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Past Memories

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-10th The First Seed, 1693-
Within the immense expanse of the frozen tundra of Atlas, tucked away into a small valley, burned a campfire. The firelight cast shadows across the trees, the constant breeze causing them to sway and dance. A woman draped in various furs and cloths stood near the fire, watching its burn through the wood.
She lowered her form down onto a log, eyes still fixated upon the fire. She reached a hand into her coat and brought out an envelope, to which she stared at for a moment. Her hand sunk back into her robes to withdraw a small wooden box, painted in variously sized claws marks. She’d set the box down into the snow. Her hands pulled at the seal upon the envelope, opening it and withdrawing the letter from within, she read over it silently, after reading through its entirety she placed it down on the log in which she sat, taking a shallow breath. She retrieved the box from the snow, pulling it up to rest within her lap and pulling the top from it.


Within the small box were various trinkets, including a ring, a claw, and an older half burned portrait of a group of people, they all held one similarity, strange golden eyes. The first thing she went for was the ring, moving it around within her hand before placing it down onto the letter. She then moved to grasp at the claw, her free hand moved to pull up her sleeve, revealing her pale skin and a long scar running down the length of her forearm, she dragged the tip of the claw along it. Setting it aside a moment later with a sigh. She stared down into the box, looking to the small portrait, her hands ran over one of the men standing next to a short brown haired woman, who had a sweet smile upon her features. “Taeral.” She whispered quietly. She lifted the portrait from the box, running her hands over the other figures within it, a total of seven figures within it. “I miss you” She’d slowly slide her body off the log and allow herself to sit within the snow, the fire dying now as the darkness crept further around her. “I miss her.”

The woman was awoken by the sound of a snapping within the darkened forest. The fire had long since died to the cold of the night. She hastily moved to place the items she pulled from the box back inside it, along with the letter. She rose to her feet, watching and listening for anything.
After a moment another snap echoed from the thicket, this time much closer. The woman moved a hand down to press into the hilt of a blade, waiting.
Slowly the shadow of a wolf exited the forest, standing within the snow, its black fur shining within the moonlight, it stared at the woman, though showed no sign of threat towards her. The woman kept her eyes fixated upon the wolf, lifting a hand upwards slowly to press into her mouth.
“I miss you father” She whispered under her breath. The wolves ears perked at the words, its response was to lift its head and release a howl into the brisk night air. The pair stood there for a short period, the sun beginning to rise and burn away the darkness, as this began the wolf turned and moved back into the forest, though not without a glance back to the woman.

The woman slowly moved to kneel down and relight the fire, sitting there in her spot as she pressed her hands into her face, weeping quietly.


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