and so was Mirtok. But one day a letter was sent directly to King Godfrey from Mirtok requesting a meeting be held under the shadows of the massive and ancient sentinel statues that guarded the mouth of Hanseti. Godfrey obliged the request and the two met in the specified location. It was there Mirtok questioned Godfrey of his intent and goals; Godfrey was fully transparent with his plan and vision for the future of Humanity. Mirtok DeNurem then kneeled before him uttering the phrase “I will die for my country but I will not let my country die for me.” Godfrey delivered him the Oath and he repeated it to him before rising. With that the first Empire of Man was founded, Hanseti being the last to join.


The Realm of Hanseti was made into a Duchy, in which Mirtok was made the Duke. With this too came the formal creation of House DeNurem, a Noble House of the Empire. Darius DeNurem would also be made a Landmeister over the holdings of Bavaria, a settlement nestled amidst ruins in the Northern area of Hanseti, just South of The Maw and the sentinel statues. Through many victorious military conquests in the name of the Empire at the hands of the Teutonic Order, Hanseti earned the title of Kingdom, and Mirtok was subsequently made its King. This also caused House DeNurem to be upgraded to a Royal House, alongside Hightower while Horen was made an Imperial House. In these days, Darius had also been married to Emmeline Nuri who would not take the DeNurem name, but despite that they had a child, Lazarus DeNurem.


Though, Asulon would later become engulfed in flooding. forcing all to evacuate the continent to a couple of islands before reaching the shores of Anthos. During the island phase of the migration, Mirtok had disappeared on personal business, leaving Dain Farhammer as acting Hochmeister. Unfortunately, Dain had allowed himself to become corrupted by past enemies- House Flay under the new name of House Blackmont- and committed the Order to perform otherwise unheard of actions against people in the Empire. By the time Mirtok had been able to resume control of the Order, Dain had already been executed for his crimes and the damage done was practically irreversible. Those most greatly affected by Dain’s actions were the White Rose knights and House Chivay.


When landfall was made on Anthos, Mirtok lead his men North along the great Ice wall, stopping at a massive opening that lead into the wild North. The surrounding lands were claimed and accepted by the Emperor as Hansetian with the Castle of Greywynn acting as the nation’s capital. However, just across the river House Blackmont had claimed land on Hansetian soil and had constructed their own keep. While just North-West of them, their vassals House Carrion had claimed more Hansetian soil between two more rivers. Disputes quickly erupted between the decades long enemies as both House DeNurem and House Blackmont claimed they had been given permission from the Emperor. All the while the Emperor remained silent on the issue and simply placed House Blackmont as subject of Hansetian rule. Mirtok imposed strict laws that would prevent all criminal activity from occurring in the Kingdom of Hanseti; Most of which were largely ignored by House Blackmont. Mirtok warned the Emperor that at the rate things were going, a large scale civil war was imminent and that if corrective action was not taken there would be bloodshed.


All the while this was going on, Mirtok had opened up friendly relationships with House Green, ultimately resulting in the marriage of Allison Green to Mirtok. Darius DeNurem had taken up Landmeistership of another entrance into the North called Highcliff.


War was declared not long after as House Blackmont demanded that House DeNurem be cast out from the Throne of Hanseti with August Blackmont being made King instead. Mirtok refused the demands. Several battles were fought in various parts of the nation between both Sariants and Blackmont bannerman. The civil war was largely contained inside the borders of Hanseti until the situation was greatly escalated with the interesting alliance formed between House Blackmont and House Chivay, the leading House of the newly formed Kingdom of Kaedrin. The combined numbers of Blackmont, Carrion and White Rose soldiers greatly outnumbered the forces of the Teutonic Order and House DeNurem. Thus the remaining prominent Houses of the Empire were also pulled into the war on the side of House DeNurem. Among these were House Hightower and the Kingdom of Salvus, House Silverblade, House Ishikawa, House Green and the Lion Knights.


The crescendo of the Civil War ended in the battle for Dreadfort. Just previous to the battle, Mirtok along with a handful of his most skilled Sariants went into the North to combat the increasing violent raids by the primitive but ferocious Bora; A mutant boarish people native to the North. It was the duty of the Teutonic Order at the time to protect the world from what lay beyond the Ice Wall into the North and though Mirtok’s status as King of Hanseti was in jeopardy, he elected to enter the harsh wilderness in hopes that he could stop whatever lay out waiting. The battle for Dreadfort ended in Victory for House Blackmont and the White Rose, forever altering the course of Human history. The majority of Hanseti’s holdings were relinquished to House Blackmont and House Carrion, the Teutonic Order was disbanded and remade as an entity of the Empire and would eventually fade from the forefront of Imperial power as Mirtok was still missing in the North, Allison DeNurem took refuge among House Green and Darius DeNurem returned to his post as Lion. Though Allison was pregnant just prior to Mirtok’s disappearance, and in the era of his absence she bore twins; Booker and Winter DeNurem. Booker was placed under the care of Maur Azog and eventually given to the Emperor during the Exodus. Winter was kept with Allison in the Green holdings.


Mirtok would not return until Anthos had already been largely consumed by the horrors that spilled out of the North in the wake of the Teutonic Order’s defeat. With no one to guard the passage into and out of the North, Bohra, Lich and darkness alike were given free travel into the rest of the world. Mirtok had emerged as the sole survivor of his squad, having only been able to slay the Bohra alpha and ending the tribal scourge. A greater evil lay beyond the Bohra, too great for a single man. He was able to secure safe passage onto the fleeing boats in the company of the Dark Elves. And disappeared again upon reaching the next islands in transition to Athera.


During the era of Mirtok’s absence, many of his past Order members went on to achieve great things. Some were named champions of various arenas, others had retired to simple family life. However, some went on to become leaders of nations. Of those was his own brother Darius, leader of the Elves and Erik Azog, Rex of the Orcish war nation. When Mirtok had actually resurfaced once more, the state of Humanity was much different than when he was the King of his own Nation. In the wake of the Exodus, House Carrion had assumed control of the Empire. Mirtok had set out to make contact with his old friends and family, leaving behind a trail of whispers and rumors that would ultimately make their way to the ears of the Human leadership. Darius’ wife, Caitlyn DeNurem (Hightower) also happened to become the owner of a very prominent Oren bank in which most kept their money in. One day after yet another attempted bank robbery by its own patrons, the vaults had been cleaned out and the bank left abandoned, with a good portion of Oren’s savings making its way into the personal vaults of House DeNurem.This sparked what was later called the Mirtok Conspiracy, an idea that Mirtok would pull together old assets that were allowed to become very powerful against the Human Empire in an attempt to claim the throne for himself. Ironically, this Conspiracy is what would cause its own self-fulfilling prophecy and inspire the disgruntled races of the world to band together and topple the Carrion Empire. Though the Empire was made anew as House Chivay arrived from distant lands bearing divine will to assume control of a Human Empire.


In the lull after the Carrion defeat, Mirtok recalled past Teutonic Order members and peoples of Hansetian blood to join him in the reborn Sovereign of Hanseti and the 2nd Founding of the Teutonic Order. Though no longer of the “Empire” House DeNurem was once more in control of its own nation, with Mirtok as Hochmeister of the Realm and of the Order. However, upon seeking international recognition for Hanseti, further conflicts arose. Darius DeNurem resigned from his position in the Elvish nation to prevent a civil war, but mostly to spend time with his daughter, Elizabeth DeNurem. The Azogs too fell from their position of Rex in the rapidly failing Orcish War Nation. House Chivay also rescinded their recognition due to pressure from their own Raevir citizens. Mirtok would continue his efforts regardless, bringing the nation of Hanseti to a status that nearly eclipsed that what was under the original Empire.


In Athera, Hanseti would go on to claim a portion of Northern territory among others such as House Rovin. The area separated by a large river would later be called North Haven by the handful of groups that resided there. Organization such as the Teutonic Order, the Rovins and Clan Orvar would go on to form a Northern commonwealth of sorts, with a combined force that made up nearly half of the Human population. It was during the early years of Athera that Mirtok and his daughter Winter were able to meet for the first time. Allison had passed away some time before the migration from Anthos. Darius DeNurem had become involved with his own mercenary company along with his daughter that based itself in the Western part of the Hansetian claimed lands, while his son had largely disappeared altogether.


Tensions began to rise in the Eastern Imperial mainlands, as it was suspected that the former Carrion rulers were plotting a takeover of their lost throne. The Northern Commonwealth had pledged loyalty to House Chivay in such an event, even the Teutonic Order though it was not of the Empire. However, when the day came that Chivay was overthrown, the Highlanders were told to abstain from fighting.


It was around this time that Mirtok had decided that he would fulfill his promise to the now former Chivay Emperor and retire the Teutonic Order. Upon his initial return to the power, Mirtok had vowed that he would restore Hanseti to existence and attempt to bring the Order to a status that he was satisfied with so that he would retire the Order at a high point as opposed to a low one that was seen in the aftermath of the defeat at the Dreadfort. The assets of the Order were divided among its singular members, Clan Azog, the Realm of Hanseti and the Kingdom of Aesterwald. As the torches were extinguished and the gates of Stonehallow were let closed for the last time, Mirtok bid farewell to the majority of his fellow Sariants. It was in the stoop of the North Forge that Mirtok was last seen. A Sariant Medic had witnessed his Hochmeister be whisked away by a being going by the name of Jack. He appeared in a flash of runic letterings, insisting that Mirtok’s time had come. Seemingly knowing who he was, Mirtok took Jack’s hand and was then gone in another flash runes, leaving the Sariant Medic stunned and alone.


For a time, the last remaining DeNurem was that of Winter. Mirtok had once more mysteriously vanished, Darius disappeared as well. Her cousins were presumed dead, her brother was off in some far off land unsure if he was even still alive. Winter would go on to marry into House Vladov, a family bearing Hansetian and Raevir blood ties; For a time, there was no longer a House DeNurem.







Former House Artifacts


Mirtok’s Warhammer

Still in the possession of the Hochmeister himself, this fearsome tool was forged from the metal in the zweihander belonging to Hochmeister-King, Gaius Marius and was wrapped using leather from Hochmeister-King Samuel Bealcrest’s warbow. It saw the destruction and execution of Teutonic enemies from the the era of Asulon until the era of Athera.


The Hochmeister’s Helmet

Also in Mirtok’s possession, this helmet was forged from three crowns of Oren Kings claimed during the Aegis-saga of the Teutonic Order. Possessing it is the only true way to pass on the succession of leadership within the Teutonic Order. Without the original helmet, a Hochmeister is a false one. Gaius Marius, Samuel Bealcrest, Jack and Mirtok are the only legitimized Hochmeisters.



Lost upon Darius’s death. A prominent war hero during the Anthosian battles against Setherian. This mechanical invention saw most of its use digging up artifacts from around the world, but was later modified to combat the Setherian and rival the power of any overly powered doom creature that was set on the Unified World Alliance by the forces of Iblees. Darius’ automaton was seemingly powered by magic that gave it simple life. Not to be confused with its cousin Sell-A-Tron, the merchant automaton.


3rd Generation Teutonic Anti-Contagion Suit

Lost upon Darius’s death. A suit of thick plate steel sealed by glue and leather with a modified TAC mask to fit into the helmet. This overly weighted design was orcish in size and could be operated by activating enchanted stones produced by the Wizard Ambros that could significantly lighten the weight of the suit. Often foolishly mistaken for a tank-like set of armor for Teutonic Knights, TAC suits were actually for labourers to use in the deadly pink mist. Although enchanted, the suit was still much too sluggish and even life-endangering to be considered useful in combat situations save a few random incidents involving small groups. Luckily the enchanted stones stayed in-place each time it saw combat and eventually became too costly to consider sending into lands foreign for this reason as only a handful existed. All but one suit is destroyed.


Darius’ Helmet

Lost upon Darius’s death. Once lost for decades after the exodus of the Empire, it was relocated and reforged into the current possession adorning the head of the 17th Imperial Knight today. An object that brought horror to the memory of many peasants and nobles alike.



If you’re a loyal imperial, merchant or foreign diplomat and would like to contact House DeNurem, send a letter to Antonius Place 2, Helena, Renatus. ((Post here or forum message this account.))




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