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Alcalde of Cyrilsburg - 2nd Election: Speeches

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Alcalde of Cyrilsburg









As many of you might be aware, the role of  Alcalde is indispensable within the Curonic government because it represents the voice of the citizens within the council, and for such the election of it is an important event for every citizen of Cyrilsburg and opportunity for them to show their worth at the eyes of their Lord.


The last saint day the candidates of the Second Mayoral Election of Cyrilsburg stood at the square and presented their speeches to the audience that gathered there for the event, who heard with attention to both of them and cheered for their favorite candidates. A copy of the speeches has been provided to us by the candidates for their publication, which you can find below.





1st speech:  Reynauld Silversteed



“Friends, Curonians, Countrymen! Lend me your ears! Today marks an era of good tidings and peace with our most gracious homeland; we have survived many wars and have been together through thick and thin! As my grandfather before me ran for Mayor of the first Cyirlsburg; I run in the second! One major difference is this; I intend to win! A major issue I noticed with our glorious city is its defenses; I promise you as mayor I will help provide ample defense from bandits where necessary. That is not to say our military is slacking my friends; it is just that our streets are exploitable! With this; I am looking for brave and loyal citizens who wish not to be soldiers to come up and volunteer for a new town watch; we would be tasked with protecting the streets while our brave Ursus engage in open combat with the enemy! I see you, the people, and I think of what I love to do; help people! If elected; I will pursue the happiness of the people! Because you; the people; have the power to make this life free and beautiful! Let us All Unite! Let’s Make Curon Great Again!”


2nd speech: Kuyouch Cirïn



I greet you all, people of Curon! My name, as many might know, but some might not, is Kuyouch Cirïn! I am currently a citizen of the glorious Duchy of Curon, and also a Footman of the Order of Ursus. I’m hopeful you will listen to what I have to say to you all!

I am much alike to the average citizen of Curon! I am, simply put, a lowborn and I’ve struggled for many years in my youth to survive this world. I’ve travelled to many different places, I’ve aligned with many different people, some less trustworthy than others, but that’s another story, for another day.

I’m here to talk about you, and with you! I will listen to everything you will have to say, and want, and if possible to do, I will make your wishes come true! I am

completely with Curon! The people are the most important here, not I, not the Duchy itself, no, it’s the people! For a strong nation rests on
it’s hardworking people, and with the right motivation from you all, we can… No, we WILL become truly powerful, maybe not now, maybe not in a decade, or maybe not even before I die… But I know we will become it someday if you all work together, as friends, as family and as brother-in-arms! 









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Graham Milner stands in the back, nodding his head along to the speeches. He’d fondly reminisce when he gave his speech many years ago. 

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Vasilli Draskovits peers around for people around him awaiting for somebody to approach him in persuasion of who he and his family should vote for with the payment of minae in minae 

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