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Numirya's Event Team Actor application

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Username Numirya


Discord Numirya#5929


Timezone Atlantic


What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Elves/humans


Staff History

Was Part of the Et in 2016


Ban History 



Blacklist History:



Why do you want to join the Event Team?

I wish to contribute more to this server and create wonderful roleplay situations for new and old players alike. I’ve the drive to do it, and a creative mind behind me.Being apart of a team will give me more opportunities and resources to do so. I believe the event team isn't what it used to be in the past, and I wish to contribute to it, and create more small scale events for players.



Why should we accept you onto the Team?

I'm dedicated, creative, and always give it my all.


What kind of events do you aspire to create?:

I wish to create some low-high fantasy events and quests. Something that can cater to everyone, to entertain and tell a story.I want to be able to add to everyday roleplay.


What makes a good event? 

An event should be original and entertaining. It should be something that draws people in and retains their attention. It should be something they remember days after. A good event requires planning and creativity, to be able to adapt to the player's reactions and most importantly, an event is about the players, and it should be something that adds to their roleplay above all.



Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event:


(The old one I used for my previous et app, which is still an Idea I’d like to use)




A calming melody comes from the quiet waves of the sea. The few stragglers around the docks would be lulled by the melody, drawn to the water’s edge by a shimmering upon the surface. As they get closer, a woman would appear from the depths of the sea, her calming voice calling out to them. She holds a golden trinket, a shell decorated in jewels, in her hands, holding it out for the one who finds her by the water’s edge, shoving the relic into their hands hurriedly.


She would instruct the player that the item needed to be kept safe, yet hidden from the sea. Promising them a reward should they do so.





This event would happen a short time after the first one.



The once calm sea would start to churn, storm clouds looming over the seaside village. The melody would once more emit from the water, yet stronger and more ominous than before, The trinket would start to glow a dull light, seeming to get closer and closer as the carrier gets closer to the edge of the water, calling the people of the town to the edge of the sea. The trinket would feel magnetized, wanting to pull the carrier into the ocean. Should they fall into the waters, the trinket would send out a pulse, calling it’s owners to where it is. It is then from the sea would arise the sirens, beautiful yet fierce in nature, making their way across the waves to the water’s edge.


Reaching for the waves, they would seek to grasp the trinket, their stolen treasure, from the holder. The players would have two choices here, give back the treasure, or keep it for themselves.


Despite what they choose to do, Sirens would still be enraged, screaming out in anguish. Their shrieks deafening to the ears, shattering nearby windows. They would then demand a second offering, that of a soul to serve him in the depths of the sea. Whomever would be chosen by the Sirens, most likely someone important in the town’s community, would be pulled into the ocean and down into the deep.



It is then up to the people of the town to rescue their captured comrade.


Once the creatures have once more returned to the sea, the woman from the first event would once again appear from beneath the waves. She would apologize for causing the whole incident, and she would offer to right the wrong. She would require a large group of volunteers, to help rescue the one that had been taken.


Once the group has gathered, she would lead them to the Ocean beast’s kingdom. This would most likely be a portal/a grotto and tunnel leading to an underwater ruined city. The city would be a maze, built to confuse and entrap explorers. Yet it’s inner chambers is where the beast holds its prize. It sits upon a pile of sunken treasures, taken from the ships in which it has destroyed throughout time. Around the beast sits his servants, and the one which had been taken.


The group would have to find a way to bargain with the Maidens, to save their comrade. They can use words and strike a deal, or they could use force.






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heqq yes . she is constantly working to  generate activity in gladewynn with creative events and rp. i’m proud of her work and think she’d make a great addition 2 the team. 

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Why not. +1

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I don’t know her very well OOC but I’ve RP’d with her and she’s great. Definitely smart and capable. +1 from former ET

Edited by Aislin

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a cool gal that is creative and good at rp +1

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Stares at Numirya’s application sardonically, analyzing its contents before giving an uneasing thumbs up.

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If i’m to be full on honest, Numirya’s a compassionate person who you can relate to on many different levels, both ic and ooc, if this sole individual were to be accepted into the event team no doubt it would surely improve. +1

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