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The Regency of House Ragnarson

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~The Regency of House Ragnarson~


16th of Snow’s Maiden, 1693


Due to the untimely passing of  Ser Harry "The Humble" Ragnarson of Arbor, Knight of the Ursus, and Patriarch of House Ragnarson, a regency has been declared within the noble house.


With the blessing of his Grace, Duke Wilhelm Devereux, Aldrik Ragnarson is hereby named regent of House Ragnarson. From this point on he shall act as Patriarch of the family and be charged with the upkeep and preservation of all the houses titles and responsibilities.


The new Lord Regent, Aldrik Ragnarson, will also hereby be called forth to reaffirm his Houses oaths of allegiance and loyalty to his Grace, Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Duke of Curon and Lord Regent of Arbor.


The time of regency shall be over when, Raska Ragnarson, first legitimate born son of the late Ser Ragnarson, does hereby come of age and is deemed fit to take the title of Patriarch of House Ragnarson.


The Honorable Ser Wilhelm of House Devereux, Duke of Curon,

Lord Regent of Arbor, Lord of Bear Mountain, and Protector of the People of Curon

16th of Snow’s Maiden, 1693


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