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Admin Update Pt. 2

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Hey all! Hope your week was a good one. I wanted to share with the community some information that we hinted at in our last update. One of the goals we set out to accomplish in the near future was to revamp and clean up staff blacklist. Prior to this update there was a structure for them being logged, but there was no effective way to keep track of them or to see when they were appealed or altered other than relying on admins to properly communicate that information. Moving forward I’d like to share with you briefly what’s changed so that you can be informed if this ever becomes relevant to you, or is to you at this time.


Our blacklist section on the forums, which in the past housed villain and magic blacklist, now has the inclusion of staff blacklist appeals. This is a new form that players who are staff blacklisted can fill out in order to submit an appeal that will be reviewed and managed by the administration. The details for staff blacklist, and also villain / magic blacklist, is all housed under one information post with all the forms referenced at the top of the page for ease of use. Staff blacklist that are applied to team members that are removed from a team will be communicated to you by either the team director or admin that issued the blacklist. If you’ve never been told this then this does not apply to you. This does not really affect most of the community, but this will serve as a far better system for staff blacklist appeals in general. Have a good weekend!



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