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The Subcultures of Adreo

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The Four Subcultures

Of Adreo


While Rosnian is the culture of those from Adreo, it is a broad term for those of the realm. Before the wars that united Adreo, there were four principalities, each of which having a unique culture and appearance. This post is to provide details on the subcultures of Rosnian: Rosynian, Lairnic, Adreni, and Matrian.





The Rosynian people were always ones of great passion, great leadership, and excellent craftsmanship. Respected throughout the realm, they were major players from the fields of battle, to the fleets of trade which came and went from their realm.

    The people of the Principality were known for their fine clothing, placing fashion and looks above comfort and use. Their prince was known to wear a crown of thorns upon his head as a symbol, despite the harm it would cause to his head. Common colors for their peoples would be black, red, and yellow, each one of the main colors within the crest of the ruling family, the Rosieres.

The Rosiere family has been seen as gods by both the Rosynians, and the rest of those throughout the realm, believed to be capable of winning a battle with no hope. Louis de Rosiere, the first Prince of their bloodline, is the most respected military leader of their peoples, being seen as the only reason they defeated the Matrians in the 100 years’ war.

Craftsmanship, specifically fine brewery and masonry, are something the Rosynians flaunt to those of other cultures. The Rosynians believe themselves to be the best craftsmen of Adreo, something heavily disputed by those of the other principalities. What does stand true to their people, are the quality of their buildings, having stood for centuries without even the slightest discoloration. The masonry of the Principality is a marvel to all who set their eyes upon it, its simplistic look being filled with that of extreme detail.
    Even though the Matrian’s are known for their prowess is combat, the Rosynians are the best strategists within the realm. Originally shown by Louis de Rosiere in the 100 Year’s War, the Rosynians have done nothing but continuously improve their strategy and leadership, besting their opponents through brains, rather than brawn.


Rosynians are known for the bright blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and average stature. While neither the tallest nor strongest, they have brilliant minds and skilled hands, seen through their leadership and craftsman capabilities.

    The Rosynians, compared to the other Rosnian subcultures, are known to harbor thick accents. Speaking in their native tongue quite often. Many outsiders are confused by their dialect, usually causing others to act as translators.





The Lairnic people are a people of compassion, equality, advancement, and peace. Throughout history, they have kept to themselves, focusing on internal growth rather than expansion.

    Due to their internal focus, the Lairnic people were ones of great advancement. They found new, more efficient ways to cultivate crops, heat their forges, create sustainable buildings and ways to live, create new materials, invent new fighting styles, and many other things which left other cultures yearning for what they had.

    The Larnic people , while creating such advancements, were very humble, seeing those around them as equal. Due to their equality, they did not try to flaunt their status through fancy clothes or titles. They wore simple clothes, such as robes or loose fitting outfits, filled with colors of blue, black, or gold. The Prince and his council lived alongside the commoners, having no castle, no personal staff, nor mass amounts of wealth.

    Those within the Principality were a very superstitious people, their taverns filled with stories of strange creatures, powerful sorcerers stronger than gods, and old ways long forgotten. Some of these superstitions fell around the Followers of The Lyrani, many believing they were once a people of immense power. While the Followers are still a well respected group of fighters, philosophers, and protectors, many believe they have forgotten their true capabilities.

    Those of Lairne, while focusing less time on military might and craftsmanship, are a very knowledgeable people, holding many libraries, research facilities, and research facilities. While saying this, they were a self sufficient people, making their own clothing, goods, weaponry, armor, and anything else they could desire. These crafts produced numerous masters, having many skilled craftsman throughout their lands.



The people of Lairne are best characterized through their blonde or red hair, blue/green eyes, and tall, yet muscular builds. They are not as strong as the Matrians, but they pride themselves in their abilities, whether it be physical, mental, or psychological.

Their people, after the years of realm unity, developed some accent, but most still would be considered to not have one at all. They are fairly fluent in common, not speaking much of their native tongue.





The Adreni, for centuries, have been the backbone of Adreo, a people of hard workers, strong will and strong bodies, they made up most of the workers within the realm.

    The Adreni are the people seen around the farmlands, animal pens, mines, and lumber mills, making up those who work on keeping their people alive, stocked in goods and materials. Their work is not the most glorious, nor the most mentioned, but they are the backbone of all civilization. Their people pride themselves in helping others, seeing their line of work as tradition, a tradition they would gladly follow.

    The Adreni, due to their work, dress themselves in comfortable, yet secure clothing. Loose fitting clothing increases risk of injury, especially in mills and mines. The colors they commonly wear are usually neutral colors, greys, browns, blacks, and whites.

    The Adreni are a very unique culture, sharing very little with the other three Principalities. The Adreni are very religious, following multiple gods instead of one. In Adreo, Rosenyr, Lairne, and Matria used to follow a single god, but adopted the Adreni’s religion after being unified.

    The Adreni people are ones of excellent workers and surprisingly, great actors  and musicians. The Adreni see music and theatre as a way of life, some of their most prominent figures being bards, actors, or instrumentalists.



The Adreni are best known for their brown hair, dark eyes, and strong build. Due to their lives working in hard labor, the Adreni are naturally strong, taking less time than most to gain muscle.

    The Adreni, while having an accent, differs from that of the other Rosnians. The upbringing of the Adreni, is quite different than the others, causing them to be, overall, slightly different than the others.





The Matrian, once a noble people, became shrouded by forces of war. With their rampage through the realm of Adreo, their image was destroyed, soon being seen as savage warriors who wanted nothing but bloodshed. This image, however, wasn’t even close to the truth. Their Prince’s mind, after the death of his wife, was shattered, leaving him with nothing but hate, and a lust for blood. The Prince used his influence to drag his people into war, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

    In reality, the Matrians were noble, but skilled fighters, priding themselves in arts such as fencing and gladiatorial combat. Fighting was considered entertainment and sport, but they were not a people of war. Their militaries were strong and well equipped, but not for attacking others.

    The Matrians commonly wore armor, whether it be leather or iron, dyed or plain, they saw it as a part of their people. No matter the man, commoner nor guard, armor was a tradition for their people, the better the quality, the more respect they saw. This is somewhat related to the Rosynians with their fancy clothing, showing the similarity between the two groups.

    While they are not the most religious people, they honor some of their best fighters like gods. Those who have shown valor and military prowess are seen as royalty amongst the people. In their culture, the Prince can be challenged at any time for the crown. The Prince is usually known as one of the best fighters in the realm, leading to this tradition.


The Matrians are recognized by their brown or black hair, dark eyes, and strong, muscular build. Their time as soldiers, gladiators, or fencers usually brings many scars to the canvas of their body.

    The Matrians are known to have only harbor a slight accent, barely noticeable to most. They are rather well versed in common, but tend to speak in their native tongue at times.




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5 hours ago, Treaty said:

The Matrians are recognized by their brown or black hair


Luc runs his hand through his greasy blonde hair “Most Matrians...”

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