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The Kindling of Devotion

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The Kindling of Devotion


Drûtram’Lak approached his Clan-Father. He had an intent set in his mind, and as he drew ever-closer to the cauldron Shreck was bent over, he began inspecting its contents.
“Greetings, Drûtram.”






Soon after a long conversation, Shreck offered a sage nod, before presenting a final question. “It is the elementals you seek - but which element is it that you desire?”
“The spirits of fire - ghash.” His tone picked up as he spoke. “The other elements - earth, water, air - they all remain idle, motionless and neutral on their own.The second you cease controlling them-” Drûtram clicked his fingers. “-they stop. Fire is wild, primal. When left alone, it continues in its consumption, demolishing all in its path.”
Another nod from the wizened orc, and the pair set off into the wilderness outside the looming walls of San’Kala.




Arriving somewhere among great canopies, the pair began conversing once again - chiefly Shreck, explaining the intricacies of the different realms. It seemed a blur, but soon, the Clan-Father pushed a pot of the strange stew into the half-goblin’s hands. His mouth barked unknown speech, but his eyes chanted, “DRINK!”
Drûtram'Lak sipped at the liquid, before tipping more into his mouth. The bitter taste forced a gag, which led to him spitting about three quarters of the liquid in his mouth back into the container, his willpower only able to force a quarter of the pot’s contents into his gullet.

Fading between states of consciousness, the apprentice soon found himself in a fiery land, stalactites tearing through the rocky roof of the realm. He greeted this newly discovered land with a scowl, straining against his lungs as they attempted to expel the hot dust flooding into them. He'd rub at his eyes, growing ever more reddened and watery from the ash and heat they contacted.






A blast from behind flung him forwards, as he fell front-first on the brimstone floor. Magma from a nearby fiery river would divert from its typical flow and begin to fill the crater. The realm itself would begin to shake and stones would begin to drop from the ceiling to take form as hellish rubble.This would, in turn, grow into a hellish figure.

"Skahin' hell-," He'd grit his teeth as the ground once again burned at his flesh, this time almost his entire chest being subject to the pain. He continued examining the roof of the realm, taking large steps backwards as the flow of the river changed. An orc which had once known resolve had become more fearful than he had known was possible in the presence of such an awesome being.






"Damn right!" The magma would respond, casting back its shell in another explosion. Magma would be casted out radially and cover everything.
"Being!" The orc attempted to appear imposing - a difficult task when faced with this foe - his once booming voice having been replaced with little more than a mumble. "I’ve come here - to your realm - to make a request of you!"

"Who are you," the creature would thunder in a voice lower than his stature, "To make demands of ME?!"

Drûtram'Lak took a cautious step forward, over a number of stones that had fallen from the darkness above - this motion was somewhat intimidated when the spirit, however small, stepped forward, although he would attempt not to show it. "Not a demand. An exchange.”

"I am of little patience. Tell me!" He would boom in reply, casting the ground around the orc aflame.

The mongrel remained in place, restraining himself from casting looks to the pyre around him. "I am a mere mortal-," His mind would falter for a moment, as he thought of what to say next. "... But- but I can expand your grasp in my realm." He'd raise a fist, elbow bent. "Make you more powerful - make the Descendants of Atlas fear your name and tremble at its uttering!"


"So be it. MAKE THE WORLD BURN AS YOU DO NOW. SIGNAL ME WITH SACRIFICE AND PYRES!" He would throw his arms into the air and for a brief moment the orc would be engulfed in flames before losing consciousness.


As the orc slowly regained consciousness, he spoke a few final words to Shreck, before making off with this newly-given challenge.

The world would come to once again fear the crackles of inferno.

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