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A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

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Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


일요일은 지금 공간에 있는 한국 자산에 유구하게 빛난다


Taewonsu Kyo Kwan toured the sight of Korea’s growing pride. The Launchpad was increasingly more sophisticated. The DPRK was now planning an active space rotation mission. Supplies and humans went both up and down. Around the Launchpad itself was a heavy amount of the DPRK’s assets. Troops and vehicles in the hundreds manned defensive positions. They got the luxury of watching everything launch off into space. Kyo Kwan personally watched the last of the Korean Ship Yard’s materials fly off.


The growing mission of the current regime was to maintain a form of status quo. The Kim dynasty though idolized, is increasingly phased out. Instead the Junta and Kwo Kwan have been amassing a personality cult. They offer food, and peace. The Korean armies help keep things stable, in an increasingly hostile Asia. The Junta was using the growing armament and tension between Japan and the Pacific States to feed her own propaganda. Unlike the Kims they were lessening some more harsh and cultish doctrine. But by and large order and power would be maintained from top down.




Besides the excitement of new Government Policy and space expansion, Life in Korea continued in peace. The growing food and wealth was leading to a growing middle class. Education and infrastructure were growing points, endorsed by many Junta members. Several prime North Korean oligarchs were also  coming together to reap the rewards of North Korea’s flowing trade.


*Across Korea as a whole the army is busy staffing forts. Garrisons in cities, bases, and ports will ensure a web of defense across the Nation. Key strategic points see the most defense. Many road ways see frequent tank and afv patrols, a way of power projection from the Junta. Taewonsu Kyo Kwan continues reforming the Officer Cadre based on merit and loyalty. The Koreans take no part in the arms race or politics of Asia abroad.


**The nations of Russia, Mexico, Ireland, and Anterior Coalition are called to meet with Kyo Kwan. They are the current nations in or reaching space by a steady margin. Kyo Kwan seeks to propose a joint space endeavor. One to build a fuel station, to supply everyone’s fleets for exploration.




***Continued work and broadcasting/propaganda reach the world of Korea’s growing tourist space station. The Country itself is locked down, information guarded jealously. The growing DPRK Intelligence Service monitors inward and outward traffic.


In light of all the rising tension in Asia, Korea was seeking strong partners. South Korea with lowering tensions was hopefully one. The other one was a callback to the DPRK’s more anarchist days. A treaty derived the ‘Moscow-Pyongyang Treaty’ is signed. In it the Russians and Koreans vow to explicitly defend one anthers assets [if attacked], be it in space or earth.


A picture is circulated of the Korean Junta posing in front of a ballistic missile with no warhead.




Turn 2; 13 AP/6 RP

(Titanium 2, Foundries 3, Base 6, Trade 2

Upkeep – 1 AP


Building Korea’s first ever Shipyard in Space  (6 AP) [10/10]


Continuing Military Orbital Station (6 AP) [10/20]


Research into Titanium Armor (6 RP) 12/30 RP


In Other News


*Defense Initiative


**Space Deal


***Nation Security and Intelligence Agency


Status Quo and growing reforms are maintained


South Korea is offered increasingly more open trade deals. Kyo Kwan hints that North Korea would be willing to end the armistice with proper terms now that the Kim Dynasty is gone.



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Polish Republic




This year in Poland, recruitment is ramped up. Advertisements are once again everywhere. Military recruiters are encouraged to try and sign more and more recruits. Their quota for this year is 100,000 enlistments and for every five enlistments a recruiter gets, there is quite a hefty bonus. To compliment the growing numbers, armored vehicles are produced and quite a large sum of them at that. The number of vehicles requested are sure to keep the producers a bit. As far as Operation Slavic Endurance is concerned, there has been limited success according to the reports. Further details are to be held from the public at this time, any news reports or articles on the GROM operators have been discredited by the administration.









Polish engineers are currently researching into better armored vehicles to ensure the safety of the operators and soldiers on the inside. The reliability of the vehicle the is just as important as the reliability of the operators inside of it. With the new found deposits of titanium the engineers and scientists are by far excited to see what the future holds for armored vehicles




Active Personnel: 105,450


100,000 Infantry


2,500 Grom Operators


Ground Vehicles:


400 MBTs

1,000 APCs

200 AA

500 Howitzers


Air Vehicles:


300 Helicopters

400 Fighters

150 Bombers




74 AP in military

-40 AP, (6 Stacks of Agriculture)

Total: 34 AP





Base income: 6 AP

Stacks of Agriculture (6): 18 AP

Trade: 3 AP

Resources: 2 AP

Maintenance: 0

Total Income: 29 AP




Research into tanks and armored vehicles continues. (10/20 RP)


Poland calls on sons and daughters to serve the nation faithfully. 100,000 Infantry and 2250 APCs are recruited/constructed. (-29 AP)


Visegrad needs to be formed, a hand is outreached to the Czechs offering a military alliance.


Operation Slavic Endurance continues. ((Mod))

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