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[Rewrite] Necromancy, Fourth Generation.

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26 minutes ago, TheElvenMage said:

Please remove the draining plantlife, to be honest. It just leads to people completely ignoring the lifeforce requirements and just saying they had grass for breakfast so they’re all pumped up, despite not having drained anyone in ages. And I know damn well that a good portion of those necromancers and undead claiming they drain plants for their lifeforce supply don’t regularly rp draining plants.

If you want to survive on plantlife, go ahead and RP a cow.


I understand your concern, you did bring up a major point I forgot to address with plantlife to which i’ll include a new redline / reason in lore for it.


The redline would be;


Necromancers who consume plantlife around them will find that they disrupt the flow of life in the area making it baron to grow life until mended by alchemists or druids with blighthealing.


This can create a unique area to role-play and also track down plant based necromancers. Although nothing can be done to prevent it however as they do contain some sort of /life-force/ it will prevent wheat farms used to drain from continuously. 

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After having watched the lore be written and developed further, as well as having had the pleasure of reading it plenty, I hope that this is indeed accepted. The amount of work put into this is quite insane. It turned out to be a very cohesive piece which I think is really well-representative of the Necromancy-concept. I do not look forward to all these prime pure High Elves be turned into dark mages again.



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They’re attempting to make these rewrites so long that people outside the dark magic community won’t read them



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+1. A very solid rewrite. I enjoyed reading it and I’m actually hoping it’s accepted so I can learn necromancy now. 

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