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Brazilianski's Wiki Team Application

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Username: Brazilianski

Forum Name: OneGhoulyBoi

Discord Name and Tag: Brazilianski#9205


How do you wish to work for the wiki?

Updating Lore. Exclusively that, to be honest. I write well and all but I frankly don't always have the patience to write my own pieces, but I love editing/adding/removing or anything needed to other pieces.


Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before?

I've worked on my past company's wiki, which is now taken down by their Lead Programmer, who was a friend, so I unfortunately can't link it. It wasn't anything like LoTC's wiki and it was more like a Wix site than anything...


Which lore are you most familiar with?

Orcish and Human lore. A more specific lore would be Dark Shamanism (T5, no TA).


Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved


I’ll use the example of the Dark Shamanism for this. If we were in the second iteration, sure, it’d be amazing. And since the role I’m looking for is updating lore, this fits the perfect example of non-updated, alongside many others. While I know DS has had many re-writes, many denied re-writes, the current iteration would be the Third Gen, and the powers described in that page (i.e, Tricking a spirit) no longer exist or are simply defunct. The story related to each generation also need an updated related to the third generation, which needs to mention the three Ish’Urkal and their strive for power, affairs with Leyd and the third generation of Dark Shamans itself. Overall, the page is not badly written, but it needs updates.


Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning


I need to visit this page to direct myself to others, and while it isn’t a really descriptive page, it has to be up to date with Deity magics, their re-writes, amendments, fixes and whatnot. I has seen this page do just that. While the pages it links to can be maybe themselves not updated, the page that directs to them tries to be and is being successful. Consequentially, and logically, if the page leading to them is updated, so would be the pages themselves, but I think the Deity Magics page could be used as an example of constant updating, something that is needed in a community with so much people striving to write and create.


Please showcase your abilities with either A short writing on a subject of your choosing, or An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!)

Guess I’ll do a short writing on Dark Shamanism?

”One of the arts a Dark Shaman may be taught by his/her teacher is the art of summoning ghastly warriors. T’is one of the three main chains of current Buurz-Zhomoism (Dark Shamanism, Blah). The Dark Shaman can, using his Naakh, cast forth his mists and make them take form, and, dependant on the Shaman’s tier, summon a quantity of warriors. These warriors are very susceptible to physical attacks, even though they may appear armored, as their body as a whole is flesh and can be easily struck down. The art of Lutamancy can also greatly damage these spirit warriors, even more so than Holy Magic. Despite physical weaknesses, these warriors can prove very effective battling off, say, two opponents that seek to combat the Dark Shaman, considering Dark Shamans themselves aren’t very physically able. They can serve many purposes, like stalling enemies for the Dark Shaman to cast other disgraces at them, battle them, or even serve as distraction for an escape. The Tier requirements and capacities are as follows:

T1 – Atleast 4 emotes, requires a great deal of energy and probably exhausts the Shaman. 1 Warrior!
T2 – Atleast 4 emotes, requires a great deal of energy and probably exhausts the Shaman. 2 Warriors!
T3 – Atleast 3 emotes, requires a great deal of energy and probably leaves the Shaman tired. 4 Warriors. 
T4 – Atleast 3 emotes, requires a medium amount of energy and doesn’t exhaust the Shaman much. 5 Warriors. 
T5 – Atleast 3 emotes, requires a medium amount of energy and doesn’t tire the Shaman. 7 warriors.

OBSERVATION: Each extra warrior aside from the initial one you make in the first three emotes requires another emote describing the summon of the other warrior. I.e: Gothar summoned one warrior in 3 emotes, they attack and die, whilst that, he summons another one in another emote, and so on.

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