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Egil The Silver-Tongued

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General Info


Name : Egil Marchande of House Sauvageot

Titles : The Silver-Tongued, Owner of the Black-Arrow Tavern, Jolly Diplomat.

Age : 22

Date of Birth : 7th Sun’s smile 1672 

Status : Alive

Current Affiliations : Principality of Rosenyr

Previous Affiliations : Kingdom Of Nordengrad

Gender : Male

Race : Heartlander

Sexuality : Heterosexual

Languages Common

Alignment : Neutral Good



Height : 5’11

Weight : 163 lbs

Eye Color : Emerald green

Skin Color : White

Hair Color : Blonde

Markings/Tattoos : Burn scars lower left abdomen, Tattoo of a Black arrow right arm inside.

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