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[Legend] The Phantom of Old

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The Phantom of Old;

An early legend circulating the hamlets of Arcas through the whispers of men and elves alike.


Legend has it they began as three.

The deceitful Chief, He-who-must-not-be-named, dubbed Caretaker of the Land, came hither to the ripe grounds of Arcas from a faraway land and, since he ached horribly from solitude, formed two sons out of sand and fire.


A long, distant time ago the Chief was named sole ruler of all of Arcas. His sons cited him the subject's pleas and toiled as his voice. Each winter, reparations of seed, animals, and men were made to the Caretaker of the Land on his chosen dawn. Yet as the seasons passed, the Land's ruler blundered further and deeper into madness. His delusions ultimately reached the realm - folks took to fleeing their tents and setting out into the lowland, where they fit meals for carnivores, ghouls and fiends alike.

Ere long, Arcas was flooding in blood.


The brothers, his offsprings foresaw ruin overtaking their homeland and took it upon themselves to liberate it. When winter came once more, and with it the dawn offerings, they butchered their father and hid his carcass deep within the lowland. His cursed lifeblood soaked the mud of the swamps, and from then on the trees there bred hearty and healthful goods for the people. As for the Chief's eternal soul, it refused to depart its cherished ground, and so the siblings locked it off.

To this age, it lies immured beneath a massive tree within the swamps of Arcas, where it flails about in feeble fury.

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