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Fahron Daluon - The Hermit

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General Information


  • Name & nicknames: Fahron Daluon, the wandering Hermit
  • Race: Wood Elf, with parts of Farfolk-Blood in his veins
  • Gender: Male
  • Year of Birth: 1655
  • Religious Belief: Aspectism
  • Voice Reference: Aruvn - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijKAd4CjRqM



Physical Description


The average height of a Daluon man is at around, 5’9’’ feet, although the tallest reach heights around 6’3”, often peeking out of most Heartlander males due to their height. Following such genetic structure Fahron is standing, thanks to his elven genes, at a towering 6’2’’, often being able to glance over the heads of most folk easily. Thanks to his daily training and the travels he does every day Fahron holds a muscular body-build holding the weight of 209 lbs.


Due to amber-colored eyes from his mother and the golden-sandy-colored eyes from his father Fahron has a rather gentle and soft mix of those colors, giving him a rather bright orange-golden eye color. Thanks to the same reason Fahron is also holding a rather tanned-olive skin, as his father already had fairly dark skin and his mother being on the tanned skin-tone side, causing him to develop such skin color.


However, unlike most Daluons Fahron doesn’t possess white hair, due to his mother being a wood elf and his father already being a crossbreed of a farfolk and an elf, causing his elven genes to be more dominant and giving him a brownish hair color. Like his father Fahron is also keeping his facial hair cut down to the minimum often showing some stubbles, but barely more than that. While he keeps his beard shaved Fahron is often letting his body hair grow out, either due to the fact that he hates wasting the time to shave or due to the fact that he simply doesn’t care about it as much. As such he is often displaying far-reaching tufts that cover most of his body.






  • Energetic: Fahrons primary trait is his energetic enthusiasm. He is always filled with energy and helps others out whenever he can without any hesitation. This trait is also very helpful for his travels and his daily life, since it often leaves him in a good and energetic mood.
  • Free Spirited: Unlike his father Fahron is known as a rather free spirit, trying to follow his own path and ideals, and staying true to those as much as possible. As such he wouldn’t agree on doing something he isn’t feeling comfortable with.
  • Fearful: Fahron is known to show a rather kind and gentle side, yet, despite such a facade he is also able to bring fear to those that are acting against his ideals, not hesitating to let his voice be heard and him taking physical actions. Besides from such his talents in strategic thinking is turning Fahron into an enemy no one wants to fight against.
  • Unorganized: Like father, like son, Fahron is fairly unorganized, often losing stuff or being unable to find important documents. Most of his backpack seems cramped and is so unorganized that it can take Fahron more than a few minutes to find a single item within.






  • Helpfulness: Unlike most people Fahron is often trying to help people instead of himself. Sure, he wants to achieve his goals, but he also wants to support the people he likes, may it be physically, mentally or any other possible way.
  • Fast thinker: Fahron might be a hermit and wanderer, but in reality he is a rather fast thinker, using his surroundings and given information rapidly, for example to create an escaping plan. Being a fast thinker is also helping him in his daily life, especially in the wild and in other dangerous situations.
  • Experience in Shortsword- and Kama-Usage: Unlike most folks Fahron prefers the usage of shortswords or Kamas about everything. He was trained in this form of combat for most of his life and he knows where to place his hits to take an enemy down in the shortest amount of time.






  • Arachnophobia: Despite befriending many animals and creatures easily, almost inherently, Fahron hates spiders more than anything else. As soon as he sees a spider around him, he will try to put as much distance between him and the arachnid as possible. Another way of Fahron to take care of spiders is it to throw a lot of stuff in the spiders direction, trying to kill it with the impact of, as an example, books, plates and even flower pots.
  • Arthritis: Due to Fahrons lifestyle and the overuse of his whole body he started to develop a form of arthritis. Most of the time he feels a slight pain in his hands and wrists, but is often trying to ignore the pain in his daily life. However, he is receiving a rather strong drawback of the arthritis after every fight, causing his eyes to water up and to curse, due to the amount of pain.

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