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The Elven Alliance Grows

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Name of the Treaty: The Army of Elvenesse, 1689
Type of Treaty: [Alliance, Non-Aggression and Defensive Pact]
[Nation / Freebuild] [Name: The Sable Enclave of Vira’ker
[Nation / Freebuild] [Name: The Enclave of Gladewynn]
Date of Signing: 19th of the Amber Cold



The Enclave of Gladewynn sought the help of the warriors descended from Ebonglade; dark elves of stoicism, poise and high regard. A deal was quickly struck between the two parties that they would join under one banner: the Army of Elvenesse. Marching now to lay waste to Norland, the Orcs, Ulrah and all their allies, the Sable Enclave of Vira’ker, Enclave of Fi’haler and Company of Gladewynn stand poised to bring their enemies to justice.


The Terms, agreed upon by both groups, are as followed:

  1. They will enter an Alliance, Defensive Pact and Non-Aggression pact for the duration of the war that will commence against the enemies of the Empire and their allies.
  2. They will permit free trade and visitation to members of all allied factions.
  3. The Prince of Alders Kairn Ithelanen hereby endows the Sable Enclave with the territory needed to harbor the growth of their people; they have their independence and are beholden to no federal laws, but they must rally alongside the Gladewynn Company in the wars to come.
  4. The Prince of the Alders and His retinue supports Ganzorig Vincrute’s claim to the position of Prince of Ker’nor, or the Sable Enclave of Vira’ker, as long as their Enclave continues to represent the People of Ker’nor and their wishes, needs, and ancestral history.


SABLE PRINCE, Ganzorig Vincrute, The Hierarch


PRINCE OF THE ALDERFOLK, Kairn Ithelanen, The Liberator



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