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Boruto's Lore Master Application

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Minecraft Account Name(s) Boruto

Discord Callisto#6280

How long have you played on LoTC? Early Axios.

Timezone and Availability GMT+2


What lore are you versed in most?

Specially, I’d say druid and blood magic due to my practical experience. Accumulatively, a fair share of world and playable creature lore such as the now-shelved necrobeasts, Hou-Zi, Fae, Strigae, odds and ends in dark, deific and voidal arts, a few cultural pieces here and there as well as a broad knowledge in the Aengudaemonica.


Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC

AT for ~5 months


Have you ever written lore for LoTC?


I’ve recently written several legends and minor lore pieces that have yet to be reviewed. Besides that, I’ve composed and submitted an entire, complete piece of lore that I’m admittedly ashamed of regarding Cervitaurs a long time ago. Solid writing, but pointless and overly ambitious. and gay.



Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?

Banned for an hour once for downing, reviving and then pugsying a player during a raid in which they refused to RP


Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?


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This guy knows his stuff +1

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I feel like I’ve already said it before on a past post, but oh well!


This guy’s the man. His emotes and general writing capabilities always impress me. I think I have screenshots from past events like fighting that giant plant creature and so on where the way he expresses his character’s and their actions just leave me speechless. Couldn’t recommend him to the  position more. Thanks for inspiring me to better my general writing skills and helping make LOTC even more enjoyable. 




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Callisto and I've have grown to be a wonderful pair of friends. From what I've seen from him is a lot of dedication, mixed with his own taste of fun and satirical humor. Callisto is one of the most dedicated people on the server and in the forums, and also a very intelligent individual as well. He wields his power with responsibility much like he wields his majestic voice in a room full of people, proud, willing to speak up, but not overpowering the voices of anyone around him.



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I still remember the horror days when he played a Cerivataur, his roleplay has gotten so much better since then! A very detailed, articulate writer with a poignant sense of dedication and professionality you’re not likely to find in any other Lore Master candidate. +1

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