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The Thairic Conclave

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My name is Khaine Csarathaire, and I have returned.


In the time I was absent, a great calamity has stricken my people, has stricken you; division, once again. Violence between my two brother founders; you Kairn, and you Belestram, has broken out with a vengeance and has spilled the sacred blood of our people.


I will not stand for this state of affairs and, as the Third Prince, I hereby call a conclave between the peoples and leaders of Gladewynn and those of Aegrothond to take place in our old homeland of Caras Eldar and its upper throne room, or anywhere else both parties are satisfied with.


Be there in peace, yourself and your followers, so that I might learn the truth from both of your tongues, so that we might have a reunion, and so that I might decide what to do with my future. I recognise that there is distrust between us now, but let us put that aside for one day, one day with which we might once again be united.


I will not stand by while my people tear one another apart, I will not stand by while the sacred blood of Malin’s sons and daughters are shed in this civil war. I will not suffer this to continue any longer. Come in peace, for those who do not shall feel my wrath.


Brother Ember



((PM ME ON DISCORD, You guys know where to find me))

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Evar'tir reads over the missive from within the old Virarim barracks, a faint smile crossing his visage, and a murmured "Welcome home." Escaping him. 

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Foolish wishes from an old and decrepit mali,” would state Edymr as he lit the forge in Gladewynn, churning steel for the coming feud.

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To address the concerns of Prince Khaine Csarathaire on behalf of the Kingdom of Gladewynn


I have claimed no Elven blood except that of those that fight with September, the Orcs, or dissidents who have attempted to create chaos within my own realm. Moreover, we accept that it would be best to convene within the throne room of my City of Caras Eldar to see whether or not peace is within our best interest because I can approve of peace and it is still in my everyday thoughts and conflictions. However, the belief that the Kingdom of Gladewynn is an instigator or perpetrator, as is implied within this pamphlet, is simply untrue. We have offered Olive Branches to all factions in Elvendom with them excluded due to their callous and senseless murder of the Elvenking Abelas Caerme'onn, who was a dear friend to us all and a Prophet of Aspectism who will go on in memory as a man of dignity, humility, and peace – a man slain by Belestram's dwarven compatriots as he himself watched on, unwilling to save a King and likely vying for power after almost dragging us into a war alongside the Urguani dissidents against the Empire, Kaz’Ulrah, and other Northern powers – a war that would have destroyed us politically, territorially, and in every way conceivable.


Moving beyond that to the matter of the summit, we have accepted to host it and welcome the prospect of at the very least discussing potential paths to peace. Although, what highly disturbs us is that you are under the inclination we have been at war when war has not been declared and no blood has been shed. The kingdom has in recent years battled against Kaz’Ulrah, Krugmar, and other malevolent forces that have plagued the Elves for the better part of three decades; we have not warred other Elves and have instead sought to unify peaceably in alliances, conventions, and other attempts to broker and facilitate peace among all the Elves.


Kaz’Ulraho delende est. It lies now a stagnant husk, shelled to hell by trebuchets. Krugmar’s lands now belong to the Kingdom of Gladewynn, and the Elves of Caras Eldar who did not leave upon annexation are now proud members of our military, citizenry, and priesthoods. I now pose this question to you Khaine Csarathaire – will you embrace the future? Will the Elves be reborn strong-willed, unbent, and unkneeling? Or shall we return to the days of democratic conventions that served only to institute the interests of foreign powers or an agenda that trumps the will of the common man? Days where we bent our backs to men with crooked spines and heavy-cast crowns forged in whispering, conniving, and unwon wars?


I would hope to pose these questions to you in person, seeing as we have always been brothers-in-arms. Your lover Vaishnavi awaits you as well after your long years of separation, loyal to a fault and proud of you. Are we Elves or are we Men? We are Elves, we do not squabble amongst ourselves without good reason, and our banner shall someday fly peacefully over all the Woodland Realm once again, proud and triumphant as our enemies continue to trip over their own feet as they have for centuries. 


His Majesty, King Kairn Ithelanen; Crownbearing Royarch of Elvenesse and Sovereign Lord of the Barrowlands, the Elysian Realms, Free Company of Gladewynn and its Constituents. True Shepherd of the Elder Blood; Harbinger of the Ichorian Way, Bronze Lord of New Leyulin.



Gladewynn will attend and host the meeting seeing as Caras Eldar belongs to us. We can arrange a date over discord.]]



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