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Suffonian Wedding Announcement of 1693

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Suffonian Wedding Announcement of 1693






All throughout the realm, couriers bearing the standards of the County of Pembrokeshire, as well as the Duchy of Curon, arrive to the various lords and ladies of the Empire to deliver a special message. 



His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius I and his Imperial family

His Holiness, Siegmund, Pontiff of the Church of Canon

Monsignor Wigbrecht Schulze

His Lordship, Edward Suffolk, Count of Pembroke and his family

His Grace, Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Duke of Curon, Lord Regent of Arbor and his family

Caliph Abdullah Kharadeen and his family

His Grace, Demetrius var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Lord Chancellor and Palatine of Haenseti-Ruska and his family

Her Ladyship, Valencia Mournstone, Countess of Nordengrad and her family

Madame Rosemarie Stafyr of Haense and her family

Monsieur Robb Landes of Barmount and his family

Umar Ibn Salem of Curon and his family

De Alba Family of Curon  

Ragnarson Family of Arbor

Balisari Family of Pembrokeshire

Clinton Family of Pembrokeshire

De Azcona Family of Curon

Talos Family of Pembrokeshire

Guillen Family of Pembrokeshire

De Castille Family of Curon

Milner Family of Curon



Lord James and Madame Klaudia do hope that all those invited are able to attend their joyous occasion of matrimony. All guests are expected to wear proper formal attire to the wedding and will also be required to show proof of invitation. Furthermore, all guests will be subject to a search by guard so that no weapons may be allowed inside the Abbey.



Lord James George Suffolk

Madame Grand Ambassador of Curon, Klaudia Drakovic


OOC Information

Location: The County of Pembrokeshire. The wedding shall be held in Suffolk Abbey near the center of town.

Invitees Additional: All citizens of Pembroke are invited to attend the event

Date: Sunday the 9th of December 2018

Time: 1pm EST




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The Milner nods his head, knowing that the invitation list reserved the best for last.

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The ghost of Tepah would self invite himself to the party.

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Would read the invitation and note how lucky Klaudia is, to marry his precious handsome little boy.

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Oscar would nod his head to the curier and smile while reading the invitation.

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